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  1. Totally unreliable, especially at night. Driver change-overs on virtually every trip. The timetable was written by Hans Christian Andersen.
  2. In other news, the 52 will no longer be every 30 seconds, but will now be every 35 seconds. And there will be no changes to the 51 service. It will continue to be appalling.
  3. Never heard of 'attack a post, not a poster'? Plank.
  4. Would that be cross-eyed Keely? God, he must be desperate!
  5. A few years ago, I wangled my way into a teaching job in FE. As you say, you are required to 'hold a teaching qualification'. In my case, it was C & G 7307 - the most basic requirement. (Let's face it, only a mug would get a degree and waste it on teaching). I got my qualification at Sheffield College and it was the most corrupt, manipulated course I've ever been on. Basically, if you turned up (3 hours on a Wednesday afternoon for 12 weeks), you were guaranteed to pass. Even if you didn't turn up, you passed. Some wasters from a Council-Tax-squandering outfit called the Darnall Music Workshop missed the first week altogether. They turned up for the second session an hour late (cue the 'tutor' saying 'Better late than never!' ) After that, they were never seen again. They passed. And that's the problem with 'education' in this country. The teachers/tutors pass as many as possible 'cos it makes them look good. They don't seem to realise that some of the people they're passing aren't fit to run a whelk stall. And so it goes on.
  6. Our favourite home-grown scamming firm have been in the news yet again. Several staff have been jailed for falsifying records (thought it was in the job description ) 'A4e chief executive Andrew Dutton said the company has a "zero-tolerance policy" towards fraud and money had been set aside so "the taxpayer will have lost nothing" from the scam.' Yeah. If the staff don't fiddle the figures, A4e will have 'zero tolerance' towards them. Why hasn't this scam been shut down?
  7. If the 'law' deems that contributing nothing to his business for 20 years and then emerging from under her stone with her hand out is OK, then her award should have the 20 years of benefits she's been claiming deducted.
  8. Advice? Avoid Haybrooks (and Blundells) like the plague. If you switch agents and sell it in ten years time, these two will still chase after you for 'their' fee.
  9. My electric shower (Triton T80) is just over 2 years old. It has started making 'growling' noises, the amber light on the front does not work and the water temperature varies alarmingly - right up to scalding. It cost £200. Is it worth repairing or just getting another (+ of course, fitting)?
  10. Anybody got any details on this place? It looks to be opening soon (next door to Rondevu on Furnival Gate) and would appear to be a Chinese or sushi joint.
  11. Been past today and the doors and windows are covered with some pretty permanent-looking shutters. Another one gone bust?
  12. As Ken Livingstone said: 'If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.'
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