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  1. If it really was free traffic congestion would disappear, particularly if the increased use of busses and trains led to more frequent services on more routes. The fact is that public transport is soddin` expensive, particularly if more than one person is travelling. NOTE : I'm not saying traffic would disappear, but the decline in car usage would be enough to make traffic jams largely a think of the past. One slight problem you would have, if car usage dropped so car journeys were quicker than they are now, that would act to increase car use, but, on balance, I'm sure the there would be fewer cars on the road, particularly at peak times.
  2. I got caught out going to Stocksbridge Library on New years Eve. The Google search engine brought up Sheffield Library's Facebook page. First, and rather annoyingly, because I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be, a quarter of the screen was taken up with a window trying to persuade me to join Facebook, I could not get rid of it.... But when I did find the info it said "Tuesday 31 - Normal hours, but all libraries and service points close at 4pm." (NOTE, that's Libraries, as in not just the central library is open till 4pm). So we drove all the way out there and it was closed. I then looked closely at the full text on that page and on the next line it said "Local libraries and mobile service closed". TBH I didn`t see that the first time but in any case it appears to be contradictory when the line before said Libraries are open till 4.00PM. All in all a poor do.
  3. I'm moving my large website from Webplus to Wordpress. Webplus had a built in links checker which reliably reported every single broken link, including those down to anchor level. Unfortunately the plug in Wordpress link checker doesn't work down to anchor level and even worse it also failed to spot a few broken page links, it`s useless. Xenu doesn`t seem to pick up faulty anchor links either. The W3C link checker did find my deliberately broken link to an anchor, but took ages to do so on only one relatively small page.... Does anyone know of a link checker which checks internal (as well as external) links down to anchor level in a reasonable time ? Checking internal links is more important to me than checking external links.
  4. Unfortunately, when it comes to parking, need does not equate with "rights". I see this all the time with ignorant parking, worst is obviously people parking across people's drives. The only time you have a right to park anywhere is if you have your own off road parking space, otherwise it is not up to the driver to make up his own mind about parking restrictions.
  5. I think there's a breakdown in communication here. It's all about how long the cars are waiting in an area where space is obviously at a premium. Surely the people being picked up can have contacted those picking them up and be there for when they drive up. The point is they should not have to wait outside for any significant length of time, they just walk out from under the covered walkway when the car turns up, they get in and off they go, In theory the vehicle doesn't need to be there any longer than it would if actually dropping someone off ? TBH I hate going to Sheffield station by car. I live in Oughtibridge and would far rather pick up (or indeed catch a train from) from Swinton. In fact I could probably get to Swinton nearly as quickly as Sheffield and it's a lot less trouble when you actually get there. Unfortunately my folks were going to Reading , there are no direct trains from Swinton to there.....
  6. Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days so it really wouldn`t be difficult to arrive shortly after the train, Realtime Trains (use detailed view) may help, it gives up to the minute (more or less) data on where any train in the country is. But, as a prev poster mentioned, the people you`re picking up (assuming they had a mobile phone) would be under cover, possibly even sitting down in a heated waiting room not waiting about in the cold and rain.
  7. My parents aren`t in the first flush of youth, so I wanted to drop them off as near as possible to the station entrance. There would have been no problem had not most of the spaces been taken up with people not dropping off anyone, or indeed picking them up. Personally I`d have no objection to people picking up people from those bays but only if the person being collected was literally waiting there to get straight into the car. NOT the car waiting there for them......
  8. Just had a very frustrating time dropping off my parents at the Sheffield station. The queue for the drop off area was hardly moving and backed up right past the T junction on the access road. The reason ? Of the six or seven cars using the drop off area only two appeared to be actually dropping off anyone ! All the other spaces were full of cars just waiting, one assumes, to pick up passengers due off trains. If ever there was a need for staff to move on cars just waiting that is it. There should be signs around "Drop off only max stop time 3 minutes" or similar. And actually enforce it...….
  9. I don't think you quite understand, the tram routes were snarled up anyway, and in both directions !
  10. Does anyone know what, if anything specific, caused the appalling traffic in NW Sheff this morning ? The gridlock in Oughtibridge was caused by works outside the ex St Christopher's garage, I know about that. But it was appalling going through Worrall, a solid, but moving, queue in both directions. Then it was backed right up Wadsley lane as far as Marlcliffe Rd, again not unknown. I then discovered (because I park on the country side of the tram gates on Middlewood Rd using my parking permit) it was also backed up along Middlewood Rd - going out bound - as far as Minto Rd ! Incredibly it was also backed up city bound way past the same point ! There were huge queues at all the tram stops. Slightly earlier in the day my wife said traffic along Middlewood Rd North was backed up (city bound) as far as the (ex) Middlewood tavern and just not moving at all.....
  11. I`d be very interested to know what speed he was doing, it's a 50mph limit there isn't it ? You'd be pretty unlucky to get killed in an accident (unless it was head on with another car) if only driving at 50mph.
