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  1. Could someone please explain the biggest mystery of the moment ? Where is all the bread going ? Bear in mind : 1 - Bread goes off in about a week 2 - Bread is quite bulky so takes up a lot of room in ones freezer I heard a theory that some people might even be buying extra bread "as a spare", then binning it when it got stale only to buy some more ! It sounds unlikely, and incredibly selfish*, but I can't think of any other explanation..... * If this is true they should be flogged, and I'm only half joking.
  2. Now this is a big big question..... Corruption doesn't have to be anything as obvious as a direct bribe. I suspect most corruption in this country is businesses putting councillors (or MPs or whoever) "in a positive frame of mind" towards them by indirect means, i.e. gaining influence. As an example, who would have thought that councillors being given free tickets to sports events could be corrupt ? But it is and I'm pretty sure it's not allowed or if it is the politicians would have to declare it. You may have thought that petty, but actually it isn't. I have an ongoing issue with SIV (Sheffield International Venues), and they are an arrogant organisation if ever I saw one, right up to the very top. As it happens the council say they have no legal powers over them anyway, though they do obviously have influence (£1.2 million worth this year....), but, if councillors had had free tickets (not that I'm saying they have) they would obviously be less willing to get involved (consciously or sub consciously) with an issue which could cause problems between them and the distributors of largesse. And that's why all benefits should, and must, be declared by all politicians, and why there is such a furore if said benefits (like Boris Johnson's holiday) are found not to have been declared.
  3. I'm pretty sure she won't have given her card or bank details to anyone so how could they force her to pay anyway ?
  4. Thanks for your replies. It's a brand new Alba with (just) a loads of Google icons. Does that make it an Android ? ! ? She just wants to download simple games, will she still have to do that ?
  5. Could anyone help me with this please ? ! ? My friend has just bought a tablet and was told she could download free some simple games for her 6 year old to play on the plane etc. She's asked me to help ! How would I go about doing that ?
  6. I admire "champagne socialists". You could argue they are the real socialists. It's easy to vote Labour if you're working class and you think they'll take money off the rich and give it to you, rather more principled are people voting Labour and actually paying more tax.
  7. I know for a fact not all councillors bother answering their phone or E mails, I'd have thought MPs wouldn't be any different. One of my councillors, Julie Grocutt, did used to answer the phone and I can remember being impressed by that, but, TBH, it should be taken as read they answer the soddin' phone....
  8. We're going over to Rotterdam on a ferry cruise this month, we usually bring back a shed load of wine bought cheaply on the vessel, enough to more or less last for the next year ! I'm assuming we won't be able to do that next year, one more reason why I won't be "forgetting and uniting" like that proven liar and adulterer Boris Johnson wants us all to.
  9. Are you sure you haven't got excessive signal ? Most people don't realise you can have too much signal and it's as bad as too little, here is an article on signal strength. My advice to anyone with a signal problem is buy an attenuator, they're only a couple of quid. When the attenuator is in use does the signal get better or worse ? If it gets better your problem is / was excessive signal, if it gets worse you're short of signal. There's no such thing as a "digital aerial", excepting where transmitters changed group at the digital switchover, e.g. back in 2011 Sheffield / Crosspool went from A group to wideband / K group, the graph below illustrates how an A group aerial will only pick up 3 or 4 of the 6 MUXES :
  10. I think you've got that wrong , Leave assured us that would not happen, and, since they're in government now, they are in a position to ensure it never does......
  11. This is not necessarily true unfortunately, particularly for "Bacofoil aerials" : Other aerial bodges......
  12. Yes they are still being transmitted from Emley, as well as Belmont, Waltham and Bilsdale (see table above). Where do you live ? Some sites can't get on Sheffield TX. Who did you get to fit the aerial ?
  13. Sheffield area channel to MUX allocations, very useful (even if I do say so myself.....) : Use in conjunction with digital MUX to programmes
  14. Apparently these possible messages saying retune "may* be required on Feb 12th" are for some people up near Leeds who are on repeater transmitters off Emley Moor. As far as I know nobody in the Sheffield area should need to retune their TVs on the 12th Feb. * does it say "might" need retuning, or "will" need retuning ?
  15. I cannot seem to find out why anyone round here should have to retune on the 12th Feb, unless Grenoside will be late starting transmissions, can anyone confirm that Grenoside has started transmitting the local Sheffield channel (on CH31) ? NOTE : Grenoside has been chosen to transmit (just) the Sheffield local channel because many people in Sheffield with their aerials on Emley will be pointing more or less in that direction, thus people on Emley will also p/u the Sheffield channel (not just those on Crosspool transmitter).
  16. Which transmitter are you on ? I didn't think anything was happening up here on the 12th Feb ! Sandy Heath transmitter is having a MUX about but that's down near, er, Sandy. There, one MUX is moving to CH33, which Emley has a MUX on now as well. Maybe they think there may be co-channel issues, but I can't see why that would require a retune.....
  17. How many channels do you have in total SD and HD ? And which transmitter are you on ?
  18. Sometimes aerial can pick up more than one transmitter, particularly if you live up high. Under those circumstances try manually tuning your TV in. Correct, though you may also have to repolarise it :
  19. It is entirely possible that an internet forum is not the best place to get support for my position, on that we can surely agree......
  20. You may call it "stubbornness to change", but who are you, or the BBC, to tell other people how to live their lives ? Personally I do not want a smart phone, I want to get away from the soddin' internet. I've seen too many people glued to their smart phones ignoring the world around them (even out at a restaurant with their wives / husbands / parents ! ), no thanks.
  21. No, the BBC will have an exact figure for the number of people who use their online service via their website(s) stats package(s). They will not know how many people use their broadcast services (Text or indeed programmes) without conducting an expensive and time consuming survey then extrapolating the results. But in any case the BBC is there to provide service to all, particularly the disadvantaged. I admit I don't have a smart phone out of choice, but there are significant numbers of people who don't have one either because they can't afford then or don't understand them, usually, but not exclusively, older people. Text is one of the things which makes the BBC different from eth commercial broadcasters, and that is increasingly important these days when the licence fee is coming under pressure However, at the end of the day, I cannot imagine running the text service costs that much in the greater scheme of things. As I mentioned earlier, there are probably quite a few people who don't rely on it but use Text (news and sports headlines etc) as a time filler waiting for a programme to come on, or whilst the adverts are on. It's not only me who has made this point on other forums.
  22. I bet it's more widely used than the BBC think.......
  23. It's not quite as simple as that, there are other vertically polarised transmitters, e.g. Oughtibridge transmitter, Totley, and Stocksbridge, plus Chesterfield transmitter of course. More accurately if your aerial is pointing at Crosspool (as in just above Crookes) and is vertically polarised then you are almost certainly on it. If the background is the Humber Bridge surely you'd be getting your signals from Belmont transmitter (East Lincs) ? The postcode predictor is not 100% accurate. Very few HD channels are being switched off, and the ones that are get a small audience. I suspect that BBC News HD and CBeebies HD will be moved onto one of the other MUXES (and therefore receivable off Crosspool) within a year or two.
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