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  1. Perhaps that’s because a bus or train that cannot be relied upon to turn up is not a viable option for some irrespective of the whether it’s free or not.
  2. Don’t forget your passports.https://www.thecanary.co/discovery/analysis-discovery/2018/07/17/shameless-sheffield-council-just-tried-to-trample-over-basic-civil-rights/
  3. There is a 3 hour maximum limit in operation for parking.
  4. Greggs – Now Open Mountain Warehouse – Now Open Costa – Now Open Shoe Zone – Now Open Card Factory – 9th June T.K.Maxx – 14th June Wilko – 27th June M & S – 27th June Superdrug – 29th June Next – 4th July Aldi – 5th July Pets At Home – 6th July Specsavers – 7th July
  5. Sign the petition http://is.gd/x3lBh5
  6. There really isn't much time until the start of the tournament so the FA have to act quickly. They need to find someone who is available now. Someone with experience of managing at international level. Ideally at big tournaments. The more the better. Someone who speaks English. Someone who knows, and is highly regarded by, some of the players likely to be chosen. Perhaps who has experienced being drafted in at short notice to take over from someone who has made a right pigs ear of things. And doing well. Step forward Mr Gus Hiddink. Assisted by Mr Ray Wilkins, Mr Stuart Pearce and Mr Ray Clemence. That should see us through the tournament and in the mean time the FA can sort out a long term appointment. What's the worst that can happen? And Yes, Mr Hiddink, unlike Mr Redknapp, has been convicted of tax evasion but it was the Dutch revenue so who cares? Call him tonight!
  7. And what makes me laugh is how, after the 20 years of success that you are so keen to shout about, as soon as the United 'supporters' got a taste of the medicine others teams have had to deal with over that time they start to leave with 20 minutes left. Come Fergie time the place was nearly empty. I could make a joke about it being a long journey back down south but that would be beneath me. Obviously the people of Porkhampton have forgotten how to show dignity in defeat.
  8. Let's see if Ferguson can match Bob Paisley's record of three European Cups. I think that after 24 years he's running out of time and soon the boys whole head will be engulfed in nasal hair and he will spend his retirement in a Qatari freak show.
  9. United are probably still the best team in Stretford though. Even with Jonny Evans.
  10. People could use their redundancy money to do it. Idiot.
  11. Sheffield Community Equipment Loan Service 0114 226 3800 Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)
  12. Presumably your desktop is at home where you have internet access so could you not use this?
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