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  1. The two biggest lies, or at least gross distortions of the Leave referendum campaign were the NHS`s £350 million a week, and the often quoted reply to "won`t our European trade suffer if we leave the EU". Their frequently repeated line was, more or less :


    "They sell more to us than we sell to them so we`ll get a good deal (implying as good) as we`ve got now, that`s just common sense"


    They kept at this line, in fact still are peddling it, despite everyone else saying that wouldn`t happen.

    Now, why I`ve brought this up now is it`s all about to kick off, and what I, and most other Europhiles, do not want to happen is for the Brexiteers to come up with something like this :


    "The EU not giving us a good deal is illogical so we could not have foreseen it"


    We can`t control what Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage says, but I think we`d like the Sheffield Forum Brexiteers to at least promise they won`t come up with some similar, totally bogus, line.

    So come on Unbeliever, Nigel Fargate, Apelike, Gamston et al, are you prepared to make such an undertaking ?


    Incidentally, the workers at Toyota Burnaston must be a bit nervous, what with Toyota saying they will delay taking a decision on the new model for that plant. Some would say it serves them right, 57% in Derby voted to leave, though I do wonder what the vote was amongst Burnaston workers..... Still, the Leave campaign said it`d be fine, so they don`t need to worry do they ?

  2. Originally Posted by Justin Smith :

    Crime prevention is exceptionally important. It isn`t just the cost of crime, which is massive, it`s the blight on people`s lives, both actual and imagined. Thus, if having extremely well resourced special schools improves the educational attainment of the excluded pupils, enables the kids in the other schools to study better without disruption, and reduces crime, it`s worth it, more or less however much it costs.

    Sorry, I don't agree. In my view it is just as important to spend extra resource on the most able pupils (note not the most well off), to enable better social mobility, and ultimately a more globally competitive work force.


    So what do you think we should be doing with these disruptive pupils ? The question is even more relevant to anyone in favour, or at least not against, Grammar schools, because those kids going to a Grammar are much less likely to have to put up with the disruptive pupils.....

  3. I find that hard to believe Justin. Garages would lose their license to do MOTs if they were found to not be conforming to the law and be hit with fines and criminal charges. Unless they are doing their 'mate' a favour I can't see what's in it for them to turn a blind eye when they gain nothing but risk prosecution.


    I`m only going by what my bloke said. I suppose if it was absolutely ear splitting, such as it was painful for them to test it, it might be different. But, as has been said on here a few times, many of the bike owners swap the exhaust for a quieter one then back again after the test. Incidentally, that by itself would prove they know they`re doing something wrong and, at best, anti social.

  4. Illegal how? As said before, my bike has an aftermarket pipe, it's a fair bit louder than standard. If it were illegal, surely it would fail an Mot, or the police would pull me over for it. Funnily enough, neither of those things have happened.


    The police rarely stop bikes or cars however noisy they are, despite the fact I pay them to do so. I assume they think they`re not there to improve the environment. In a way they`re correct, there should arguably be a separate agency tasked with doing that. Not just loud cars and bikes, but for all the other anti environment stuff, such as fly tipping. They should be given real teeth and big fines would be imposed.

    Very few MOT centres will fail a bike (or car) for having an illegal exhaust, I`ve asked the garage I use and that`s what they told me.


    ---------- Post added 08-03-2017 at 13:40 ----------


    Did I miss something? I don't look in for a few hours and it all appears to have gone pear shaped.

    No , I actually want to this thread to stay open. Your sense of self righteousness amuses me.


    It worries me that you, and others, think that objecting to ear splitting, and, in fact, illegal, exhausts, makes me self righteous. I`d have thought it just makes me normal, I`ve never met anyone who likes being deafened by some noisy vehicle. Why would they ?

  5. Originally Posted by Justin Smith :

    It may be unarguable that Grammar schools produce better results for those who attend them than the average comprehensive.


    I guess it depends how you define 'as good as' but results wise, no they are not. Grammar schools gets 99% A-C passes at GCSE, the best comprehensives don't get near that .


    I meant that the pupils of the same ability would do as well at a good comp. One obviously cannot expect a comp, however good, to get the same overall results as a Grammar when the latter has all the most able academic pupils and the former takes all levels of ability.


