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  1. I`m assuming he`ll be more amenable to swimming in cooler water as he gets older. He`ll have to if he`s to swim in the sea because I can`t see us going to Barbados again anytime soon. Don`t get me wrong, he loved t over there all the fish in the sea and stuff, it`s fabulous, but it`s expensive, and certainly not worth going to for only one week in the February half term......
  2. I think we`re missing the point here somewhat. Nobody goes to Barbados, or even Spain, to learn to swim. It`s for the experience of that country, and what it has to offer. There are no turtles to swim with anywhere near Sheffield......
  3. Well it is statistically proven that the well off and the more educated were more likely to vote remain. I`d have thought they would be the people more likely to travel as well, surely ? Then there`s my own experience, of the people I know who travel a lot, most voted to remain. Most of those who relatively rarely go abroad voted to leave. Though there were a number of exceptions in both directions. Lastly, I`d have thought it rational that those who travel more would tend to be less nationalistic, and more bothered about the travel advantages of staying within the EU.
  4. Don`t agree with that at all. My 3 year old (now just 4) won`t even swim in Tenerife in January (water temp approx. 20 degrees), there`s absolutely no chance of him swimming in the sea anywhere around the UK. We've just come back from Barbados (we spoilt ourselves because we've just moved house) and on his 4th birthday he went swimming with turtles, a fabulous life experience I`m sure you`ll agree, and probably one that very few 4 year olds have ever done. I`d agree that, in reasonable weather, most toddlers and very young kids would just as soon play on the beach in the UK as anywhere else, but that begs the question from what age do you start educating them, culturally I mean ? Older kids obviously get more out of travel abroad. Sadly missing school becomes more of an issue then, so it probably balances out.
  5. Of course it`s a sweeping statement, it`s a generalisation. It`s unlikely that leaver voters travel just as much but out of Europe because traveling to countries outside the EU is usually a lot more expensive for the simple fact they`re further away. It`s a statistical fact that the better off were more likely to vote Remain. I shall refrain from adding to this for fear of annoying SGK.....
  6. Of course, generally speaking, those who voted to leave the EU tend to travel less, so will stand less chance of being affected by it. It was the same when I mentioned to some one who voted Leave that they probably wouldn`t get an EHIC any more, they said they don`t go abroad so aren`t bothered....
  7. That`s naughty, are all airlines like that ? That wasn`t implied on the BBC news.
  8. I thought the airline then just kept increasing the offer till they had sufficient takers ? That`s certainly how it`s supposed to work.
  9. I was shocked to find that a passenger was bumped out of the plane (as opposed to a check in). Quiet apart from anything else don`t they then have to get his luggage off ? As the travel correspondent on the BBC said, if any airline gets caught out over booking there is only one reasonable solution, throw money at it. Which is what I thought they usually did. Keep increasing how much money they`re prepared to pay (for a passenger to get the next flight) until someone accepts. In answer to the thread title, it`d put me off using United. I`m not saying I`d never use them, but they`d drop down the list. Just like BA. I hate the fact they (not a low fares airline remember) charge to prebook your seat, even in Premium or Business class. That wouldn`t totally stop me using them, but their offer would have to be significantly better than the competition. This is an interesting example of "brand value". Brand value is when customers would, on the margin, prefer to use a company or product. To me, United now join BA, as having "negative brand value".
  10. This point needs making again and again. Relative to the cost argument few people seem to make it, but I`d wager it`s almost as important overall, and, in fact, for us, more so.
  11. Er no. It was the Falklands and the fact that Labour had Michael Foot in charge at the time. An error they`re making again, not with Michael Foot obviously, but you all know what I mean.
  12. Sorry, possibly a breakdown in communication. I just wanted to clarify the fact that if one parks across an empty driveway but with a garage behind it, one may still be liable to prosecution for obstruction. Theoretically anyway, how much the police would actually do is debatable. The police can issue parking tickets though can`t they ? Of relevance to this thread is this one (particularly if you`ve got a flight to catch....) : What would you do ? : unknown car across your drive at 7.00AM
  13. There was a relevant article in The Times yesterday. The Govt is proposing : Fines of up to £150 for dropping litter from a car, and, critically, it`d be the driver who`d get prosecuted. This is very significant because it makes prosecution [possibly with cameras ? ] very much easier. I`m all for it. A ban on councils charging residents for the disposal of domestic waste at sites. Do any councils charge residents (for domestic waste) now ? Offenders on community sentences, including those caught fly tipping, help councils clear up waste. Don`t they already do that ? If not why not ? ! ? Creating a "green generation" by educating children to lead the fight against litter. I`m all for that too, but am a bit cynical whether it`d work. Surely kids get their moral lead on such things from their parents ? And if their parents are scrubbers I`d have thought the teachers would be really up against it trying to give the kids a less anti social attitude ?
  14. We`ve been to Oz and NZ in Jan / Feb and it was fine, not too hot, though we didn`t know that Brisbane (we stopped off on the way to NZ) is subject to very wet weather at that time of year...... The UK is at its best in the summer, it`s like a different country from the winter when it`s dark and wet and cold (ish). I`d never criticise anyone for wanting to get away from it, it`s so soddin` depressing. Basically I don`t think kids should be taken out of school willy-nilly, but holidays, particularly abroad, are education as far as I`m concerned. That said, it should also depend what school stage they`re at, nobody will convince me it`d adversely affect a child`s overall education if you take them abroad whilst they`re at Infant or even Junior school. Secondary it starts to become more of a problem, particularly near exams. What`s so unfortunate is that kids will get more out of foreign holidays as they get older, so it`s a balancing act. I remember being dragged round a load of ruins in Rome when I was seven, and I have to say most of it was lost on me !
