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  1. 12 hours ago, Resident said:

    Explain why my car does mid to late 60s in MPG at 70mph in 6th gear but drops to late 50s between 55-62mph. Self tested using cruise-control to maintain speed, averaged over same stretch of M1 Southbound, J34-J31. Measurment device car's own onboard computer, reset on slip road for each test. 

    Surely you`re not suggesting that any vehicle is more efficient as it goes faster. That`s impossible, as has been pointed out the drag goes up for a start, is it by the square of the speed, I`m not sure. I know the amount of kinetic energy * in a moving body goes up by the square of the speed.


    * As in how much damage it`s going to do to anything it hits.......

  2. 17 hours ago, ANGELFIRE1 said:

    The only folk who want this kind of a restriction are those that cannot drive. Dodderers mudling around on the Motorways at 55/60 because they have no confidence to drive any faster. Driving at 20 when the limit is 30, because they are not confident to drive any faster in an urban area. Bet any one who makes a living "on the roads" will not be thrilled with this daft idea.

    Why should anyone be unhappy with a system designed to stop people breaking the law ? And, whilst we`re at it, preventing them accidentally getting speeding tickets ? What you`re saying ,makes no sense at all.

  3. 17 hours ago, geared said:


    So HGV's are restricted to 70mph as well are they??  What about vehicles towing?  and what about smart motorways and roadworks??


    Perhaps the only Wazzock here is the one making sweeping statements??

    Calling me a Wazzock ? Isn`t that being personal ? When I referred to Wazzocks I was referring to a certain group of drivers, that isn`t being personal.

    As to your point, I was referring to the maximum speed any vehicle is allowed to go, as you well know I was.

    TBH I think this is classic behaviour of "Petrolhead" type drivers, they`re desperate to stop anything that might prevent them speeding, even attacking those who are in favour of it, which, I`d warrant, would be the vast majority of drivers.

  4. 17 hours ago, woodview said:

    They can enact what was asked of them as advertised by their own manifestos. When you voted Labour in 2017, they told you and the millions of others who voted for them, that they supported Leaving and entering a Single Market / Customs Union.

    I think you`re missing my point. Basically Leave said we could have a "Cake and Eat it Brexit", no economic damage (can I remind you, that was "Project Fear"), and we`d have shed loads of extra money, so much in fact that we`d give the NHS an extra £350 million  a week. And, lastly, just in case that wasn`t sufficiently persuasive, be warned ! Turkey IS joining the EU (remember that as well, see below....). But, of course, none of that is happening, and therefore Leave`s mandate, which was only won on a 52/48 vote anyway, is severely weakened, or trashed altogether.



  5. 1 minute ago, woodview said:

    I'm talking about Parliamentarians enacting what has been asked of them. I have no clue what you are calling 'mob rule'.

    There was a referendum involving lots of discussion, the result being Leave. Then there was a GE, with the two biggest parties both standing on Leave manifestos. We now have a process in Parliament, where elected representatives are free voting (hopefully) on a range of options.There is no mob rule, there is a perfectly civilised democratic process happening. The fact you don't like the outcome is inconsequential.

    I don't know where you've got the idea I don't like democracy from. Lots of my posts, and especially with you, have been voicing my concerns about our reduced voice due to only being 10% ish of the EU. Also, if you can copy and paste a post where I've used the phrase 'will of the people' I'll send £10 to Stronger in Europe.

    "enacting what`s been asked of them"


    It`s impossible to enact what`s asked of them, because Brexit, as advertised by Leave, does not exist.

  6. 2 hours ago, m0nkey said:

    It's not about safety, it's about having justification to install limiters and tracking. The government wants this to implement per-mile/use-based road taxation and track the populations movements / stiffle any dissent AND from the lobbyist insurance companies who see profit in risk profiling and selling of your trip data for marketing or otherwise.

    TBH I don`t give  a toss as to their motivations are (though I do actually think it`s safety and reducing pollution), I still think it`s a FANTASTIC idea.


    What I find interesting is the sight of Petrolheads dancing on a pin. On the one hand they profess their hatred for speed cameras "revenue raising devices" they say, but they also object to something which would mean the elimination of speed cameras. There`s actually only one  theory which links the two, basically they just want to speed, and they don`t like anything which will stop them.

