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  1. Thank you to everyone Gizmo has just arrived home
  2. Thank you for posting on here the cats name is Gizmo he is 10 months old. He went missing on friday morning at 11 am this may provide more info and pics as I dont know how to post on here or if you can! http://www.animalsearchuk.co.uk/view_lost_pet.php?id=29537 he is really missed the kids are heartbroken
  3. Hi my father is a bingham and he had two brothers they were cyril, Michael (Mick) and Maurice my dad the youngest born 1949. They lived no 12 Andover street and we later lived at number 10 while my nan stayed and no 12 i was born 76 and we moved to roe lane in 82. We were regulars at the signpost.
  4. Normally I wouldn't respond to comments such as these made on this thread. However on this occaision I have to say how rude and assuming you are over my personal circumstances. When I got pregnant 8 months ago which was by the way planned after trying for 2 years we were over the moon. I currently live in a beautiful 4 bedroom home and have plenty of room for my family. However circumstances in the last month have changed and we may have to leave our home in january. While at this time I am not putting myself forward as a priority we did decide to give council housiing a go as we have 10 years waiting time. I was only commenting on the bidding process and criteria and am pleased to say despite the councils advice after just two weeks we have been offered a 3 bed house of which we will be paying full rent and council tax. Both myself and partner work extremly hard and have had jobs since we were 16 I don't claim benefits maybe u should consider that not everyone is out for a free ride some people just genuinely need help.
  5. Dear Pathfinder, Hi I am one of the directors at The Robin Hood and am very disappointed to hear you have had a less than enjoyable experience. If there is anything we can do to make it up to you please let us know, we always welcome feedback and although we would hope it was positive we recognise that this is not always the case. We feel a complaint is nether the less justified and we would do whatever we can to rectify the situation. I would appreciate it if you could let me know exactly what the problems were with your meal and hopefully make sure that we put things right.
  6. Myself and my partner have 10 years waiting time 2 girls aged 12 and 10 soon to be 11 and 13 and a boy due in the next 6 weeks I have been told by the council there is no point bidding on more than a 2 bed property as I won't even be considered. Not holding out much chance of being housed any time soon!
  7. We would love to help you celebrate your wedding. http://www.robin-hood-loxley.co.uk or call for more info 01142344565 Home made pie & peas or fish chips not a problem! Read our latest review on the last wedding we did. Robin Hood, Hidden Gem‎ Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By tjmilner - 25 Sep 2009‎ We had our wedding reception there in August 09 and booked all of the hotel bedrooms to stay overnight. We were treated like Kings. The building is beautiful, the setting meets your every need and the staff/owners will bend over backwards to serve. We asked for a bbq, to be different, the food was outstanding and complimented by all in our party. I would DEFINATELY recommend The Robin Hood Inn for any event your having, I'm sure they will accommodate. The hotel section was spotless and breakfast was devine. You drive from a busy part of Sheffield, up a county lane to this hidden gem, who would know! I am going back a lot!! No negatives from me.‎"
  8. To view our menu http://www.robin-hood-loxley.co.uk or for further information and a mailed menu contact our Christmas co-ordinators on 0114 2344565
  9. Hi, Come and join us The Robin Hood Inn, Greaves Lane Stannington Sheffield S6 6BG Our website for directions is http://www.robin-hood-loxley.co.uk or contact us 0114 234 4565 Bonfire and Firework display Thursday 5th November Kicks off from 7pm Free event REAL ALES, BBQ, ROAST PORK SARNIES, TOFFEE APPLES, AND BONFIRE TOFFEE ON SALE
  10. Hi , we are putting on a bonfire and firework display at the robin hood inn, greaves lane s6 6bg visit our website for contact info and directions http://www.robin-hood-loxley.co.uk free event starts from 7pm bbq, roast pork sandwiches, toffee apples etc. Fireworks were great last year but we are hoping they will be even better this year!
  11. Yep we do The Robin Hood Inn Loxley http://www.robin-hood-loxley.co.uk The chef prepares his food freshly and will adapt any dish to suit gluten free. 0114 234 4565
  12. Hi even though I would love to suggest you came to our place. The Robin Hood Inn I would highly recommend The Old Vicarage.
  13. Liz thank you so much for the lovely comments. Hope to see you soon Bec
  14. Hi Tony works with me at The Robin Hood Inn in Stannington. I have know him and Stu since 2001 can I get him to contact you?
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