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  1. Police are saying a Terrorist attack ,so if that is true , i think its safe to assume its Muslims .


    Also car has ploughed into pedestrians on westminster bridge and mowed the down .


    I was reading an article the other day, it was in The Times as opposed to the Mail or Express, so we can believe it. The Muslims least likely to commit terrorism are those from South Asia, i.e. Pakistan and Bangladesh. On the other hand, relative to their numbers, the ones far more likely to commit terrorism are converts. And the most likely of all were converts who have criminal records. The perpetrator of this outrage ticks all the boxes.

  2. Article in The Times :


    Some councils in England have issued no fixed penalty fines to flytippers in spite of an epidemic which costs local authorities £49.8 million a year to clear up.

    Sunderland, Derby Nottingham & Coventry have issued no penalties, by contrast Brighton issued 105 earning £21,000.

    Does anyone know how many penalties Sheffield City Council have issued ?


    ---------- Post added 30-03-2017 at 09:27 ----------


    Maybe it's that guy on the ultra loud motorbike doing all the tipping?


    On the basis that someone guilty of one form of anti-social behaviour is more likely to be guilty of others, you may be right.

  3. Originally Posted by Justin Smith said :

    Deeply divided over Europe ? 85% of people weren't that bothered.


    Now this is very interesting. To be consistent, are we saying that if the polls change during the next two years we should take note of that and act accordingly ?

    Your 85% nonsense has been disposed of multiple times already. I'm not going through all that again.


    We got another vote after 41 years. We can schedule it now for 2057 if you want. In fact I'll be generous and offer 2046 (standard generation).

    Alternatively just vote for a party that supports re-entry in the 2020 election. This is still a democracy. This parliament is with me but who's to say what the next will think.


    Nobody has disposed of the argument that most people weren`t that bothered about Europe before the last GE. Just because you were doesn`t mean everyone or even most, other people were. the poll tells the true story.


    But I`m more interested to hear your reply to my other point. You seem to be saying that a majority of people support the Governments Brexit strategy, so that means something. Well if it does, can we have your assurance that if, and I accept it`s an if, (the EU could be unexpectedly benign to the UK) the poles swing markedly against Brexit over the next two years that means something too ? Or is it just one way ?


    ---------- Post added 29-03-2017 at 16:06 ----------


    Education was wasted on them, and they should be ashamed of indoctrinating the young.


    Are you serious ? Just out of interest, do you read the Daily Mail or the Daily Express ? For those that do that is indoctrination, for those too stupid to realise they`re not actually reading unbiased news.

  4. Clearly he would, but there's no indication that anybody serious would. I don't think it would be legal anyway, under the ECHR.


    ---------- Post added 29-03-2017 at 09:40 ----------




    The country was always divided. Just that your side was dominant. Now it isn't.


    Deeply divided over Europe ? 85% of people weren't that bothered.


    ---------- Post added 29-03-2017 at 09:51 ----------


    Government policy on Brexit is supported by the UK people: https://tinyurl.com/zfyaesp


    You know as well as I do that this is after Europe has been propelled from almost nowhere to the overwhelming subject of the times, and involving mush exaggearation and lies. Certain newspapers being the worst miscreants.


    Now this is very interesting. To be consistent, are we saying that if the polls change during the next two years we should take note of that and act accordingly ?

  5. Quote from the BBC:-

    'Theresa May has signed the letter that will formally begin the UK's departure from the European Union.

    Giving official notice under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, it will be delivered to European Council president Donald Tusk later.

    In a statement in the Commons, the prime minister will then tell MPs this marks "the moment for the country to come together".'


    Really, who does she think she is kidding.


    She and her ilk have divided the country, and she thinks that by signing a silly piece of paper it is going to make everything alright?


    We had another PM last century who thought that pieces of paper would create peace.


    Absolutely, and, has been said more than once, all over something which was purely for the Tories to gain a few percent of votes from UKIP and deal their own internal divisions. Before the last election 85% of people didn`t even put Europe in their top three of concerns. Obviously Unbeliever, Gamston and Nigel Fargate did, but they must realise they were in the 15%.......

