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  1. Normally I go to about 5 to 10 Wednesday games a season but this year I haven`t even been tempted to go to one, and it`s NOT because the team have been playing s**t for the last 10 years.......

    The last game I went to was the Sheff United derby game last season and I really wish I hadn`t gone. I was a bit disillusioned before I even got to the game as I thought the policy of insisting you bought tickets for two other (specific) games before deigning to sell you a ticket at great expense was exploiting the fans. I also thought that the 0870 telephone number they`ve adopted amounts to the same thing, remember most calls would be local anyway, the difference is 8p per min against 1 to 2p......

    When we got to the game I was upset at witnessing the aggressive intimidating abuse that a Sheff Utd supporting couple received as they quite innocently walked under the South Stand. We decided to go in the latter stand (as opposed to the North stand or the Kop) as I was taking my wife and I hoped it`d be slightly more civilised. Unfortunately my hopes were misplaced and the usual swearing (and I`m not talking B words and F words, I`m talking C words, it`s not uncommon to even see fathers use this kind of language in front of their own kids !) and aggressive language and chants started up, "Break the B******s legs" etc. Next came a couple of face offs between Wednesday fans (something I`ve seen fairly often down at Hillsborough) and a scuffle when it was discovered a Sheff Utd fan was in the stand. Finally a supporter behind me made some racist comment which I felt I coudn`t ignore and ended up having "words" with him.

    I started thinking why the hell am I here ? I don`t even want to be associated with some of these people, and that`s without mentioning that lot you sometimes get (with scarves over their faces) trying to get at the away fans as they leave the ground.


    I`ve always preferred going to away games, the atmosphere is always better and (ironically) there is less aggression, esp amongst the Wednesday fans. When I go to an away game I`m proud of the Wednesday fans, still singing even when we`re losing (which we generally are....) but I`ve finally had enough of Hillsborough.


    Please persuade me to go back !

  2. The points made about driving and It`s public transport, not a library are actually linked. We`re all supposed to be getting out of our cars (because the roads are too full) and using public transport instead, so one would think that "the powers that be" (not that there are any now they`ve deregulated....) should be striving to make public transport suitable for as many as possible. Loud personal stereos/mobiles etc put a significant number of people off public transport and (say) making half of all trains or trams quiet zones doesn`t even cost anything so what`s stopping them ?


    To the thoughtful "Sunshine", I`m sure it wasn`t yours !

    How nice it is these days to come across someone who thinks about others more than themselves.

  3. Before we start lets get one thing clear I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against personal stereos, so long as they`re just that, personal, ie only heard by the person wearing them. Unfortunately there is a trend for them to become less and less personal.....

    I was on a train the other day and I could hear this chap who was using one of these things from 8 rows back, that`s eight for Gods sake, EIGHT ! I hate to think what damage it does to their hearing (they`ll regret it when they`re older, "Pardon what did you say ? Can you speak into my hearing aid please....." ) but to be honest I was more bothered about what it was doing to my karma than his hearing, that annoying tinny noise which drives you up the wall.

    Playing music out loud on a mobile phone is even more irritating though to be fair it`s relatively uncommon, so far.........


    A couple of questions:


    1 Is there a chance that the people who use these things at such volumes are unaware how annoying it is, or is it that they know but they just don`t care ?

    2 How can one get away from them ? If the train or tram isn`t too full one can just move (though why should one have to.....) but what if it`s packed full and one can`t ? Any suggestions ?


    I know that Darren Barker at Supertram (E-Mail darren.b@supertram.com ) would also be interested to hear passengers views.

  4. Chapeltown has had two stations, or three if you count the resited one.


    The first station was opened by the South Yorks Railway (which became the Manchester Sheffield & Lincs in 1874, then the Great Central in 1897, then the LNER in 1923 !) in 1854 and closed in 1953.


    The second was opened by the Midland Railway (this became the LMS in 1923) in 1897 and was closed in 1984. A replacement station was opened a few hundred yards South in the same year. I assume it was moved to be in a more central/convenient location.

  5. Sorry to disappoint but as far as I`m aware the only sure fire way to add value to your house (in terms of getting it back in the value of the property) is to add rooms/floorspace, or land of course but this isn`t usually practical.

    My wife and I are looking for a house at the moment and things like a nice bathroom/kitchen are exactly that, nice, but no more. Our attitude is you can change the decor, what we`re more concerned about is the things you can`t change. The latter being ;

    1 Location

    2 Size of the rooms AND THE GARDEN.

    3 Potential to extend the house if required, preferably without having to use

    a flat roof (which are an abomination).

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