  7. 2 hours ago, ANGELFIRE1 said:

    What a daft idea, of course it is an EU initiative, and as such we have slavishly agreed to it, instead of telling them to go forth and multiply.. 2019 and we are reducing speed limits, when common sense says we should be increasing them, in certain areas of course, Motorways, dual carriageways etc etc. Most of the limits were made when cars had rod brakes and crossply tyres.



    "common sense says we should be increasing speed limits".


    I would bet good money you`re in a minority on that one.


    And it`s not a daft idea, it`s a FANTASTIC idea I`ve been arguing for this for years.. I can`t wait for it to be introduced, as I`m sure it WILL not only reduce dangerous accidents but make the roads less aggressive too.  I`m sure I`m not the only one to have noticed that when on a motorway with an average speed camera enforced speed limit the whole driving experience becomes much less aggressive, no cutting up, no tail gating, few Wazzocks weaving in and out of the lanes to gain 10 yards etc etc

  8. 4 minutes ago, woodview said:

    The Conservatives and Labour both had Leave as their manifesto position in the election AFTER the referendum. Everyone knows about the lies of 3 years ago that were peddled by both bunches. That debate has been repeated thousands of times. It isn't going to be any different discussion now is it?

    There are options in the indicative votes for a spectrum of solutions.

    I find it extremely annoying when I hear Brexiteers coming out with that one, similarly the pontification that "80% of voters at the last GE voted for parties committed to leaving the EU".

    The fact is me and almost all my extended family voted Labour, despite the fact none of us want to leave the EU. We couldn`t vote LibDem because that`d have just let the Tories in, though for me it was easy to vote for Angela Smith because she was one of the few MPs who had the balls (not literally) to vote against invoking Article 50.

  9. 19 hours ago, woodview said:

    I'd like to see these indicative votes carried out on a completely free vote, no whips. We need to get to a true consensus without any of the games that have been played right through.this process. Time for them to step up.

    I`d like to see those indicative votes carried out completely without any whimps. By which I mean MPs ignoring the fact :


    1 - There`s no longer a majority for Brexit in this country




    2 - Since almost everything Leave promised / predicted / pledged has failed to come about, their mandate is trashed.



  10. 3 hours ago, rudds1 said:

    There will be a way round it just like there is ways round disabling restrictors on hgv using magnets etc 

    There may be  a way round it, but, if a driver was speeding it`d be obvious he`d disconnected it because he`d be, well, speeding. All you have to do is introduce stiff penalties for anyone doing disconnecting said limiter.

    2 hours ago, geared said:

    I can't see it reducing it (aggression on the roads) one bit, in fact it will probably make it ten times worse.


    The entire country isn't going to switch to these things overnight, these restricted vehicles are going to have to share the road with un-restricted ones for a long time.

    I can only imagine the road rage and tailgating that will go on if cars are restricted to 70mph in the outside lane of the motorway.


    Worse still if these cars are so heavily stuffed with safety tech people are going to realise this and take advantage, if the car will automatically brake to avoid a collision White van man is going to take that as an excuse to cut cars up, because he knows they will always stop for him.

    Well I don`t agree with you at all, but, we`ll see won`t we ?


    BTW, all vehicles are restricted to 70mph on the motorway......

  11. Great news this morning (BBC News site) :


    Speed limiting technology looks set to become mandatory for all vehicles sold in Europe from 2022, after new rules were provisionally agreed by the EU.


    Not only will this make the roads safer but it`ll reduce aggression significantly, after all, what`s the point in hammering it to cut someone up, or tail gating them, or dangerously overtaking them, if the aggressive wazzock can`t exceed the speed limit anyway ?


    Even those who hate speed cameras should be happy as they`ll now not have to worry about being fined. All those drivers bleating about cameras being "money making" will no longer have to worry.


    What`s not to like ?

  12. On ‎15‎/‎03‎/‎2019 at 17:10, Penistone999 said:

    The positive for me is we are leaving . That is a positive,  simple as that.

    It may be a positive for you, but not, almost certainly, for the majority of people in this country.

