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  1. I won't be shedding any tears. My thoughts will be with the families of the innocent civillians in Birmingham, Warrington, etc who McGuinness ordered to be blown up. He knew he couldn't win the battle against the army so he took the battle onto the streets of England. I've been to Northern Ireland a few times and it's a lovely country with the friendliest of people. Wish the BBC wasn't treating it like a member of the royal family had died.


    Err, the vast majority were in Northern Ireland........

  2. So they fall for the media vitriol, so Le Penn is Fascist, explain? Because the media says so, and knowing nothing of French politic i believe them. So why is she a threat to the establishment? Because she is a racist the mod coo. Wrong its because she want out of Europe and that would collapse the gravy train initially constructed after WW" bu the CIA to "influence" the political direction of Europe.


    The key CIA front was the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), chaired by Donovan. Another document shows that it provided 53.5 per cent of the European movement's funds in 1958. The board included Walter Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles, CIA directors in the Fifties, and a caste of ex-OSS officials who moved in and out of the CIA.Papers show that it treated some of the EU's 'founding fathers' as hired hands, and actively prevented them finding alternative funding that would have broken reliance on Washington. read up about the American Committee on United Europe


    So governing each sovereign state by the USA was simplified to "influencing" one authority which would impose laws on the rest......simple!


    So the question regurgitated by those that cannot think for themselves is what happens after BREXIT, and what they do not want people to ask is what would have happened if we had agreed to stay. TTIP? Corporate takeover of all services, sovereignty make immaterial, and the list is endless. So the truth is neither side can or could predict the future, and the future is speculative as anything could happen like another banking collapse as printing money cannot go on forever, as it created debt. Public debt and private debt is around 3 trillion and going up. Wages are going down unless you are one of the parasitic class that produces nothing as in creating no additional wealth to products as opposed to swindling as is commonly practiced in the Insurance and financial parasitic sector.


    The 35 year reign of the Neo liberals and Neo conservatives where income inequality has become a joke, in the non existent trickle down imagination of the politicians and economists who never understood what they were talking about. This social engineered nightmare might actually be possible to end, and BREXIT was the second canary in the coalmine after Corbyn which was the start.


    I can`t even be arsed to answer this.

  3. At Graves pool there are different sessions for different groups at different times of day. Seems to work well as its a lot easier to get some decent swimming in when its lane swimming as opposed to leisure.


    There are enough swimming pools and hours in the day to accommodate all.


    Not sure I`d agree with that one, particularly lane swimming if Ponds Forge lanes are closed for yet another event.....

  4. Is there the potential of UKIP being in the position the Libdems were in in the 2010 general election?


    Do you mean was there (at the 2015 General Election) ? I don`t think UKIP would have got any more seats than they did, and if they did it`d literally be a handful. Under those circumstances I`d have thought Cameron would have much preferred getting into bed with the Lib Dems than UKIP.

  5. Is their position in the world rankings so important, do the rest of us need that leadership? just asking


    Unfortunately, we`ll be rather more exposed to the USA, and every other power (and I`m not just talking countries, I`m talking about corporations like Google or Microsoft) once we leave the EU. That`s just an indisputable fact.

  6. Now then, let`s see. I can think of at least three papers the Mail, Express & Sun (note use of the word papers, not NEWSpapers, they don`t deserve that title) who are virulently anti the EU. If George becomes the editor and steers the Standard in a pro EU direction, that can only be a good thing to balance things up a bit. Particularly as London voted heavily in favour of staying in the EU.


    It`s interesting, I didn`t use to like George Osborne much, nor Cameron*. But my wife`s theory, that each successive Govt is so much worse than the last that one finds oneself wishing they were back, is oh so true......


    * Apart from the unforgiveable way he gambled the country on an EU referendum relatively few people even wanted just so he could pinch a few percentage of votes off UKIP and quell the anti EU wing of his party.

  7. I agree. I would find it harder to believe that Trump was not under surveillance, and wire tapped. They were desperately looking for an excuse to unseat him.


    They, whoever they are, do not have to look far for an excuse to unseat him. He provides more than enough evidence of his unsuitability without having to go looking for it. In fact he advertises it.


    What is interesting is that Fox news (are they the US TV news equivalent of the Daily Mail and Daily Express ? ) have said that GCHQ were asked to bug him. GCHQ normally never confirm or deny anything but this morning went on record as saying it was "utterly ridiculous".


    Tell me Anna, do you really support such a man ? And if not, why do you give the impression you do ?

