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  1. rock climbing - the spiders club at the foundry. my neice loves it.
  2. Am keen to see what its all about, the bikes, the riders, the trials themselves - just finding gathering info a bit hard. Anyone around willing to be a mini-mentor?
  3. boots- daytona ladystar add 1 inch to your height. seat sculpting adjustable preload shocks kouba links these are the key items you need to chat to a friendly salesman...
  4. very recently there was a case in the courts about a motorcyclist who had a teenager who was playing chicken with vehicles on a main road. In this particular case, the cyclist hit the child. The reason it went to court is that the chav parents tried to sue the motorcyclist for damages citing undue care and/or attention. Luckily it was a landmark case in that the cyclist could see what was going on, and did try to minimise the risk, but ultimately hit the kid. The judge ruled in the cyclists favour in that it was unreasonable for the family/child to claim damages for the sole reason that if the kid hadn't been playing chicken, he'd not have been hit in the first place. Ergo, if the little chav scum does this to you, run em down
  5. given recent events, maybe it was more like: "someone told me at work that the prophet mohammed had a wife for only 9 years..." sounds a lot more truer, dontcha think?
  6. why dont you go and ask for yourself? there is no pressure to join.
  7. I only have a motorcycle that i can use- my car is still stranded in leeds centre. that said, im not afraid of doing my back in gimme a bell if you think you can use me 07830 352747 Chris.
  8. andco, do you need any help? I cant get to work so I should do something to help. I dont really have stuff to give, but im strong and willing to assist.
  9. Hope you can help me out. In a fortnights time, it'll be my 1st wedding anniversary. I am looking to go out in Sheffield, somewhere more upmarket than usual. Ideally am looking for a jazz/live music type club/restaurant area but am coming up blank. I saw 'Crystal Bar' and thought that'd do, but they no longer serve food. So, over to you guys. Needs to be in Sheffield, price not really a problem, but does need some sort of live music style entertainment during our meal. Thanks.
  10. damn and theres me thinking this was a thread about adult dancing... good luck in your search tho!
  11. You know, you all should be thankfull, since you all sound really dedicated, learning in 'proper' real martial arts. Not only that though, you should be kissing your own arse thanking Mista Miyagi for inventing mcdojos. Honestly, could you just imagine how bad your clubs would be if you had all these arm-chair warriors who talk the talk, dance the walk, and try and impress you with kewl words like 'dim mak' and 'tui na' and 'bruce lee' Face it. Mcdojo's serve a purpose, and whether you like em or not, they do keep in the riffraff from learning proper stuff!
  12. man that must suck being told to try again in x months time.
  13. Queens Hotel above the train station is pretty handy. Has a retro theme going on and the food is good!
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