    ---------- Post added 08-03-2017 at 13:27 ----------


    The other aspect of this is that I don't accept that the least able and most disruptive pupils should receive much more resource than the most able, who are being equally disadvantaged by an integrated educational model, save for the cost benefit of crime prevention .


    Crime prevention is exceptionally important. It isn`t just the cost of crime, which is massive, it`s the blight on people`s lives, both actual and imagined. Thus, if having extremely well resourced special schools improves the educational attainment of the excluded pupils, enables the kids in the other schools to study better without disruption, and reduces crime, it`s worth it, more or less however much it costs.


    ---------- Post added 08-03-2017 at 13:29 ----------


    That's not really surprising though is it? And it doesn't really tell us anything about the quality of teaching in those schools. How do we know that the brighter pupils in the comprehensive schools aren't getting the same results they would be getting if they were in a grammar school? Results only mean something if you're comparing like with like.


    I have a question that no-one ever seems to address:


    What difference does it make to syphon off brighter kids into a separate building than keeping them in the same schools but, streaming into separate classes?


    I can't get my head around this obsession with creating separate physical sites for different abilities.


    Say you created a grammar school, sited it next door to the comp and sent all the clever kids there. Why not just build some new classrooms, call it the same school and teach to ability?


    Good post. The answer to the last point is it doesn`t play to many Tories. It also doesn`t play to many parents who don`t seem to have worked out that their kids, statistically, won`t be going to any Grammar school, they`ll be at the Secondary Modern down the road. On the latter point, it may be a long way down the road, literally, = more traffic congestion.

  6. The chancellor has specifically said there`ll be no more money for the NHS (not even an inflation increase), in fact he`s openly saying he thinks he`ll need a war chest to pay for Brexit. Not what we were told before the referendum..... I think we can be pretty certain there will never be the infamous £350 million a week increase.

  7. Schooling is socially divisive in any case. I am not convinced that the grammar system is more so. Is social integration desirable, in and of itself, in education? I'd [if] so for what purpose?.


    I would say yes.

    Where else are kids going to socially integrate ?

    I wouldn`t take this too far though. I think disruptive pupils should be excluded from main stream schooling and placed in schools specially set up for them. Those schools should have exceptionally low pupil /teacher ratios, and they should spend as much money on them as is needed to educate the disruptive kids, and, more importantly, try to prevent then falling into crime.


    At the risk of repeating what I posted months ago, the overall system of grammar/secondary appears to be equivalent/marginally better than comprehensive in areas of comparable indices of deprivation. It is unarguable that grammar schools get better results than comprehensives, but then they ought to.


    It may be unarguable that Grammar schools produce better results for those who attend them than the average comprehensive.

    But there are two points here.


    The best comprehensives are as good as Grammar schools.


    The other point, and a far more important one, is that the Grammar / Sec Modern system produce worse results for the majority of kids who attend the secondary moderns.

  8. Its an infantile thread tbh moderator. Its been going on toooooooooo long!


    It is most certainly not an infantile thread, it`s quite serious. Many people, I would say most people, dislike loud cars and bikes, particularly when they wake them (or their kids up). In fact they`re illegal. The only people who would want this thread locked are people with noisy cars or bikes, because, let`s face it, they don`t actually have a reasonable defence. All they actually say is they just want to do it and aren't bothered what other people think.

    Actually, I`d go further, certainly when first started, this thread was a local forum at it`s best. It was using pooled knowledge to find something out. Occasionally it still is doing that.

  9. Now, now let's show some respect for Our Elected Leader.

    If you want to be familiar maybe Terrific Theresa may be acceptable.

    I fully agree with a return to the grammar school system.

    I may be one of the few on this forum who can speak from experience.


    Even if Grammar schools give a better academic education (which is debatable) they`re arguably rather socially divisive. What is definitely not arguable or debatable is that most kids (is it 75 or 80% ? ) don`t go to Grammar schools anyway. They go to Secondary Moderns. If you ask people whether they like Secondary Moderns very few will say yes. But you can`t have one without the other.

  10. This house and 'garage' always make my smile when I go past. They must be a motorbike owner...




    Sorry Google maps doesn't have an image that's any better sadly...