    The fact is, particularly bearing in mind the age profile of Leave voters and Remain voters (unfortunately for Brexiteers the Grim Reaper has been at work since June 2016), there is no majority for Leave anymore. And, in fact, if you start quoting Respect For Democracy, bear in mind we would be leaving the EU on the backs of voters who aren`t even here now, and many of those most affected by it, the young, weren`t even allowed to vote then.

    Funny kind of democracy.




  13. On ‎02‎/‎04‎/‎2015 at 14:16, Justin Smith said:

    I was trying to find out the water temperatures at Ponds Forge swimming pool and Hillsborough leisure centre and discovered there are some incorrect figures on the internet, so I`m putting this thread on for people to find the correct info.


    Ponds Forge

    The competition pool is usually around 28 degrees, though this is usually dropped to 27 degrees for important competitions. Thus for a while afterwards, till it warms up again, it`s less then 28. Personally I`ve noticed it sometimes seems to overshoot and go a bit warmer than usual before settling back down. The competition pool is the best pool for lane swimming because it`s cooler than all other pools, it`s a bit chilly when you first jump in but once you start working it`s perfect.

    The leisure pool is normally around 29 degrees.

    I didn`t ask about the diving pool but I`ve noticed it`s a bit warmer than the competition pool but slightly cooler than the leisure pool.


    Hillsborough Leisure Centre

    Both pools (the leisure pool also known as "The Beach" and the 20m lanes pool) are about 29.5 degrees. Unfortunately because they both use the same water (it was originally built as one 33m pool for the World Student Games water polo competition) they cannot make the lane pool water any cooler than the leisure pool, which is a pity because most keen swimmers find the water is too warm for hard work. I certainly do, I can`t do more than 50m before having to stop to cool down !

    The water is plenty warm enough for kids. Our lad`s been swimming there at least once a week since he was 11 weeks old, and he was born three weeks early ! And that`s without him wearing a wetsuit / long cossie, I`m very much of the view that kids like to feel the water on their skin and will get into swimming much quicker if they can. The first time he went he started shivering after about 25 minutes (so we got him out at that point) but that was only because he wasn`t moving much, plus the fact he was a bit thin and tiny, surface area to volume ratio and all that ! Once he started getting into it and moving more he`s been absolutely fine ever since. In fact he generally moans to high heaven when you get him out of the pool, even after an hour !


    I have to say I`m a bit surprised to hear there`s apparently only 1.5 degrees difference between Ponds Forge (competition pool) and Hillsborough leisure centre, but the duty managers at each pool actually went down to the plant rooms to check on the readout !


    Added 26 March 2016 : When we swam at both Concord pools with our three year old yesterday and a sign said the teaching pool was 31 degrees and the lane pool was 29.5 degrees. I have to say the latter felt marginally cooler than that, but maybe that was only in comparison to the teaching pool which is warm !

    We've started swimming at Stocksbridge pool * now, and they quote 28 degrees. I have to say that makes no sense to me, I`d say it`s about the same as Concorde which is stated as being 29.5 ! Whatever the actual temperature it`s cool enough for reasonably hard lane swimming


    * Stocksbridge  far better for lanes than Hillsborough, and there`s always parking which is also free, unlike at Ponds Forge (undoubtedly the best lanes pool), the latter also often shut for competitions quite often, esp at weekends. Stocksbridge is also much cheaper than SIV membership, unlimited use of the pool for a family (two adults and up to three kids) for only £385 a year

  14. On ‎18‎/‎03‎/‎2019 at 21:58, crookes sid said:

    Is it time to increase the speed limit on Sheffield Parkway to 60  mph and increase the speed limit on Penistone Road to 40 mph?

    Drivers seem to ignore the current limits on both these roads and the authorities appear to have little interest in enforcing them.

    I agree many people speed on Penistone Rd, but increasing the speed limit is a bad idea for a few reasons.

    The most obvious question is which section would be increased ?

    Most reasonable people (excluding Petrolheads, obviously) would say the section around Albert Rd should remain at 30mph, it`s busy and that junction is dangerous, hasn`t there been at least one death there ? Loads of people coming out of Albert Rd run that light, in fact my view is that set of lights needs a camera on it to prosecute he miscreants.

    Similarly the junction round Hillfoot bridge is very busy and on red much of the time.

    The section from Bamforth St on is even busier with loads of side roads and people crossing, similarly the junction with Bradfield Rd is appalling for Red Light Runners.

