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  1. Thanks for your response. My DH confirms there are two tanks in the loft, would the natural assumption be that one is hot and one is cold? Would you be interested in coming out to take a look/provide a quote? If so drop me a PM and we'll give you a ring.
  2. Hi folks, We currently have a poorly functioning mixer shower running off of our bath taps. I say poorly functioning in that it is unusable, the cold completely over powers the hot so you either have a scolding shower with minimal power or a freezing one that blasts out. We're looking for a plumber to come and take a look at it and find out whether the issues with (I assume) the pressure can be resolved, or alternatively, if we need to look at having an electric shower fitted. Obviously with an electric shower it would be a completely new installation as we have no wires/pipes/circuits set up for one and I am definitely a bit twitchy about having holes knocked in my bathroom wall. Again with it being a new installation we need someone registered with the competent persons scheme for Part P planning. If anyone could help us out please feel free to drop me a PM or email to happy_hoppers@yahoo.co.uk Cheers
  3. Just wanted to leave a recommendation for Richard at R.B Flooring and Joinery who put up a fabulous fence and gate for me last summer (apologise I've not been on SF for ages). They did a fantastic job, fast, efficient and a hell of a lot cheaper than other quotes we'd had. Extremely pleased and wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Cheers guys!
  4. Thanks for all the responses & PMs. Will be calling some of you shortly.
  5. I'm looking for recommendations or tradesmen who are able to put up a fence and side gate for me in my back garden. It's open down one side and I am getting fed-up with finding children who don't belong to me and/or their footballs out there! We also need it for the safety of the dog as said children like to leave our front gate open despite asking them to close it until we are blue in the face! We have a low wall with metal railings currently and would like the fence to run between the brickwork with a partial panel and gate at the side of the property. The garden is approx. 14 meters long. Thanks in advance (feel free to PM me).
  6. This is what I feared. Even if I go to the depo (Tapton) I doubt they'll be able to locate it. I had it deliverd to work initially as they always come mid-afternoon when someone is about....typically a card was found through the door at 8:30am.
  7. I'm also still waiting for my play.com orders from 30/11. From tomorrow I can request a replacement or refund but it's too late for Christmas. Amazon replaced my order on 15th December and that arrived today. No sign of the original from the beginning of the month though. I also have a parcel out for redelivery today....no idea if I'll ever see it again!
  8. I'm waiting on all my Amazon & Play.com deliveries too, I've had them shipped to work (S11) as it is easier to get to but still no joy. They've had post last 3 days as well.
  9. It took me 2.5 hours to get from Nethergreen to City Road tonight, waited 30 minutes for a bus (120 or 40) down from Fulwood, saw no less than 6 go UP the hill in that time. Got on the 120 and then found it was terminating at the interchange. Turfed off at the interchange and then couldn't get on another bus going up to City road....120's/41's/42's/44's all letting passengers off only or going out of service. Never seen the interchange so busy or so many angry passengers in my life. There were some very heated exchanges taking place between drivers and passengers. Finally got on a 44. The driver of the original 120 told us that the buses were so far off of the timetable, due to the traffic jams, they were being recalled and rerouted to try and catch up. Seemed pretty pointless to me when that meant most of the passengers at the busiest time of the day ended up stranded for an hour or more. One of the workers at the interchange strongly recommended complaints being made.
  10. Stagecoach have finally updated: POSTED : 2 DECEMBER 2010 11:40 SERVICES AFFECTED BY SNOWFALL - THURSDAY 2ND DECEMBER 2010 SEASONAL SERVICE INFORMATION The following Stagecoach Sheffield services are operating: 25 City - Meadowhead every 20 mins 35a Full service 52 Woodhouse - Brookhill 79 Ecclesfield - City via Wordsworth Avenue NOT Yew Lane - every 20 minutes 83 Ecclesfield - Bents Green not serving Shirecliffe Road or Firshill - operating via Norwood - every 20 minutes 87 Chapeltown - Abbeydale Road Tesco via Barnsley Road & Burngreave Road (also shuttle High Green - Chapeltown) - every 20 minutes 88 Ecclesfield - Bents Green via Barnsley Road every 20 minutes 120 Crystal Peaks - Brookhill roundabout 265 Sheffield - Barnsley SL1 Middlewood - Stocksbridge Mancherster Road only not estates SL2 SUSPENDED Please note that all of the services operating are subject to delays. All other Sheffield services are currently suspended
  11. I'm getting a runtime error on stagecoach at the moment.
  12. I'd like to thank the black cab driver who took pity on a stranded pregnant lady Tuesday night and took me as close to home as he could get (Nethergreen to Granville Road) by driving slowly and carefully when no buses were running and no private hire taxi's would come out (and I don't blame them!). He also got very upset that he couldn't get me any closer to home. Also a massive thanks to the group of young lads on Granville Road who helped catch and then push the taxi to safety when it started to slide backwards down the hill! I dread to think what would have happened if they hadn't stepped in. Huge kudos to you guys and I honestly would have helped if it had been safe for me to do so. Thank you all xxxx
  13. There are three bus services serving the area, the 86 runs every half hour down Ecclesall Road and if you walk up to Fulwood Road the 40 & 120 run every 6-8 minutes into the city center via Broomhill and the Hallamshire. There are three local Indians, a chippy and three chinese take-aways in the nearby area. Pubs are The Fulwood Inn, The Ranmoor Inn, The Bulls Head and The Rising Sun. There is a corner shop, quite a few hairdressers, a beauty salon, a florists, an electric store and a jewellers plus a Tesco Express up the road. HTH....I currently live in Nethergreen.
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