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  1. I been to three house's this week that have had cars taken this way. The one I was at yesterday, had had the door broken down and the keys took from a key rack on the opposite wall to the door. Allthough they had lost a car and had to have a new door fitted the keys were still there....on the wall, behind the door, in full view of any passer by. The police have been advising for age's now that you take your car keys to bed with you every night so thieves can't get at them. ttfn.
  2. I went on one of these course's a while back to get a certificate to do a job that I have been doing since I left school. What a waste of time, but the steak pie we had in the pub for lunch wasw great. They say PART P is to weed out the Cowboy's, but these are the very people who dont care about the law anyway and carry on regardless. All it is doing is pushing the honest trader's price's up and tempting the customer to use the cowboy who is cheaper. p.s Someone on this thread said earlier 'how will they know what work you have had done'.......well just to be sneakey, at the begining of last year all the colour code for mains wiring changed so all mains cable changed from red/black to blue/brown. ttfn pps in my opinion swapping a light fitting even if it is in the kitchen shouldn't be a problem as you are not creating a new circuit or altering one. I'm certian that swaping light fittings is allowed but the wording of PART P is so vauge someone else may tell you other wise
  3. Part of the problem here is people can remeber when Sheffield had a transport system that was the envy of the world. We had one of the biggest tram ways in the country and the COUNCIL scrapped it. We had a cracking bus system that was mostly owned by the people of Sheffield a in which a great amount of pride was rightly taken. The COUNCIL sold it off. We then, ten years after scrapping one tram system, had a bright spark in the COUNCIL who decided to build another one, but they waited so long to do it, that by the time they got round to building their Super-tram the people of Sheffiled had moved around a bit and the routes they had planned out in the seventies were no longer of much use. But the COUNCIL built it any way. The COUNCIL has also let the road system degrade to the point that it causes damage to cars that use it. They have blocked so many roads off and generally messed about with the layout of the roads so much that the traffic jams are getting worse by the day....to a point last month were two broken down busses brought the city to a stand still And while we are on this point did we get an apology from the bus company involved for this nightmare? ....er....no Read the text above again and see what stands out...its not just the rubbish bus company thats at fault here..I think there is some one esle to blame.
  4. I have to put up with crap like this all the time in my job. We get called out to work on equipment that of no earthly use at all and when we advise replacing equipment we are treated as if we are theives. People dont seem to understand that things wear out and from time to time they need to spend money on having them replaced. They also seem to think that every trades person is a crook and that they can talk to us as if we are all theiving scum. I had a job to look at in Nottingham a fortnight back. On arriving I found the house empty and the lady wouldnt answer here phone. A day or two latter she rang our office to complain that I hadnt arrived while her builder was there and wanted me back within the hour!!!! I was all for telling her to shove it as she hadnt arranged the builder thing and her attitude stunk but reluctantly I went back the next day. She asked for a price to repair or renew the equipment and on seeing the job I relised it would, because of its age, be cheaper to replace it than repair it. Again the customer was out leaving the builder to let me in so as I couldnt discuss with the customer what needed doing I left and called the office with the details. Twenty minutes later the boss rings me to say he had just spoke to the lady who was screeming mad at me for not fixing the system and called me a "Rip off merchant" for trying to sell her something she didnt need. Three days later she, after no doubt being told the same things by other companies, rang back to say she would go ahead with the work. Once more I would have told her to go else where but I dont run the company. Next year when it comes to service time we will have trouble with her again and the boss will whinge about her. She is one bad customer and I know they are not all like that but as we have 80'000 of them there are many more like her out there. johninit....Im with you mate ttfn
  5. We had one of those plug in thingies dont know which brand but anyhoo, it was plugged in and something was accidentaly put on top of it. No one noticed but a week or two later we found the paint was peeling of the wall next to it in a very servere way. All my fault of course as they do tell you not to put anything on them but there you are....the house is still here but the dining room has had to be re decorated. ttfn
  6. All back streets and roundabouts....... thats how Sheffield was described to me before I move here. The drunk in the Indian take away in Durham who spouted this wasn't far off, niether. He forgot to mention car hating, crap local government though.