    Cameron is such a cretin, particularly to say, as has been reported, "he has no regrets".

  6. Originally Posted by retep :

    And if the situation arose as in your earlier post with being called up by the EU military and the conflict was against the UK (it's happened before ) would you be so free and easy?


    When were we at war with the EU?


    This isn`t the first time that retep has fundamentally misunderstood the EU and the increased possibility of conflict if it ever ceased to exist. It`s not the EU which would be fighting anyone. It`s the ex members of the EU fighting amongst themselves at some point in the future if the EU imploded. Thus, even if retep and like minded individuals, are virulently against us being in the EU (I personally cannot understand why but there we go) they should very much want the EU to stay together.

  7. There is no "hard" Brexit and "soft" Brexit.

    There is real Brexit and fake Brexit.

    You cannot leave the EU but remain within the EU internal market. It's logical nonsense. Try drawing it on a Venn diagram.


    Point out where it said "Kind of half leave the EU" on your ballot paper.


    Point out to me any concessions to those who wanted to remain, however minor ? If you can`t do that it`s not reasonable to expect those on the other side of the result (a dishonest and close result let`s remember) t want to "come together". I have no intention of doing so, There are scores to settle, not so much with individual voters, but those at the top, and certain excuses for newspapers.

  8. Here we go with Article 50.


    This is what the Government were saying ion the radio this morning :


    On the radio this morning they were saying -


    "We should all come together now"


    (Theresa May will say) "I will represent everyone"


    "We should put the divisions of the past behind us".


    Now, when people talk about reuniting that always involves compromise and offering both sides a few concessions. But the Govt have made it clear that we`re heading for the hardest of hard Brexits. The obvious point is, what difference would there have been in the Govt`s negotiating goals between if the referendum had been 90% to 10%, rather than the 52% to 48% it actually was. I don`t think there would have been any difference whatsoever in the Govts strategy, and therefore they have, by definition, ignored the opinions of 48% of the population. Thus all this - "let`s come together" - are merely hypocritical platitudes. I for one have no intention of backing the Govt, or "coming together" with people I feel lied their way to a narrow referendum win. Well OK, I`ll take some of the latter back if the NHS gets its £350 million a week and we get the promised "great trade deal", but until then, no chance.


    ---------- Post added 29-03-2017 at 09:17 ----------


    Or they'll still blame the EU for everything that doesn't go their way


    Oh I think we`re all ready for this. Leave repeatedly said "we`ll get a great trade deal (implying as good as now) because it`s in the EU`s interest, they sell more to us than we sell to them". If and when the promised "great trade deal" fails to materialise, which Brexiteer on here do you think will be the first to say "the EU aren`t behaving rationally, we could not have forseen that, so our promises were valid". This was despite everyone telling them that was exactly what the EU would say. The UK cannot have deal as good, or anywhere near as good, as it had as a member of the EU, that`s the logical red line in the EU`s negotiating position.

    I`m putting my money on Nigel Fargate. Any other takers ?

  9. What given to your family without tax?


    Why should someone inherit a property, in fact any significant amount of money, without paying any tax on it, when they haven`t done a shred of work for it, when the rest of us have to pay shed loads of tax for money we earn by working ? And the argument that it`s already had the tax paid on it is not logical, double tax is an everyday occurrence for all of us. You buy something with your taxed income, and pay VAT on it. So why should there be a different rule so some spoilt kid can get a free house and pay no tax on it.....

  10. You are misrepresenting the survey. 17% supported the replacement that Trump/Republicans were putting forward, more than 17% support the removal of Obamacare.


    Also some of the 30 odd Republicans who would not back the bill did so because they didn't think the cuts were big enough.


    You think these things hurt Trump but they don't he has developed a cult following, his supporters believe everything he says no matter what. If he tweeted 'Great result, new healthcare regime starts tomorrow #MAGA' half an hour after it got pulled from the Senate they would believe him.