  8. I understand that 'immediate' context, Tim...but Wilders has climbed from his 15 seats in 2012, we're not looking at e.g. UKIP's dead-cat-bouncing-at-the-GE-with-no-MP (the sole part-timer-depending-on-party-ratings exception doesn't count :D)


    Still, bygones. Your compatriots have won the 1/4 final with flying (orange) colours, big yay! :thumbsup:


    Now for the semi final in France in May, and the final in Germany later this year ;)


    The French electoral system will, by preventing splits in the anti fascist vote, almost certainly prevent Le Pen from getting any where near the Presidency, thank God.

  9. Here are a couple of the Remoaners porky pies.


    David Cameron implied in a speech about the “serried rows of white headstones” that World War 3 would be upon us if Brexit occurred. The last time I checked the UK had not invaded Poland or any other country, and therefore we must conclude this was a lie.


    George Osborne predicted tax rises and spending cuts would be implemented. To date, no changes to the planned tax rates or public spending have been implemented. So, another lie, and thankfully after his sacking Osborne is no longer in a position create his ‘punishment budget’.


    Despite Anna Soubry’s claim to the contrary on a recent Question Time appearance, Remainers did suggest there would be an immediate Brexit recession. No recession to date, in fact the OECD now believes the UK economy will grow 1.8% this year, up 0.1% on its pre-referendum estimate. Even Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, now admits he is “quietly optimistic” about Brexit. Lie number four.


    3 million people in the UK will lose their jobs was the fictitious figure banded about. However, in July the claimant count fell by 8,600 to 763,600, despite an expected rise of 9,500. Another lie.


    “A dangerous fantasy” is how Nick Clegg described Nigel Farage’s claim of EU plans to create an army. Barely three months on from the Referendum, Juncker has proposed an EU Army. I’m looking forward to Nick Clegg’s next apology video like the one he made after his last whopper.


    We were told companies would leave the UK in their droves, especially in the car industry. There is no sign of this, and UK car manufacturing achieving its 12th successive month of growth in July, with production passing one million units in seven months for the first time in 12 years. Lie number 7.


    David Cameron said he wouldn’t resign as Prime Minister if he lost the Referendum vote. Enough said.


    The former Prime Minister also tried to claim the UK could manage its immigration policy while inside the EU. Why are ‘Remain’ campaigners insisting we start to control immigration in any Brexit deal then? Because we cannot control EU immigration now, proving Cameron was lying.


    Universities wanted the UK to remain in the EU because leaving would result in Horizon 2020 funding disappearing. Our new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has agreed to keep this funding in place. Lie number 10.


    This is 10 of many lies spouted by the ‘Remain’ campaign during the EU referendum. It is about time us Brexiteers challenged this ridiculous narrative of leave lies and remain truths. We voted ‘Leave’ for control over the laws of this country, and the patronising suggestion we are gullible idiots is quite frankly ridiculous. Remain campaigners should look in the mirror if they want to find a liar. The sooner we Get Britain Out of the EU, the better.


    Thanks to the Huff Post for the above.


    As for the DONALD, he is doing in power what he said he would do if elected. Have we finally found a Politician who is honest.




    I think you`re on the wrong thread with this inaccurate rant. In case you hadn`t noticed we haven`t even left the EU yet. When we do I`m looking forward to the promised free trade deal ("they sell more to us than we sell to them so we`ll get a good deal" [implication : as good, more or less, as now]) and £350 million a week to the NHS. Until those happen I have no respect for the Referendum result. If you want to continue with this I suggest you do so on the Brexit thread.

    By the way Angel, do you read the Daily Mail or Daily Express ?


    ---------- Post added 17-03-2017 at 09:50 ----------


    There have always been demonstrations supporting Trump. In America he's surprisingly popular and his approval ratings have risen.


    Of course you wouldn't know this listening to the Media, who don't approve of Donald Trump and are determined to use their influence to make sure nobody else does either.


    I have no particular opinion one way or the other, but I do think it's insidious the way the media have stopped reporting the news and seem determined to make it instead.


    What happened to fair, honest and balanced reporting?


    I was looking at a graph of Presidential approval ratings since Eisenhower. Trump is off the scale at the bottom, it`s incredible.

  10. This government claim does rather have the virtue of being true.



    But by all means let's have the vote. When Sturgeon loses she'll resign and we won't have to hear her any more.


