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  1. Has anybody used the computer repair/sales shop in Woodseats? The one opposite the photoplace. Whats it like? Please PM if comments are potential to be liable Ta
  2. "I feel you may be underestimating the depth of bad feeling with how the GlibDims have abandoned thier principles & become Tories v1.5." "GlibDems" is a term I like. "ConDems" is another
  3. I did deliver leaflets for the LibDems.... now I am going to join the labour party. This thread has prompted me to act, not bleat. Moralty is more important to me than the sectoral hang ups of the Lib Dems.
  4. Is there evidence for this?I think you are correct, but the first by-election fro the ConDems should be amusing
  5. Thanks for the feedback on the Laptop - I think the 3 gig/250 HD may be enough for my basic needs!
  6. Leopard is the Mac OS, hence is uber stable and pretty much virus proof (without using a blocker etc). People may disagree with the above, but I have run Macs since 1999 and never installed any protection etc, just kept the free Apple Updates, up to date (if you follow my logic). I also feel "more in control" with a Mac OS, and the painful side of life: work with Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc is the same.
  7. This is for context I suppose- what looks like an OK machine at miserable Argos http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5083345.htm?tag=ar:cat:opp:laptop:wow
  8. PS I live near Woodseats...any warnings or recomendations about retailers, please PM me! TA
  9. Greetings There is a huge range of choice on cheapish laptops at the moment. But- I would like to give a sheffield business my trade if possible. So - can anybody recommend a spec/retailer of cheap laptops (ie less than £450 ish), that have a good build quality, offer good aftersales service and are jolly folk? I do not need a monster in terms of "2011 gaming" performance, just a good, all round workhorse. Thanks MG PS I would buy a Macbook, but Goosebudgets prohibit
  10. The mixed fish starter thing for two is sublime
  11. I have heard its v hard - but the current trend is to make them too easy!
  12. Chums After reading the 100's of "10 out 10" reviews for the PS3 game "Demons Souls" I have mail ordered it (now it is finally out in Europe) Have any SF'rs played it - I hear it just about the most difficult console game for many a year
  13. Balti Ghar in Totley - tops for veggie food or Kashmiri Aroma - a new one in Woodseats that does TAs
  14. Hi After eating curries "out" since the early 1980's, I must say that the new curry hous in Woodseats is double plus ace Great food, good selection and v jolly staff. Well worth a visit Goose review - ***** Honks
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