    It'd be interesting to know if the house owner had that garage built for his motorbike. But it`s a bit short sighted really, assuming he`s got room for a full size garage, it may have cost less to build, but it`ll not add the same value to the house when he sells it.

  11. Well you could have sold the car if you actually cared that much but you clearly decided that your preferred having that car over consideration for others. Pot, kettle Justin...


    I sold it.


    ---------- Post added 07-03-2017 at 16:07 ----------


    Swings and roundabouts me old! Some people like brexit some don't. I suppose the ones that do are being selfish.


    What kind of <removed> is this. I don`t even know where to start with this, we`ll forget about the fact the referendum was (only just) "won" by lying, and concentrate on the fact that loud exhausts are illegal. Having said that, lying is illegal as well isn`t it ? So maybe you`re right, there are similarities between the Leave campaign and illegally loud exhausts.

  12. Obviously nothing better to do. I ride a fazer, it has an aftermarket pipe fitted. I leave the baffle fitted, as I leave for work at 6 and quite like my neighbours. They've never complained, nor has it failed an Mot for it. You can guarantee it would be too loud for him though


    I hate loud noise, loads of people do. I very much object to you implying I`m being selfish or odd, when the people being selfish and odd (in that they really think people don`t mind their racket) are those with ear splitting exhausts.

    I once had a Westfield with a loud exhaust and I really disliked it, I felt guilty every time I drove past anyone. But, to be fair to me, the difference was I had no choice, there was no other one available for it

  13. The issue is indeed that cars are getting wider, however, you'd think that garage builders (ie. developers) know this. It seems they are just ignoring it. A friend recently moved to a newly build house down in Bedford and his garage was even narrower than ours! He'd be likely to fit a mobility scooter, but very little else.


    @kidneystone - going to have to find out what our insurance prefers now :)


    Most people don`t put their car in the garage though do they ? It` s usually extra storage, possibly with a workbench at one end for many men.

    I accept that the space shouldn`t be called a garage unless it`s technically usable as such, but for most people it doesn`t actually matter. One final point, not a lot of people know this, but a garage is the worst place to put a wet car because it takes so much longer to dry than outside. On the other hand the best place is under a car port. We used to have one of the latter, but no longer alas. Car ports are fantastic, not only do they prolong the life of your vehicle (rust wise) but you don`t have to fart about opening and closing doors and still never have to remove frost or condensation from the windows when you drive off in the morning. And you can unload them in the dry even if its p*****g it down.

  14. The Conservative now enjoy the support of 44% of the people.



    We lost the referendum on the voting system. The people were given a choice and chose the existing system. Therefore the democratic legitimacy of results attained through FPTP is affirmed.


    The problem being that was for some esoteric alternative vote system (it`s so arcane I`m not even sure I`ve got the name right) which Cameron foisted on Clegg and the Liberals. And they, rather unwisely, accepted. I`m pretty sure straight proportional representation would have got a higher vote, and probably even won.


    44% is still way short of a majority.

  15. Oh dear, according to the BBC this morning she (Theresa May*) is not let this Grammar school populist nonsense just quietly disappear. Still, hopefully, parliament will kill it off, send it back to the 50s where it belongs.


    * you`d have thought she`d got more than enough on at the moment, what is wrong with the stupid woman.

  16. Depends on how they are or are not being reported.


    The overhead shots from the cameras ? Surely they`re comparable ?

    But on this "it depends how they`re being reported thing", which, to a certain extent I agree with you on, I`m sure the Express or Mail would not report them the same way as The Times or the BBC, because to the Express or Mail they (correctly as it happens) equate Trump with Brexit, and they`re head over heels about the latter.

    Conclusion : If you want to know what`s really going on watch the BBC or read The Times

  17. We bought our current new built house nearly ten years ago, our car at the time only barely fit in the garage. Our current (main) car hardly fits, but what is even more annoying is that our second, much smaller, car also doesn't properly fit in now, you can hardly open the driver door, never mind the passenger door!


    What do people do with their garages these days other than dump stuff in them?