    No that`s the statistics as to whether Independence will win, not whether there should be a referendum at all. I thought I heard support for an independence referendum was 35% odd, I was simply pointing out that`s far higher than the %age of voters who were concerned about the EU (enough to put it in their top three of concerns anyway), yet they had a referendum on that.

  11. I've already explained why the poll you quite doesn't mean what you think it does. It's clear that you disagree.

    It's all beside the point anyway. The government is pursuing a real Brexit with the support of nearly 60% of the people. It's settled and there's no question on any level as to whether it's the will of the people.


    In the case of this thread I thought we were actually discussing the hypocrisy of the Govt in claiming there was no will for a Scottish referendum on their independence ?

  12. https://www.ipsos-mori.com/researchpublications/researcharchive/3447/Economy-immigration-and-healthcare-are-Britons-top-three-issues-deciding-general-election-vote.aspx

    The question posed in 2014 was "Looking ahead to the next general election, which, if any, issues do you think will be very important to you in helping you decide which party to vote for?"

    31% for economy

    30% immigration/asylum

    23% education

    13% benefits

    12% foreign affairs

    11% europe


    This was not a matter of ranking items in order of importance. It was a question of what was likely to change peoples' votes. Only 11% thought that europe would change their vote.

    With only 2 pro-EU parties standing any chance of forming a government and 5 of the 6 major and minor parties supporting EU membership what do you expect?

    Now if you had a poll asking the direct question which you seem interested in that would be one thing. But you don't. You're making an inference and I reject it.


    Which bit of this do you reject :


    Which are they most important issues affecting you and your family ? :

    10% said Europe


    Which are they most important issues affecting the country ?

    15% said Europe


    Basically UB, to you and a significant minority of (generally older) people the EU has always been a big issue. But to most people it simply wasn`t. That poll simply reflects my own experience. There was absolutely no need for a referendum for most people, other than Tories wanting to nick a few votes off UKIP. And for the Tories to now say they didn`t think there is much support for a referendum in Scotland now is appalling hypocrisy, I don`t understand why you can`t admit that.


    ---------- Post added 14-03-2017 at 12:16 ----------


    Yes. It's perfectly simple. They voted to remain but were never entirely sure about the matter. Now that the decision is made they think it should be done properly rather than faked.

    It's exactly what I expected to find.

    It doesn't help you that reality chose to invalidate a good portion of the remain fear-mongering. I strongly suspect that a good portion of these 30-odd% of remain voters would vote with me if there were a do-over.


    Can I quote you on that in a year or so ?

  13. How many of the remain supporter do you suppose would agree that if we're leaving, we should leave completely and not dangle half-in and half-out? I suspect a lot. I shall look for numbers.


    Also. Point out where it said "Kind of half leave the EU" on your ballot paper.



    Edit: Okay that wasn't hard.


    The people are in clear support of the government's plan.

    82% of leavers and 34% of remainers for leaving the single market: total=59%

    76% of leavers and 39% of remainers for leaving the customs union: total=58%

    What say you to that my good man?


    I say it rather depends on what comes out of it all doesn`t it ? It seems totally illogical to me. How could anyone vote to stay in the EU but actually want to come out of the single market. Can you explain that one to me ? Unless too many have been reading the Mail or Express of course.....

  14. It's a poll that you've selectively interpreted to man what you want .


    Er, no I`m not. How can I be "interpreting" only 15% of voters put Europe in their top three of concerns any other way than, well, 85% put Europe 4th or lower on their list of concerns ?


    I knew exactly what I was voting for.

    Point out where it said "Kind of half leave the EU" on your ballot paper.


    If the case for holding another Scexit referendum is based on Brexit then it makes zero sense to hold another vote mid-way through the negotiations.

    If the Scottish are leaving then there's a string case against them participating in the process. So they should go now.

    If they're seriously considering staying, then best they make that decision once things are settled between the UK and the EU.

    Either early our late make sense. In the middle is just the worst.


    Nobody is suggesting that you personally were doing anything other than voting for a hard Brexit. I`d go further, I`d guess that comfortably over half (possibly as high as 70 or 80% ? ) of those who voted to Leave were doing the same thing. But, as you know full well, the result was 52/48. So it`d have to have been 96% or more that voted as you did for it to be a majority for your interpretation. That, I would respectively, but firmly, suggest, is highly unlikely.


    The Scots have more about them than us, they`d like to know the terms before deciding. Anyone with any sense would, apart from hard core Brexiteers, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express or the Sun.