  7. Weve just bought a Mini from BMW this week and would recomend dealing with them to any one. No hassle, they'll do anything for you and their standards are unbelievable. They found, in our car, after it had been valeted a piece of chewing gum in the ash tray. Instead of just picking it out they threw the ash tray away and fitted the car with a new one. We didnt have the heart to tell them that we dont smoke! I have bought cars from small dealers befroe and been stung and have also had dealings with the less reputable larger dealers like the one in hillsborough near Morrisons. This has put me off going to any of their sites. When its time to replace Charlie (the Mini) we will go back to BMW. I know we paid a little over the odds (not much mind) for it but they give you a full 12 months warantee and there is three years/50'000m servicing on it too. On top of all of that they give you a gift box with some keyrings. a model of your car and a disposable camera to take pictures of it with. Lookm out for us tooling around town in it...we are the ones with the big smiles!!!! ttfn
  8. My other half works in the delivery side of DSG. She's not aware of any such codes. Sorry!
  9. You know going back to the Morrisons thingy, maybe she just had no change! In my job I have to have about ten pound a day in coin to use as change and I won't part with it for any reason at all other than for my customers who are paying me. I was in a shop once and pulled out all the coin in my pocket to get at some twenty pence pieces. The lady behind the till who was obviously short of change asked if I would swap the coin for a note. When I politley said no and before I got to expaining why she took a full huff and slammed the till shut! Ooohh just thought of a way to avoid the till thingy happening. Go to the Bluebell Wood web site and see if they still have those key rings with the trolley token on them. You will be doing your bit for a very worthy charity and saving the sanity of the staff at Morrisons Bluebell Wood ttfn
  10. Help. I need to get my hands on a copy of "The self presivation socity".....you know the tune from the Italian job the play near the end. I need it desperatly by next Wednesday and thought it would be handy if I could download it from the net and burn it to disc. But I've never done this before. Can anyone help? Where do I look? How much does it cost? If its free is it legal? Is it hard to do for a novice? Any help would be great Thanks....hj
  11. Three hours, to get from hillsborugh to Laughton, near Dinnington. It took me two of those hours to get out of the city centre. First got stuck at the bottom of Rutland road trying to get to the Parkway then headed up in to the city and.....well I'll not bore you with the route map save to say thanks to the city planners and volume of traffic it took me two hours to go round the centre and get back up to brook hill island. I then had to drive up Manchester road and across the top of Stannington, Oughtibridge,Grenoside and High Green to get on the M1 at Tankersley. I feel a sicky coming on for tomorrow ttfn *cough cough*
  12. Dont know why the driver of the cab ran off, he certainly woulndnt be able to "air the details" as, like sheffbag said he had no number plate detail. I hope there was nothing sinister, it was probably just shock.
  13. Just had a wierd day. Was driving from Gleadless to Frechville. I went down Mansfield Road to the lights near the fire station and whilst waiting for them to change I saw a kid on a scooter with no helmet on ride up to the offside of this taxi. The rider leant in to the car and snacthed the drivers bum bag which had his takings in. He flew across the road towards me and I tried to block him off with my van but he took of over the grass and got away. The main point of this post is to let you all know to be careful up there as this toe rag on the scooter was very slick, he was in the cab (through the open drivers window I should add) and off over the road in seconds. It made me think and I've had my doors locked all day since. The wierdest bit though was the taxi driver. When he relized what had happed and saw I had tried to stop the thief, he came over to me but when he heard me giving the registration number of the scooter to the police on the phone he took the horrors and shot off in his car mumbling something about "they wont catch him anyway" Now if this had been me I would have waited for the police to come and search the area to try and get my dosh back, but he had other ideas. At work we were thinking the driver might have no insurance or be on the dole and working or something along those lines. Anyhoo keep a look out at those lights ,cause if he's got away with it once you know he'll try it again. :suspect:
  14. You also get turkeys around election time.. :D Sorry, I couldn't stop my self .
  15. One of the many little dailey gripes I have, mainly in garages is to do with buying sweets. I'll pop in for some diesel and think oooh I'll just get a mars bar or something. But thats never good enough for the person on the till. They usualy spout.."Do,you know you can get two of these for a pound" or something like that. When you say no they look at you as if your too daft to see a bargin but in truth theres never much of a saving and even if I did take two, I would only eat them. And Im fat enough as it is!
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