    It`s not the garages getting smaller, it`s the cars getting wider. My previous car was a Ford Escort, it fitted under the section of our car port which narrows relatively easily. I swapped it for it`s newer version, the Ford Focus, that was a few critical inches wider, and it was tight fit.

  18. get over it he is the elected leader of the USA, get used to it like we are leaving the EU


    I cannot understand why anyone over here, not anyone who actually thinks about it, would be pleased that Trump was the US President.

    Even nationalists, like Penistone999, shouldn`t be pleased about it, let`s repeat shall we ? :


    Trump is an American nationalist, that is America first.


    British nationalists want Britain first.


    Can`t you see the illogicality......


    To anyone who isn`t a nationalist, it`s quite obvious why people don`t like or respect Trump.


    I see you`re pro Brexit, you know the vote that was won by lying ? If not, when is the NHS getting its £350 million a week ? And when are we going to get this free trade deal (like all the Leavers said we definitely would* "because the EU have more to gain form it") ?


    * Note, it was only the Leave campaign which said this, and repeatedly. Everyone else said it was not going to happen.

  19. It occurred to me this post (from another thread) was relevant on here.


    I don`t have anything against motorbikes, particularly as I`m an ex biker. They take up less road space, use less fuel, theoretically would emit less pollution (unless modified.....) and only very rarely kill (other) people. No, I like motorbikes, that`s quiet motorbikes obviously. Noisy bikes, that`s a completely different ball game, selfish gits.


    ---------- Post added 06-03-2017 at 16:17 ----------


    Not anymore as have progressed and dont need work off of here anymore, thank god as everybody wants eveything for nothing on here and personally im not getting out of bed for less than £150 a day.


    Anyway its a little bit of both, i do have a loud bobber but thats how it is, its how i bought it and it passes a mot so it is staying that way !


    IU see you haven`t admitted you`re wrong over the Loud Pipes Save Lives <removed>, like you would if you had anything about you. The question is, have you got anything about you ?


    ---------- Post added 06-03-2017 at 16:19 ----------


    On the board there is a tick against this thread denoting that I've posted in it, but I can't seem to find it. I don't remember posting in it; I'm intrigued as to what I posted.


    The link is here :



  20. The tweets are back:hihi:


    Saturday 4 March 2017 11.57 GMT Last modified on Saturday 4 March 2017 12.01 GMT

    Donald Trump has accused the Obama administration of intercepting communications at his offices in New York City before the presidential election in November last year.


    The US president tweeted at 5.35am Eastern time:



    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

    1:35 PM - 4 Mar 2017

    6,706 6,706 Retweets 13,634 13,634 likes


    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    Is it legal for a sitting President to be "wire tapping" a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!

    1:49 PM - 4 Mar 2017

    3,525 3,525 Retweets 9,609 9,609 likes


    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October


    I must admit that after his Congress speech I did wonder if the penny had dropped (pun intended : Penistone999) and Trump would begin acting like a President, and then by implication, he`d stand a better chance of completing his term. And then this.

    Unless the guy has absolute proof* that Obama did indeed authorise the tapping of his phone (and the previous head of the CIA has denied it), he (Trump) is an imbecile. How is he going to get out of this ?


    *And if he has why did he not out it out there ?

  21. Originally Posted by unbeliever :

    Nissan have recommended a £100million one-off investment for the whole UK in the interests of the UK car industry as a whole.


    I don`t believe of one second that just 100 million will happily compensate the car makers for the tariffs which they`re probably going to get clobbered with.


    The BBC news reported that the £100 million figure was just for "Nissans North East operation"


    ---------- Post added 05-03-2017 at 17:58 ----------


    This is just outlandish EU propaganda. The existence of a healthy trading relationship within Europe (in contrast to Versailles post WW1) may have helped to keep the peace, but the real difference was NATO and MAD. The democratic deficit and economic woe created by the EU is now the greatest threat to peace in Europe.


    As a student of history, you give the impression you are (I mean that as a compliment), you should retract that comment. War is never an impossibility, ever.


    Do you dispute this :

    I think, that if the EU did fall apart, there would be far more chance of a war in Europe within the next 100 years, than there will be of the NHS getting its £350 million a week.......

    Bear in mind that war is never an impossibility, but the NHS`s £350 million a week is !

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