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  1. how do you remove yourself from this site?
  2. I was referring to the fact that they are scaring people, they are making it out to sound as though you will die if you get swine flu
  3. My Son, nephew & cousin all had swine flu the same week, they are all ok now, its been way over hyped by the media
  4. Great. Thankyou I will pop up there in a bit.
  5. I've given it up has a bad job advertising on here. I've given my address out lots of times for various stuff & no one turns up
  6. My hubby's won a 1.5 kg giant Thorntons chocolate bunny ( worth £50) He's been away on business & returned to work today to find he had won 1st prize in their Easter raffle. It has not been opened, it expires at the end of June, it is sealed & comes in a brown box with handles It's the one halfway down the page on this link http://www.easter-eggs.org.uk/2009/03/large-huge-and-giant-easter-eggs-for-uk.html Who can we donate this to? Does anyone know if Sheffield Children's Hospital would accept it, or a children's home.
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