  12. If Angela Smith just wanted a quite life continuing to pick up her significant MP's salary, she'd not only have stayed where she was in the Labour party, she'd have spouted a load of hypocritical guff about how she now supported Brexit "because the people have spoken". But she didn`t, she took the hard route because she genuinely believes that : 1 - Brexit is a bad idea and will harm her constituents. 2 - The people voted for something (as advertised by Leave : "a cake and eat it Brexit" which avoids us being in the EU with Turkey) which they're definitely not going to get whatever happens. These are facts.
  13. Couldn`t agree with you more, have you sent a complaints form to the BBC ? There`s still a chance they`ll change their mind if enough people express their displeasure, and change of support for the TV licence..... Yes I do.
  14. There seem a few on here who`d miss it, I think we should all try to give the BBC some "feedback" on it, if enough people complain they`ll keep it, I`m sure of that.
  15. It depends on whether they want to maintain public support for their services, As I said if they turn it off I think I`ll change my attitude to scrap the licence fee. You may be surprised how many people use text, and I can`t imagine it costs that much for the BBC to facilitate.
  16. I don`t know how many people have seen this but apparently BBC Teletext is due to be switched off. I`m pretty annoyed about it because we use it quite a bit, including for checking eth weather forecast without having to fire up the laptop or when we`re on holiday. Neither me nor my wife want Smart phones. One has to ask what we`re actually going to be getting for our licence fee, the fact is if they turn of text I may actually cross the Rubicon, and go from a BBC / TV licence supporter to some body who thinks they should scrap the TV licence and leave the BBC to fend for itself. The BBC are playing a dangerous game here..... Complain here.
  17. Actually two would be even better, because the other one could be letting cars through the lights when they were on green for Pensitone road which, of course, has no soddin` vehicles coming out of it....... The reason is that the powers that be are not concerned with the stress and frustration caused to motorists. This is exactly the same reason that road works, even those which inconvenience literally thousands of people every day, still seem to be worked on as a single shift when they should be working at least a double shift from about 7.00AM to about 10.00PM seven days a week. I`d say 24hours a day but one does have to have some sympathy with people living nearby who may need some sleep ! * other than on motorways
  18. So has an accident ever occurred ? And if so how serious was it / were they ?
  19. My wife got caught in this today, she`s normally a mild mannered sort but was absolutely fuming..... It took her an hour to drive what would normally take about 10 mins, apparently most of the north of Sheff was grid locked. It is absolutely ridiculous to shut Penistone road, the main route onto which all traffic in the north of Sheffield is deliberately funnelled by the road system, for an hour, or, in fact any time at all. I thought they shut the inside lane of Penistone Rd for half an hour or so around 4.45PM ? Why do they need to do more than that ? But anyway, is this Health & Safety overkill or not ? How many fans have been killed / seriously injured / mildly injured whilst exiting the Hillsborough ground ?
  20. The hold up tonight was APPALLING...…. I was in the queue at about 5.30PM and I`d already queued for about 7 minutes and wasn`t even past the recycling centre ! Like many others I did a 3 point turn and went all the way round via Bolsterstone. As I`ve been saying repeatedly, with inconvenience like that being foisted on road users (including bus passengers remember) Yorkshire Water [or their contractors] should be working 7.00AM to 8.00PM minimum to get the job done as soon as humanly possible, but they`re not. Not by a long long way. They, and other contractors doing similar road works, should be forced to get their act together or pay dearly for it.
  21. As on this thread...... : How long will the temporary 3 way lights at Deepcar be in operation ? (with hardly anyone working on them....) Those expensive traffic models are a waste of space as I found when I actually counted how many vehicles actually managed to drive along Middlewood road at peak hours. It was WAY less than the predicted traffic flow...... Interestingly it was the lights for the tram Park and Ride which seemed to be the biggest problem, even more so than Leppings lane, somewhat surprisingly. Vehicles have to wait an absolute age (going into town) when there`s nothing even waiting to use the junction going in or out of the P&R. That P&R is in DESPERATE need of a filter light.
  22. That`s not ironic, quite the opposite, though the term appropriate isn`t quite right under the circumstances.....
  23. I had to drive down Parkside Rd (Hillsborough) today at just gone 8.00AM, i.e. peak commuting time. There was a tipper waggon with a grab loading spoil and blocking off one direction`s flow. Even worse it was the side with the greatest volume of traffic, that is to say into town. How could that happen ? Whose decision was it ? Surely that should have taken place either before 7.00 or after 9.00 ? That`s a classic example of the fact contractors take insufficient account of the effect of their works on road users, and the best way to change that sort of behaviour is making them pay for permits, which would be more expensive at peak time.
  24. Thanks for that. I wonder what is the total amount of time wasted queuing by drivers and their passengers in all those weeks..... Don`t get me wrong I understand they sometimes have to dig up the road for some work or other, but, for a set of lights like that, which is inconveniencing huge numbers of people, they should be at the very least be putting one a half shifts a day in, possibly two, to get the work done ASAP. As I mentioned above when we pass there as early as 4.30PM everyone has gone home with no work going on. Basically the inconvenience of the road users is an almost ignored priority, maybe charging companies per day for every day the site is blocking the road might give then the required consideration.
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