    Thus we`d be left with a relatively short section from Hillfoot Bridge to Bamforth St, and it seems a bit pointless really, it would just increase the chances of people accidentally speeding when the limit dropped back to 30. As a general rule I don`t like to see roads with the speed limit changing up and down often, it`s just confusing and increases the chances of accidentally speeding.


    On ‎19‎/‎03‎/‎2019 at 12:30, Planner1 said:



  15. On ‎11‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 10:25, geared said:

    I agree, it's very sad she's died but standing next to your broken down vehicle on the motorway isn't very smart.


    It'd been there 16 minutes apparently, plenty of time to get out of the way.

    And plenty of time to close the lane...… I`ve seen loads of beached cars on "smart" motorways, including one just today, with the lane still open.

    Or was the lane closed ?

    If it was that`s even worse, that proves that the whole concept of a motorway with (what was) the hard shoulder open as a normal ruinning lane as default, is a bad idea.

  16. do you know how time consuming it would be to email everybody they delete a post from? the mods would be writing emails all the time, not feasible


    As stated above, the great majority would be automated E Mails when a thread is deleted. The question is, how many individual posts are deleted ? And how long would it take to advise of why the post was deleted considering how long it would have taken to read the thing(s) in the first place. I`m assuming the posts were fully read before being deleted ? If not it`s even worse than I thought. I have to say an automated E Mail wouldn`t have pacified me over the posts which got deleted on Monday morning. I was hopping mad, and still am. I say again, these posts took 20 to 25 minutes to write, and there was nothing wrong with them as far as I could see, certainly not all three of them.

  17. I think anyone whose post is deleted should get an E Mail informing them of it. In fact, ideally, if it`s a manual deletion (just one post being deleted) they should also get a brief explanation. Just the other morning I spent 20 to 25 minutes writing three posts (they`re all grouped together if nobody replies between them) and all were deleted with no explanation or apology. Let`s just think about that, I spend 20 to 25 minutes writing something and someone just deletes it in 5 seconds. I have to say I think this is high handed and discourteous, or worse. I am so annoyed about it I am at present wondering if I should bother with Sheffield Forum any more.

  18. There was a motorcyclist killed on Langsett Rd Oughtibridge (going out towards Wharncliffe Side) this morning.

    Accidents have been occurring there regularly including this one in June 2016 reported to the Council last year :


    I was going for a walk round Oughtibridge today and heard a car hammering it northbound along Langsett Rd, approaching that blind bend just past where the limit changes to 50mph, Nothing unusual there, loads of cretins do that, they either have to brake again for the blind bend (poor inefficient driving....), or, if they`re even bigger cretins, they go round it far too fast.

    Anyway, I then heard the unmistakable dull thud of an accident. This particular cretin had tried overtaking a car approaching the blind bend and hit a bus coming the other way. It was a flash black open top AUDI, and it was a right state, almost certainly a write off. Fortunately he hadn`t seriously injured anyone because he hit a bus. Several people, including one with a Dash Cam, all said he`d being driving like a lunatic just seconds before, so hopefully he`ll get done for dangerous driving. Interestingly, when I said to him he should be ashamed of himself driving like that, particularly with his girlfriend in the car, they both said he`d "only been doing 40mph". Absolute tosh judging by the skid marks on the road and how loudly he`d been hammering it, but it`s fascinating how people believe what they want to believe.


    And this thread on SF in 2013.


    Local residents regularly write to the council to warn them, I also did after the accident quoted above. I was informed there aren`t enough serious accidents on that road, but what constitutes a serious accident ? For instance, the smash involving the Audi may not have been counted as a serious accident because, by pure fluke, nobody was seriously injured.

    Apparently, according to SC, "changing the speed limit signs costs too much money". Are they serious ? One assumes, now there`s been the "required road death" they`ll do something. At an absolute minimum the 30mph speed limit should be extended round the S bends and then the limit only increased to 40 to join up with the 40 limit through Wharncliffe side. If it still doesn`t slow drivers down, put speed camers in there every few weeks.

    Question, does anyone, even the most ardent petrolhead, disagree with that ?

