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  1. I have 'in town yesterday' for sale. It's a signed limited edition. 836 / 850 I just love POJ's pictures and have 2 of this. I have, therefore, put one of them on Ebay so others can also enjoy his creative talent. It has just come back from being professionally cleaned - glass inside and out and frame. It is very bright and has a nice frame. To find it, insert this item number in the search box: 324694546059 It's collection only from north Sheffield and I am open to offers.
  2. I visited the ‘information exhibition’ yesterday. I appreciate the need for this work to be undertaken. However, the event was a farce. There was no-one there from the bus company, despite it causing major disruption to their services, the Council highways department said this was the first time they had seen the diversion plans and Yorkshire Water showed their proposed two options. You decide which one you prefer. Strangely, not a question asked at the event. Option One: Total closure from Vaughton hill to More Hall Lane. To start on 16th April, to be completed by 3rd September. Option Two: Partial closure including an 8-week total closure. To start on 19 March. Completed by December 2018. According to YW, this option will require more work from other utilities – not included in this option. Proposed official Diversion route: From Deepcar. By-pass to McDonalds – A61 to Halifax Road – Penistone Road to Sheffield or Leppings Lane via A6102 to Oughtibridge / Wharncliffe side. As there was no public transport information, I am guessing, buses will be: Middlewood P&R via Leppings Lane, up Halifax Road to join the by-pass at Tankersley roundabout. No idea how people living in Oughtibridge or Wharnclife side will get to P&R. Perhaps they will put on a shuttle bus to serve these communities? I asked why the pipe could not follow the river course and was told that in case of a rupture the river water would be contaminated. Using a better pipe did not seem to be an option (as I was told in no uncertain terms). It all seemed very cut and dry to me. And it’s all supposed to start in the next few weeks. If there was ever a time when we needed a passenger rail link to Sheffield, It’s now. http://donvalleyrailway.org/
  3. I've seen the first issue. Looks good. Nice mix of editorial to advertising. https://indd.adobe.com/view/d98522de-d84d-43c6-8f8e-d893bfd277ed
  4. I’m resurrecting this post as the one posted by TonySar on 26 October seems to have died. TonySar, whom I guess is Tony Sergeant who I seem to remember went to Firth Park and lived in the corner house on Maxwell street opposite the school. He, me and Tony Woodward used to knock about together. I’m David Watkins and lived next to the wood yard on Savile Street. It’s hard to imagine that it’s over 50 years ago but some names stick in my mind. Cheryl Dabell, Judith Clark, Ian Colley (tripe) and Mary Hallam. I also have fond memories of teacher Mr Guest who helped me pass my 11+. I went to High Storrs. Here is a link to a couple of photographs of the nativity plays we put on at the community centre next door. In picture one I’m the middle of the 3 wise men (looking particularly smarmy) next to Tony Woodward. In picture two I’m Father Christmas with a black beard (what’s that all about?) http://s168.photobucket.com/user/plonko51/library/Ellesmere%20Road%20school I’m trying to remember more names. Maxine Topham, Darryl Morton, Brenda Timms(?), Susan Plevin, spring to mind. Can anyone fill in more names please. It would also be interesting to see what people look like now. Here’s me, still working doing sales & Marketing for a video production company.http://s168.photobucket.com/user/plonko51/library/me%20now
  5. Hi TonySar. I’m guessing you must be Tony Sergeant who lived on Maxwell street? I was in your class and remember you well. I’m David Watkins and lived on Savile street next to the wood yard. I knocked about with you and Tony Woodward. Some names stick in my mind. Cheryl Dabell, Judith Clark, Ian Colley (tripe) and Mary Hallam. Teacher Mr Guest got me through my 11+. I went to High Storrs which was a bit of a trek by bus but worth it. I have a couple of photographs of the Christmas shows we put on at the community centre with you and Tony Woodward and the rest of the class. I will dig them out over the weekend and post here on Monday. ---------- Post added 01-11-2016 at 15:14 ---------- I found the Nativity play photos I mentioned. http://s168.photobucket.com/user/plonko51/library/Ellesmere%20Road%20school Everyone looks so serious, perhaps we were told not to smile. In picture 2 I’m Father Christmas with a black beard (what’s that all about?) while in picture 1 I’m the middle one of the 3 wise men (looking somewhat smarmy) next to Tony Woodward. I am trying to remember more names. Maxine Topham, Darryl Morton, Brenda Timms(?), Susan Plevin, spring to mind. It would be interesting to see what people look like now. Here’s me, still working. Sales & Marketing for video production company. http://s168.photobucket.com/user/plonko51/library/me%20now
  6. This was indeed Henry Matthews timber merchants. I was born in the house (as was my mother) that was at the end of the what was Bentley Brothers car showroom adjacent to the yard. My grandad worked for them as a timber salesman and my mother cleaned the offices. On a Sunday, I’m assuming unbeknown to the bosses, this became my playground. That was 60 years ago. How times have changed. I guess today my parents would have been locked up for child neglect with all the dangerous machinery around but as is often said, I never once came to any harm. Happy Days.