  15. What if the house has a garage in which a car may lurk undetected ?
  16. That`s one side of it. On the margin, depending on the price of extra permits (they`re usually, and rightly, far more expensive than the first one), it may put some people off having multiple cars. Plus it may well increase the available number of parking places if it stops non permit holders from parking on your road. Obviously both depend on strict enforcement.
  17. Absolutely. Two other examples : We want to take our lad to see the carnival in Tenerife, we think it`d be a great cultural experience for him. Ironically it was due to take place during the school holiday, but the latter was moved so they no longer coincide. We can`t really afford it at the moment (possibly never again in fact ! ) but we`ve got family in both Australia and S Africa and we`d obviously love to take our son over. Not just to see the family but also to see totally different countries. Nobody flies all that way for only a week, or in the case of Oz, two weeks. Their winter is our summer. Nobody would fly out of our summer to go and spend time in winter somewhere else, the very idea is ridiculous. You`d fly out there in our winter. But the schools don`t have long holidays in our winter. ---------- Post added 11-04-2017 at 09:22 ---------- I think the Welsh system sounds about right. If I`ve got this right the kids can have up to 10 days a year out.
  18. I agree, it`s very wrong that more and more companies try to get out of paying for stuff they should by saying "claim it on your insurance". Some one was telling me the other month that an airline (was it BA ? ) were trying to do that in the case of a lost item of luggage, even though the airline were obviously liable. Even if it doesn`t out up the customers future insurance premiums (which it may well do), as you say, it`s the insurance industry`s customers who are paying these bills.
  19. What about the promised £350 million a week to the NHS ?
  20. [nobody, even Brexiteers, think Brexit will save us money] You seem to be saying even you aren`t sure. I`m not usually a betting man, but I`d put £100 on it that the UK will be spending at least as much on bungs to Farmers, Nissan, BMW/Mini etc as it ever did to the EU. I`d put £100 at odds that the NHS doesn`t get its promised £350 million a week. More to the point, if the voting public had known this we wouldn`t be leaving the EU. I have a strong hunch that within a year, possibly two, there will definitely no longer be any majority in opinion polls for leaving the EU. What do you think ? And should we take any notice of them is that`s what the polls say ? If not why not (bearing in mind you are linking to polls now) ?
  21. A quote in that news piece : "After all, Brexit is supposed to save us money." I don`t think anyone thinks that do they ? Even the Brexiteers, if they`re being honest..... Funnily enough Arnott the UKIP guy was on Any Questions last night, answering a question about farming subsidies. He got out of it (saying many farmers could go bust with the withdrawal of subsidies) by saying "we`ve always subsidised farmers and will continue to do so". I thought Dimble missed a trick when he didn`t then ask him "how are you going to do that and give the NHS its £350 million a week ?"......
  22. What about if there`s a garage (so you can`t actually see if there`s a car there)....... I think most of us would say that parking across someone`s drive, whether there`s a car there or not, is bleedin` ignorant. ---------- Post added 08-04-2017 at 12:44 ---------- I have to say I think that`s a wee bit ignorant. ---------- Post added 08-04-2017 at 12:51 ---------- You may be surprised at how many of your neighbours don`t want a permit scheme. The council proposed a permit scheme for the road I used to live on, mainly because of its proximity to the Hillsborough football ground. Yet, apparently, there was a majority against it. I have to say I was, on balance, in favour of it, but also a bit cynical as to how much good it`d do. As an example cars were frequently parked on the double yellows at the entrance to the street (such that it was impossible to turn into the street without driving ion the wrong side of the road), yet as far as I know, no car ever got a ticket for it. Or if they did it was so uncommon that it didn`t stop the practice.
  23. How so ? I`m an idealist. I see innocents being gassed, particularly children, and I think some one should be doing something about it. Trump did, nobody else has. Had he not done that, and my antipathy for him was at its previous level, I was planning to go on the inevitable anti-Trump rally in London, even if it would involve a 330 mile round trip. But I don`t feel quite the same way any more. I wouldn`t vote for the man though.
  24. I get your point, though, as we were speculating above, does that also mean limping along in it is also a bad idea ? I`d have thought you`d probably be even more likely to get hit if you`re actually moving, certainly if doing so in the middle of the lane as opposed to far over on the left of it. One has to remember not all drivers concentrate 100% of the time, in fact, no driver concentrates 100% of the time. That would be the reason any warning triangle 100m back would make me feel less vulnerable, even a driver not concentrating would start doing so if he hit a warning triangle......
  25. Since ordering the bombing of the airfield which (as far as everyone knows) carried out the chemical attack, I have to say I`ve rather lost enthusiasm for going on any anti-Trump demo. Don`t get me wrong, I`m still for from a Trump fan, but I don`t dislike him quite as much as I did. Not enough to travel 165 miles to demonstrate against him anyway !
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