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  1. I think they do one at concord other than that there's one in Barnsley
  2. They've also started doing allocated seating which is a proper nuisance as you can't pick your seats if you're booking at the desk and could mean you end up next to some imbecile!
  3. I wonder if this is the same cleaning company used by wetherspoons because my fella did some work for them for 2 months then they said they weren't enough hours and laid him off before failing to pay him his second months wages. And now no one will answer the phone.
  4. I need somewhere to go with the family and two very fussy eaters on Bank Holiday Monday - having looked at amigos, its not open on Mondays - any other suggestions?
  5. I recently attended a meeting that was held at Barclays Bank on Pinstone Street. Try asking there because i'm sure it was free x
  6. sadly not - i didn't even think to be honest i was astounded to see a so-called workman on a sunday. i have phoned kier today though they definitely didn't send anyone round. and it wasn't a case of mistaken address because he recited my address to me. just a word of caution for everyone else - be vigilant and tell your grannies and neighbours to be vigilant too x
  7. Has anyone had any house calls today from a supposed Kier workman? He came to my house this morning claiming to be a plumber, but i haven't reported any repairs lately and didn't let him in. He had a Kier van - but the more I thought about it as the day has gone on I'm wondering whether it was a scam to try and get entry into the house. I'm going to ring Kier first thing tomorrow to ask them if they had sent anyone - and if not report the matter; but i'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else recently?
  8. I've literally started this this week and had my 2 fast days on Monday and yesterday. the first fast day was challenging but the second one was fine, i bought a cheap 5/2 book/guide just to get me going. the problem i have with all other diets is the faffing about. as a busy single mum with two daughters and different eating habits to cater for i simply can't be arsed to faff about with anything wheras this appears to be very straightforward with no real faffing when all you can consume is 500 calories on two days a week. the only thing i'm struggling with is sleeping - i find that i am dreaming about food lol.
  9. is there anything happening today / tonight for entertainment?
  10. Very useful kidneystone as i have just received exact same letter and it still states Middlewood Road. My gripe was that I thought that you could use these lanes between 11am and 3.30pm and according to the time on the camera/photo i was snapped at 10.59!! Nevertheless I shall be following your example as well as checking the rules for this area so i dont get caught out again x
  11. I've been at different times - I went with my friend as a guest for the pre-opening in the middle of the day - everything seemed ok although the steak was not cooked as requeated - but given it was a freebie we didn't want to complain. The second time i went was on a Friday evening - it was really busy but still managed to find a table and order food. The only issue here was that after ordering - someone came up to my friend to state that they didn't have her veggie option left - so just as she was choosing another option, someone brought it out for her - leaving the woman who came to our table slightly gobsmacked to say the least. After we had eaten, there was nothing left to stay for as no music or atmosphetre so we went on our merry way round chap. Then we went in for breakfast the morning after; staff were just stood at one end of the bar talking amongst themselves - there were no clean spoons whatsoever and the manager was simply rude. Haven't been back since.
  12. No not Maggie Mays its stupendously busy with over 40s. A club night for the 30s and over would need to provide a mixture of decent 90s tunes up to the current date. It would also need to discourage anyone under the age of 25.
  13. I think its a match.com organised event so not sure if you would be allowed in if you're not on the list.
  14. Can thoroughly reccommend Fifth Avenue Limo's they have a range of cars from standard 8 seater limo's to 16 seater hummers. You just need to phone round the companies to get quotes then divide it between the number of kids. My daughter's ride to the prom cost £30 each this year and this was on a Friday.
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