  7. Try Grahams Tyres 3 depots in Sheffield. I know they offer a safe and secure storage service and will also re-fit them for you next year.
  8. A legend. Her shop in Deepcar (opposite what is now the medical centre) on Manchester Rd was crammed to the rafters with stock and an absolute death trap. Having said that, if she did not sell, you didn't need it. She was very well thought of by the local community. I believe the flower bed outside the library commemorates her.
  9. Try Grahams Tyres on Leppings Lane. They charge £12 per wheel. http://grahamstyres.co.uk
  10. Thanks smanning for dating it. That would make me 7yrs old. I don't remember my parents going with me so I wonder if they dropped me off and picked me up later. Strange how that one film has stuck in my mind after all these years.
  11. I seem to remember going to children’s film shows in the 50’s / 60’s at the Library theatre. However, the only film I can remember seeing was the French film ‘the red balloon’ I guess this was shown as it didn’t have any dialogue.
  12. I called round to see my (elderly) mother the other night (lives in S6 where there are notices everywhere saying no canvassers or door to door selling) and found she had signed a direct debit for almost £9pm in the belief that it was going towards the new helipad at the Northern General. The company are based in Walsall and are door knocking signing people up to a national lottery. My Mother is from the trusting generation (not stupid just trusting) so would not see anything wrong in handing over her card details. Thankfully, she mentioned what she'd done to me so I asked her to visit her bank which she did yesterday who were very helpful and will stop the DD hopefully before any payments are taken. It makes me so mad that this still happens after all the warnings given out (my mother even has a police 'we don't buy at the door' notice on the door) Hopefully, the DD will be stopped in time but I was shocked how easy it was for my mother to hand over her card details – despite constant drumming in to her not to do such a thing. She is usually very sharp on such matters but details of the NG helipad fund raising had just been on the TV news so I guess that put her off her guard.
  13. Did you know you can now access the computer used by the Police to check if a car is taxed yourself? You can also find out when the MOT is due. How cool is that? There's a link here: http://grahamstyres.co.uk/no-more-tax-discs-from-october/
  14. The burger boys will be at tomorrow’s raft race challenge on Stocksbridge Underbank reservoir serving the very best burgers from local butcher John Crawshaw. Come along and taste the finest meat in the area and help raise money for the Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre. First race 12.30pm with plenty of stalls and activities all afternoon.
  15. As Cyclone says, SIV is wholly owned by Sheffield City Trust (which is 99% owned by SCC and 1% by Sheffield Chamber). They also run Scarborough Spa (in which they spent £700k on refurbishments) AMR67 is absolutely right about the cost of travelling to Hillsborough which is why the local community in Stocksbridge has taken over the running of the leisure centre after the City Council closed it citing lack of money. The centre is now totally refurbished – with 3 squash courts, indoor bowls hall, sports hall and a fully equipped gym open from 7am – 9pm staffed by trained volunteers supported by qualified staff. Gym members receive a ‘Your Gym ‘card that entitles them to 40% discount off all facilities as well as exclusive discounts from local traders. The community is now busy raising £100k to re-open the 2 pools within the next 12 months. You can find out more about SCLC here: http://vimeo.com/83778462
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