  19. Introduction of satnav to driving test..good or bad?


    It`s absolutely ridiculous. Not everyone has, nor even wants, a SatNav, I don`t want a SatNav and neither does my wife. Fortunately we`ve passed our tests so it doesn`t affect us, but the point is still relevant. One does not have to use a SatNav to drive so to force them to be part of the driving test is appalling. Technology is just going too far, where will it all end up ? Being forced to have a smart phone even if you don`t want one ? I certainly don`t want one.

    Which cretin in the DofT came up with this idea ? Was it the same one who thinks`s it`s a good idea to get rid of the hard shoulders on motorways ? That`s the question. Sack him (or her).

  20. What a PR nightmare for UA, but so thoroughly deserved ! I was 42 years in the airline business and have never heard of or seen anything like that.

    The doctor was a relatively small Vietnamese man with three burly "Tough guy " policemen playing John Wayne deplaning him.

    Nevertheless it is the culture of the airline that is to blame and this challenge goes right to the top. (It is the same with AA in my experience).


    In the US I would recommend Delta, SWA or Jet Blue if you can


    The UA CEO should resign, and the Board of Directors should all go, and take the new CEO along, to a week long, tailor made orientation "How to be a customer service oriented airline." for management.

    The CEO and the Board should all forfeit a months wages towards the cost of defending the legal claim now on its way from the good doctor !


    But the chances of UA becoming a "very good customer service oriented" airline are small as they have been this way for such a long time. Either the gate staff made a mistake in boarding four too many fare paying pax, or Operations Control did in not booking the four crew members with confirmed seats. Either way it could have easily been recovered with no "Evil airline publicity" by simply leaving all the boarded pax on board and chartering a small aircraft to move the crew the short distance from Chicago to Louisville. A win win for all concerned, but too easy for UA.


    UA are cheap micro managers and their staff are not empowered, so they elected to go the evil airline route which will now have thousands refusing to fly with them.


    I don`t normally approve of people trying to milk unfortunate events for loads of money, but in this case I hope he gets millions, and I think he will.

  21. I was trying to be witty.

    I shall give it up on here I think.

    It is far too serious for flippancy. :)


    Oh I get you. I wasn`t sure because some people going to the Caribbean for the first time wonder if the locals have forgotten Empire and (more particularly) slavery. On the subject of which, holidays being educational, where is there a better place in the world to learn about slavery than the Caribbean ? Looking round an old slave dwelling etc ?

  22. For a start I would not advocate a holiday in the Caribbean.

    It is too far to go for a holiday where you are not respected.

    You can go and be disrespected with far shorter flights in Europe. ;)

    (It does English people good to be disrespected, to stop us getting highfalutin ideas about silly things, like being better than our fellow Europeans.)

    If teachers want better holiday prospects, they would be better following my idea of staggered holidays, spread throughout the year.


    What gives you the idea the English are disrespected in the Caribbean ? There was certainly no sign whatsoever of that in Barbados. A friendlier country it would be hard to find, and I`ve been to a few. I would say Taiwan would come second.

  23. Sorry for late reply.

    'strawman'? what is this? Not knowing sahib. :(


    Due to modern things like AirBnb you can always find a good place to stay.

    But it is the flights prices that rise amazingly.


    Anyone who has ever been on a flight with package tour type people will never want to experience it again.


    Why not make the summer school holidays just, say, 3 weeks in September, and the long holidays over the winter months?

    This would be good in many ways.

    Heating costs of schools dramatically reduced,

    No lost days due to teachers being snowed off, and having a days skive,

    No having to put up with screaming kids when you are trying to relax.


    It would be a winner for all concerned.


    Jet2 aren`t bad, you get a crucial extra couple of inches leg room and the seats are fixed back so the passenger in front can`t recline into your face.

  24. Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post

    And a four year old doesn't appreciate the experience of that country and would be perfectly happy on the beach in Scarborough.


    Rubbish. My lad absolutely loved swimming in the sea teeming with fish, and with the turtles even more. And he will defn remember it, though I accept that may be partly down to the constant reminders he`ll get from the videos (I filmed it on my underwater camera) and pictures already on our walls.

    He would like playing on the beach in Scarborough, but not in Jan/Feb when we were in Barbados. And at that time of year the water would too cold to even paddle in much less swim in, in fact it was too cold to paddle in in late April when we went the other year.

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