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  1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the concert.I was the one who organised it.I was reluctant to have him on because,at the time,he was a notoriously bad timekeeper but several fans from Ecclesfield promised me they'd get him on stage at 3pm and so they did.It was a great show. 79 or 80
  2. I've just heard of Frank's passing.He was a Sheffield music legend.My sincere condolences to his family.
  3. Happy 70th birthday mate.Have a great day.
  4. Happy 70th birthday Graham.Have a great day.
  5. I've just been watching an American TV show called Lucifer on cable TV here in Tokyo and was surprised to find that Tom Ellis, who plays the title role, has a Sheffield connection.Does anyone know how long he lived here?
  6. I've just heard that Sheffield anarchist Tikka passed away last weekend. He's probably not well-known to anybody under 60 years old but I remember him well from the 60s and 70s.He was a good guy and a good friend.I'm not in Sheff. right now but should be back in about 10 days.If anybody knows about the funeral/memorial arrangements will you please post on this thread.Thank you very much.
  7. Hendrix never played a working men's club;he almost certainly had a pint at the Sportsman when he was playing at the Mojo Club.
  8. Have you looked through the old posts?A lady called Hazel posted on this thread about six years ago and she seemed to have had grandparents living in the area.
  9. I was the one who organised the Weston Park shows and got Peter Green to come.I did indeed have long hair (now long gone) and worked in a betting office but I never shared a flat with PG.I got in touch with him via mutual friends in Sheffield.It was a great show.
  10. Bloody hell Siren or do you prefer Dennis?I was going to ask him the very same question.I do indeed remember you Alan.My name is Glyn Senior.I left HH in 65.
  11. 1ve been asked to help translate a letter from a Canadian man who is having problems with his Japanese wife.Can somebody tell me what it means to be legally separated as opposed to simply living apart from one`s spouse prior to divorce.We are living in Japan and there`s no concept of legal separation here.The bloke seems to be worried that his legally separated wife may run up debts in his name.Any help/opinions you can give would be gratefully appreciated.
  12. Very sad news.I`m devastated.RIP Joe.Thanks for all the great music.
  13. The musicians mentioned were all well known and although they may have worked under the name 'Chicago Line' they were definitely not the Chicago Line that recorded Shimmy Shimmy Koko Pop.That record was made by the Sheffield Chicago Line.There were probably several UK bands using that name,it being the title of a popular John Mayall's Bluesbreakers tune. It sounds like the reviewer made a wrong assumption
  14. I'm originally from the Kelvin area and been in Japan for over 40 years.The hotel staff were quite right;the two recent quakes were nothing.Shurrup wittlin'.
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