  15. Not proud of this whatsoever but I believe I've just been flashed by a fixed camera on the M1 southbound on the 4 lane bit several miles from Barnsley.There was no speed limit displayed on the section itself but I think I was doing 90mph or JUST over.What would be the most likely outcome of this? I'm worried now I might lose my licence.I have been driving for about 21 years and I've not even had a parking ticket let alone a speeding offence.


    It`s a good job you've admitted you`re not proud of it. 90mph is way over the limit, a closing speed of 30mph or more with slower moving motorway traffic. I`d have thought you`ll definitely get a speeding conviction (and well deserved it will be). If you don`t there`s something deeply wrong somewhere.

  16. The Catalan case for independence seems to me to have a much sounder basis than the Scottish case.


    It has a much stronger economy (with a stronger tourist industry and also a stronger manufacturing base). It is already using the euro, so we know what currency it would use. It also has its own language, culture and, of course, a world class football team. Also, it has a stronger case based on historical grievances than does Scotland (Catalonia was on the Republic side during the civil war and suffered very badly). Also, Madrid is still refusing to allow a referendum, which is bound to fuel the sense of grievance in the country.


    No we cant as they don't have the higher percentage to hold one as the higher percentage is for Scotland to stay part of the UK. Sturgeon by asking for a section 30 will also be going back on her promise of "a once in generation" vote, not good for her future.

    Quote from the BBC:

    "Her official spokesman responded to Ms Sturgeon's announcement by saying that the evidence "clearly showed a majority of people in Scotland do not want a second independence referendum".

    Its Sturgeon that wants it in retribution for being ignored on the Brexit appeal. I also doubt May will allow one until after we have left.


    Nigel and Apelike, hello ! Can we have your assurance that if and when the EU refuse to give us a free trade deal (as the Brexit lot said they would during the campaign, their other big lie) you will not say "that`s illogical, we could not have forecast that when we said what we did" ?


    ---------- Post added 14-03-2017 at 09:32 ----------


    Originally Posted by Justin Smith :

    One thing we can agree on, I assume. The Scottish have a higher percentage in favour of an Independence referendum than the UK ever had for an EU referendum, yet we still had one


    Do you have data?

    I have this:


    It shows "no" leading "yes" in all but one poll in the last 6 months and in the latest poll and the only "yes" lead is 1% which is well within the margin of error.


    It's certainly possible that "yes" would win, but unlikely.


    That`s not what I meant. Therasa May et al are saying there`s no great will in Scotland for a referendum. I simply pointed out that if it`s more than about 15% it`s probably higher than the will for an EU referendum was in the UK (as you know 85% of UK voters didn`t even put Europe in their top three of concerns before the last GE), yet we still had a referendum here.....

    = Hypocrisy


    ---------- Post added 14-03-2017 at 09:38 ----------


    I have now replied on the "Another vote t'other side of the Border" thread as Unbeliever, rightly so, would rather this thread be about Brexit.


    They`re inextricably linked.

  17. I have just heard on the Today programme that Theresa May is to refuse the Scots having a referendum before Brexit is concluded because it`d be "divisive". GORDON BENNET ! What a SODDIN` hypocrite Theresa May is ! ! Without any doubt the most divisive thing in my lifetime has been the referendum* and, critically, her attitude to it afterwards. No concessions to the 48% who voted remain remember, and stretching what even (all) the Remain voters even voted for.


    Is it any wonder people have such a low opinion of politicians......


    * And let`s remember that before the last General Election only 15% of voters put Europe in their top three of concerns, but that didn`t stop the Tories having this super divisive referendum ! It`d be absolutely laughable if it weren`t so unbelievably serious.


    I can`t believe this, hypocrisy has hit even greater heights ! Apparently the UK Govt think it unfair that the Scottish should hold their referendum before the final terms of Brexit are known, thus, they say, any Scottish Referendum should occur after that point.


    WHAT ! ! !


    The UK had to vote on EU membership before any terms were even dreamt about. And, even more disgusting, any suggestion the UK should have any more choice in leaving the EU once the Brexit terms are known, is "undemocratic".


    There really is no depths of hypocrisy to which the politicians, particularly Brexit Tories, will not stoop.


    ---------- Post added 14-03-2017 at 08:20 ----------


    Bogus poll comes out again.


    Actually, it isn`t a "Bogus poll", as you full well know, It`s just a poll which says something you`d rather people didn`t know about.


