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  1. Oh woe, woe and thrice woe, those wanting blissful silence (or at least something approaching it....) may as well go and shoot themselves. Why ? Well I was in Marks and Spencers (that paradigm of the middle class silent majority, pun intended) the other day and they were selling an M & S branded toy car badged as a "BOOM BOOM CAR".

    Gordon Bennet we`ll have a generation of kids growing up thinking blaring music from their cars is normal, as opposed to the reality that it`s not only anti-social but it makes them look like people with learning disabilities..... sorry, that`s an insult to people with learning disabilities.....

    To be honest I went off M & S a bit when I discovered that the purse I`d bought for my wife (for £15) was made in bleedin` China ! Marks probably paid about £1.50 for it, that`s what I call a profit margin. No wonder they`re making so much money now....


    (Noise Abatement Society http://www.noiseabatementsociety.com )

  2. I used to have a toyota corolla and i was a pretty lousy driver so you can add me to a list somewhere.


    This man (or woman ?) deserves a medal because so few drivers admit that they`re anything but perfect. Ironically the fact he (or she) does admit it, most importantly to themselves, means he (or she) is almost certainly one of the safer drivers on the road.......

    OK I realise "jabberwocky" may be using irony but my point still stands !

  3. That's why I said it depends on the definition. The sort of people who buy the cars I mentioned really don't know what they are doing so far as driving ability is concerned. The ones you mention are selfish and inconsiderate which is different. They have decent cars so they know a bit about it unless it's a BMW of course.



    We can agree that "the worst drivers" needs defining and my wife came up with something that I would have thought most people would agree with :


    "The worst drivers deliberately seek an advantage by putting others at a disadvantage".


    This includes all those w*****s who try to jump Qs by using the wrong lane, park where they shouldn`t, jump red lights, drive aggressively putting others in danger, etc etc etc



    I`m not sure you can say that what sort of car people have proves how much they know about driving. As you know I built my own Westfield so by most peoples definition I know a fair amount about motors/motoring. Because I now have no interest in driving I presently have a 1997 Escort diesel (the private plate on it is worth more than the car !) but I still "know" everything I knew before.

  4. It depends on definition of crap driver. In general crap drivers drive crap cars and these cars are usually little and cheap such as with name something like Deawoo Matiz, Hyundai Atos. Suzuki Alto and Wagon R, Vauxhall Agila, Kia Pride and the most popular one the Ford Ka. No one who has driven white vans criticise them any more because they are great, you should all try one first.


    Are you being ironic ? Most peoples definition of the "worst drivers" are the aggressive SOBs who wind them up. The latter very rarely drive the kind of car you have mentioned.

  5. Right OK, I think it`s important to stress that these are generalisations so don`t get too upset if anyone has any of these particular cars !

    Having said that, are you sure that you aren`t one of those drivers, with an excess of arrogance and a shortage of respect for the Highway Code, which all the other drivers hate......


    After years of trying to pin down which cars the worst drivers tend to own, you know, the gits who cut you up, speed all over the place and go through red lights.

    I have finally concluded that it`s not a particular make at all, it`s German cars !

    It`s not just BMWs, it`s also Mercedes, Volkswagens, Porsches and (probably worst of all) Audis.

    You see if I`m right, the next time you see someone driving aggressively/too fast it`s more likely to be someone driving a German car.*

    Most of the absolute worst driving I see is in German cars, it`s a fact.


    PS I`m not saying all drivers of German cars are bad, or that all drivers of other types aren`t !


    * As in far more likely than the percentage of cars on the road which are German, about 15 to 20%, and not including kids in Corsas or Saxos, who haven`t grown up yet and can`t afford anything else anyway.......


    11th June 2011 I knew I was right !


    This is it :


    All Cars

    Cars driven by men

    German cars (plus many Vauxhalls)


    Audi R8s


    Basically, the further down that list you go, the more likely the car is to be driven aggressively / dangerously.


    Incidentally, to those who say speed isn`t a significant factor in (serious) accidents, Sgt Steve Askham of SY Police serious collisions unit begs to differ :

    "The fatal four causes of serious collisions are speed, drink or drugs, using mobile phones and not wearing seat belts" (Reported in The Star 11 Nov 16)

  6. What's the point of having a limit of 30 and then physically slowing vehicles to 20? If the limit is 30 you should be able to do 30 if it's appropriate for the conditions, if the authorities don't think it is they should lower the limit but not put bumps in that wreck the cars.


    I repeat what I said in the response I made above, theoretically the speed limit on my (residential road) is 30mph but anyone actually driving down it at that speed would have some sort of mental retardation problem.

    I suspect most residential streets fall into the same category.

    I don`t know what sort of road you live on but unless is a major through route I`ll bet you would not want people driving along it at 30mph, particularly if you have kids.

    Of course I think speed humps are a pain in the arse (literally if one has piles !) but until all motorists drive in a safe and responsible manner I want one on my road !

  7. It`s not a question of whether it`s reasonable or otherwise, it`s just inefficient driving. More wear and tear on ones brakes, engine and transmission.

    Most of the humps I come across can be negotiated fairly smoothly at 15 to 20mph (and I would accept that one`s which require drivers to slow more than this are too severe) so how much time would one save by adopting the two different strategies ? Nothing worthwhile all I`d say.

    On the subject of 30 limits the road I live on is theoretically a 30 limit but anyone who drove down it at that speed would have to be retarded in some way. I would say 15 to 20 would be the absolute maximum safe speed and I`ll bet everyone on my road would agree with me.

