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  1. I wouldn't want to go against this gentleman not wanting to be "marketed" but if anyone is interested in contacting him i will send his details in a PM. thanks
  2. I just had to let people know how pleased i am. As many of us are feeling the credit crunch is really starting to bite and i was considering moving house and starting a fresh as 2008 wasn't a brilliant year for myself or my family. However with house prices the way they are we settled on getting the house decorated and making it feel a little bit fresher and cheerier. I contacted a number of people out of the local paper (i'm from doncaster) and found that some were very expensive and some were extremely rude and didn't really want to know. It was my neighbour that suggested the gentleman i decided to use and i found himself and his assistant not only reasonable but also very friendly and polite, even giving the rooms a clean for me after they had finished. I asked why he wasn't advertising and he said that he gets all his work through word of mouth, and i can certainly see why, so i just wanted to voice my gratitude to this gentleman and his assistant for making my home look so lovely, doing it so quickly but also having the time for polite converstation too. Many Thanks!
  3. hey i work in ecky rd norwich union but i work for the tele u/w department, some of the guys i work with use to work in pensions and said it was a ok place to work, but managers have changed so couldnt help you with that! good luck for next week!
  4. i've been in work from 9 this morning finishing at 2 tho! yay
  5. Hey i work for norwich union and it great, i think its more to do with the people u work with rather than the company as a whole, but even the company it really good with training and helping out with work and personal stuff!
  6. hey i'd be interested if you're still taking people!
  7. Hey have a few lasses i work with and we're looking for something interesting to do one night a week, we love the idea of having a go at poledancing or something similar but we work till 8pm on Ecky rd, can anyone think or know anywhere we can go? if you do can you email me details like how much it is, day time and where abouts?! thank you x email: blair.comerford@gmail.com
  8. i have been into a couple of agencies, signed up because there is a job advertised onlyto be told that after making the effort that the job isnt right for me and they have no other part time work, then two days later i look and theres loads on the website! AARRRRHHH
  9. Hey Just wondering if anyone knows of any First Aid courses being run in or around Sheffield, one where you gain cert to confirm your now first aid trained? Cheers ppl!x
  10. don't suppose you know of any part time vacancies?
  11. can anyone help ı am lookıng for a vılla or apartment for my dad to rent long term over wınter ın tenerıfe. Any help gratefully recıeved!
  12. what date is it on and where abouts is it? cheers:)
  13. I think you'll find most places on west street very good, the lads from the rugby teams dressed up as ladys last week, (some looking better than others) and it was a great astmosphere. Also why not check out fuel, i'm a straight lass and always get a warm welcome there!
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