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  1. Thank you for your thoughts and advice. As you can imagine my cousin is at the end of her tether, she's desperate to move to somewhere more conducive to her health needs. Hopefully she will get answers from her solicitor and is prepared to pull out. At least I know the first question she will ask next time!
  2. Hi, My cousin is buying a retirement flat and has a buyer for her house. However the sale appears to be delayed as the family selling the flat have a dispute over the previous owner's will. Can anyone explain why the family taking this to probate and now to the High Court should delay the completion of the sale. Surely the sale could be completed and the money frozen (or whatever). Why should it concern my cousin as it is a family matter. Does anyone have any suggestions how this could be solved.
  3. Hi, is anyone taking Gabapentin to help with Fibromyalgia? What dosage are you on and how does it help? I've been prescribed it for a few months but it doesn't seem to make a difference, I'm just wondering if I need a higher dose (currently 300 to 400mg three times day Thanks
  4. Hi, we have a Honda Stepwagon. It seems the seat belts are made for little people and unfortunately we aren't little. We bought some extenders but the buckles are not compatible. Can someone point me in the direction of solutions please.
  5. As everyone else says the food is delicious and the owner is very friendly. He told me when he first opened it was more 'Nepalese' but it was too spicy for most people so he has toned it down. When I went he gave us a small portion of each dish on his menu for £5 - goat, chicken and green bean curries plus dhal etc.
  6. If you're visiting places in Derbyshire why not take in the well dressings, they will be around the time of your visit http://www.visitpeakdistrict.com/events/Well_Dressing.aspx, something historic and different.
  7. Welcome to Handsworth. You might find this group useful https://www.facebook.com/groups/660596347321180/
  8. Well done and good luck with the appeal. Donated and shared on Facebook.
  9. Aargh, hundreds came through the patio paving yesterday, it was horrible to watch.
  10. Hi, I had friends there but I'm sure the nuns belonged to the Sisters of Mercy as some also taught at St. Catherine's School.
  11. Thanks, looks to be a good day, fingers crossed for nice weather.
  12. As someone has previously mentioned once a house is sold it is re-evaluated. When we bought our property last year we received a letter informing us of this process seemingly out of the blue. We were fearing the worst but fortunately the extension done since the original valuation did not significantly alter the size of the house and we only went up one band. I don't think any solicitor could predict the outcome of the valuation during conveyancing. I can understand your predicament and I hope you manage to afford your house.
  13. I was discussing the Sidewalk with a friend just the other day! They did lovely scones and coffee. It was a good place for people watching.
  14. Birds Eye and Baxters http://www.amazon.co.uk/Casdon-628-Shopping-Basket/dp/B002HMV2YM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1404313968&sr=8-4&keywords=play+food
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