  8. If there aren`t any regulations to keep cars noise levels to a reasonable level there bleedin` should be. Hopefully the DofT will get round to it sometime, possibly when they`ve finished ripping us off with their 0870 phone number.....

    I`ve heard this before about braking for speed bumps then speeding up afterwards but surely that`s just bad diving. One should do a steady speed (15 to 20mph I`ve found is usually OK to minimise any unwanted "jarring") and stick to it. I can`t help wondering if these "brake and accelerate" drivers are the same ones you see hammering down the outside lane of the motorway then braking behind the next car they come across. That is bad driving because if you use good anticipation (and don`t drive too fast) you should never have to brake on a motorway at all, unless there`s a traffic jam of course.

  9. Here`s the latest thing to be changed, with no improvement in service.....

    The EPOS terminal in our shop has just been replaced and (apart from the fact all those using it now have to get used to a new system....) the paper is now thermally printed just like all the old fax machines. This is becoming more and more common (because it`s cheaper....) but the receipt fades with time ! In fact there`s every chance that if one needs the receipt at some time in the future it`ll be bleedin unreadable.........

  10. Speed bumps are an interesting one because they result in the opposite of the NIMBY syndrome. That is to say most people (particularly those with children) want them on their own road but do not want them on any other road which they have to use. I reckon the term OIMBY (that`s Only In My Back Yard) describes them, and me come to that !

    Incidentally it`s not just about road safety, my wife and I were thinking of buying a house and we went back to look at it in the evening (when it was quiet) and the noise from some of the motorists hammering it up the hill outside put us off it. If a speed bump had been just outside they wouldn`t be able to drive at such speed and the noise level would have been more bearable.

    Incidentally how do those anti social cretins with the really loud exhausts get away with it ? Surely their must be some law (or even just the MOT) to stop them.....

  11. I think part of the problem is that there are two definitions of the word respect which are commonly confused. Respect can mean "admiration", or it can be used in the sense of "defer to".

    It`s obviously preferable if one feels both definitions of the word toward (say) your teacher or boss, but at the end of the day one has to defer to them even if one does not admire them.

    Whilst being brought up myself it was always an absolute that I defered to my parents. I was not "friends" with them (esp my Dad !) but once I left home it all changed, as I would expect it to, and I am now very close to both of my parents.

  12. Our postie doesn't do packets or parcels anymore, a guy in a van does them all. Perhaps because of all the junk mail the walking postie now has to deliver?


    Absolutely, they`re more bothered about delivering annoying rubbish to us (because it makes them money) than providing a service.

    I`m telling you now, if the Royal Mail get away with what they`ve already done, what will they do next ? How about collections in the morning and deliveries in the afternoon ? That way they could possibly get away with employing 30% less staff. The fact everyone would have to wait an extra day for their mail is not something they`re bothered about......

  13. I know quite a few people who have digital, and non of them have needed a new aerial.

    I was under the impression that the signal throughout sheffield is actually pretty strong.


    Either way, my original point stands, current televisions will not be made obsolete which is what you contended.


    I never said that any TVs would be rendered obsolete, in fact (ironically) this is something that I stress on our website. But they will need STBs and I`ve never seen one for £10, particularly with an RF output.

    Anyone on Emley Moor (possibly 40% around here) who has a decent aerial installation ((or is just lucky....)) should NOT require a new antenna.

    Due to its hills Sheffield has a huge range of signal conditions and if one lives with line of sight onto any of the relevant transmitters one may very well get a good signal off an indoor antenna. BUT there are some people (who live in dips etc) who would not get a reliable signal even with an XB10/XB14 aerial and a mast head amp. Believe me some aerial jobs are not worth having, the installer is on a loser all the way......

  14. Why will we require a new aerial, my freeview works in the back-bedroom using a £3 set top arial pointing through three brick walls!?

    Because you are fortunate to live in a strong signal area. Sheffield is famous (should that be infamous) for it`s hills and the vast majority of people will not get reliable digital off a "set top" aerial.

    There is a fabulous topographical map (proving the point on Sheffields hills) at



  15. Except that the switch over won't actually make a single tv obsolecent.

    You'll just need to get a £10 freeview box and plug it in.


    .....eh....that`s not quite true as the arguments on the link http://www.aerialsandtv.com/digitaltv.html#digitalnegatives make clear........


    I`ve yet to see an STB (particularly one with a modulated RF output, there are still a lot of sets out there without a SCART input) for £10.

  16. Although it is undoubtedly true that CRT TVs have better picture quality than either Plasma or LCD TVs, the latter are capable of being produced in much larger sizes and also take up less overall space than the very bulky CRTs. CRTs don't come much larger than 36" and even at this size are incredibly heavy and bulky. Look around any TV showroom now and you will be hard pressed to find large CRTs. And even if you did, they would not be HD ready. People don't want them any more. Moreover, the picture quality on some plasmas now, such as the Panasonics, is pretty good - certainly good enough to satisfy all but the most discerning viewer.


    I`m not sure I agree with you on whether people don`t want them anymore, it`s more that they`re being "persuaded" in that direction. I reckon they will eventually become cheaper than CRT but at the moment I`d never recommend one to anyone, and that`s before you try and get one repaired....


    By the way HDTV (for the vast majority of people, including all those who don`t want Sky) is a red herring for the reasons given below.



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