    ---------- Post added 14-03-2017 at 09:44 ----------


    We are leaving the EU thank god ,get used to it.


    Oh I shall never get used to it. My respect for British democracy has gone, I have no patriotism left. Leave repeatedly lied (and are still lying), won, and have got away with it.


    We have plenty of unemployed in England to do the job [build a wall between us and Scotland].


    You don`t know what you`re talking about Penny, we are short of builders and, in fact, tradesmen generally in this country. Any tradesman who is out of work is not much of a tradesman.

  18. I have just heard on the Today programme that Theresa May is to refuse the Scots having a referendum before Brexit is concluded because it`d be "divisive". GORDON BENNET ! What a SODDIN` hypocrite Theresa May is ! ! Without any doubt the most divisive thing in my lifetime has been the referendum* and, critically, her attitude to it afterwards. No concessions to the 48% who voted remain remember, and stretching what even (all) the Remain voters even voted for.


    Is it any wonder people have such a low opinion of politicians......


    * And let`s remember that before the last General Election only 15% of voters put Europe in their top three of concerns, but that didn`t stop the Tories having this super divisive referendum ! It`d be absolutely laughable if it weren`t so unbelievably serious.

  19. In an ideal world people would not lie. Democracy is designed to operate within the framework of fallibly humanity in which people routinely mislead each other. Remain deceived us too. There's no value or merit in arguing about who was more deceptive (it was remain by the way). Everybody has ample opportunity to point out each others' deceit at the time.


    Oh I don`t agree with that at all, but we shall see over the next 2 to 5 years won`t we ?


    As to ample opportunity to point out each others deceit, would that apply to Daily Mail, Daily Express or Sun readers ? Many millions there, yet it was still a close result.

  20. It would be bold to assume that those gains could be repeated in a second campaign.

    In my view the SNP have no respect for democracy. You can't just keep holding referenda until you get the result you want. 3 years is hardly a "generation" for such a once in a generation event. If there's another vote then it will be tied at 1-1. A third would be required as a decider.



    They're going to have to go for actual independence this time. Last time they were asking for home rule which is not the same thing. Actual independence means full decoupling them. They're not using Sterling and we'll have to agree an register an agreement for market access with the WTO.

    Look over all the arguments my remain opponents have made for secession from the EU and quadruple them for secession from the UK.


    Still it's their choice. I'm only joking with the best 2 out of 3 thing. If they vote out they must get out. Much more of this and the UK3 will just stand up and say to Scotland "Just go. We've had enough."


    Respect for Democracy ? Would that apply to the lies and exaggerations of the Leave campaign in the EU referendum ? In some ways I`m looking forward to the declaration of Article 50, I can`t wait to see what the Leave lot will say when so many of their lies (as to what will happen post Brexit*) are revealed for what they are. What`s so sad, and undemocratic in my view, is that it`ll be too late...... It certainly will for the Tory right wing, UKIP , the Daily Mil and the Daily Express.


    * "We`ll get a good deal (heavily implying 'no worse than at the moment') because the EU sells more to us than we sell to them", if I had a pound for every time I heard (and continue to hear) Brexiteers saying that I`d be a rich man.


    ---------- Post added 13-03-2017 at 13:58 ----------


    That's the justification. But the independence referendum could have been held after the EU referendum in the first place. The EU referendum was already scheduled.

    Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they should have waited then had one rather than they shouldn't have two.


    Are you talking about the first Scottish referendum ? How could they have done that when there was no prospect of an EU referendum until Cameron very unwisely, and very selfishly (for the Tory party), decided to put one in their manifesto. As you full know there was no strong feeling amongst most (85%) UK voters over the EU.

  21. That poll is misleading,immigration is on 47%,that is to do with the EU,and there is an argument that can be made for all the other subjects above the EU percentage to be included under the EU umbrella,another reason not to trust opinion polls.


    Oh I agree that concern over immigration was at 47%, but the Leave lot keep telling us it wasn`t about immigration ! And anyway, as you probably know, most immigration is from outside the EU.

    What is beyond doubt is that the Leave campaign cleverly linked loads of "problems" to EU membership when in reality they had little, or nothing, to do with the EU.


    ---------- Post added 13-03-2017 at 13:49 ----------


    I refer any interested readers to my many earlier comments on the irrelevance of that yougov poll.


    One thing we can agree on, I assume. The Scottish have a higher percentage in favour of an Independence referendum than the UK ever had for an EU referendum, yet we still had one

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