    Not all of them surely ? Certainly not the ones who only voted for Trump because they disliked Clinton even more ? I read a piece the other day that if Obama could have stood again he`d have comfortably beaten Trump. Similarly, if Mitt Romney had have stood (for the Republicans) he`d have got a bigger majority than Trump. Not that Trump actually got a majority but you know what I mean.

  11. I don`t agree with what you`re saying but I don`t want to get bogged down in a Brexit thread, I don`t bother with it any more because it`s just the same arguments going round in circles. I will re enter that particular argument if and when the UK does not get the trade deal promised by the leave campaign, though that may well be months or years before it`s clear. There are some choice Brexiteer quotes I`d like to put back on here.


    What I`d like to know from you Brexiteers, is how Theresa May can say she thinks it`s unfair to the Scots to have an Independence referendum when they don`t know the terms of Brexit, when we didn`t know any (in fact much less than we even know now) when we had to vote in our referendum. Is there any excuse whatsoever for that hypocrisy ?

  12. Nope. It was about sovereignty.


    I believe I may have mentioned that once or twice before.


    It was about Sovereignty to you, not to most who voted Leave, and certainly not 96% of them, a statistic I think you know the significance of.

    Just out of interest, why didn`t the Leave campaign put that on the side of their bus then ? Why did they choose to put the NHS lie ? I accept you were not responsible for it, nor condone it, but that`s what they decided to do. Surely they had their reasons for putting it on there ?


    But I was actually talking about why the Tories put the referendum on their manifesto when most people just weren`t that bothered. Thus Cameron has a LOT to answer for.

  13. The council created this mess due to their moronic decision to stop vans using the dump it sites. This issue didnt exist before they put barriers on the tips. It cots the council a great deal more to clean up fly tipping than it does to let big vans get rid of tgheir rubbish in the dump it sites. Its false economy.


    The council have no one to blame but themselves .


    That`s absolute ********. There is no excuse whatsoever for Fly Tipping, those who do it are absolute scum, only one up from Burglars in my list.

    It`s also incorrect because most of the fly tipping along the side of the road was bin liners which would easily fit in a car.


    Long wheelbase vans cannot use the dumps under any circumstances.


    Almost all the fly tipped waste I`ve ever seen would fit in a SWB van. In fact the great majority would fit in a car, certainly an estate car.

  14. From memory, from CCTV flooding the whole m/w, the HA originally claimed they would be able to respond (that includes changing the speed limit and posting a red X above a lane and "lane closed" notifications) within a 20-second to 1 minute 50 second time-frame.


    That`s obviously pie in the sky. I don`t know how long the stranded car had been on the edge of the M1, but it was definitely longer than 2 minutes, both the occupants were out in the adjacent field (good job it wasn`t raining ! ) and in deep discussion on their phones.

  15. If the losers in the referendum vote accepted the democratic decision to leave the EU we would be going a long way to stop the bickering and talk of disunity.


    As I`ve said, I`ll accept it, as in respect it and move on, when :


    1 - The NHS gets it`s £350 million a week.


    2 - The UK gets it`s "good trade deal (heavily implying free trade) with the EU.


    Bearing in mind that it was a close result in the Referendum, thus not many voters would have had to change their minds for a different result, there will be no unity from my side till the above happens. This is particularly the case bearing in mind that the Govt has made no efforts whatsoever to appease the 48% who voted remain.


    Incidentally, my disrespect for Theresa May is growing daily. She`s such a soddin` hypocrite. She was at it again this morning, "it`d be unfair for Scotland to vote on independence till the terms of Brexit are known". Sorry, am I missing something, or did we know anything about anything about Brexit when we had to vote ? And, even worse, anyone so much as suggesting a second vote when the terms are known is labelled "undemocratic". Well certainly by the Brexiteers, the Daily Mail, The Daily Express and the Sun.


    ---------- Post added 28-03-2017 at 13:42 ----------


    If we'd had faith and trust in our leaders, 3/4 of whom were opposed to leaving the EU, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. That's one half of what parliamentary democracy is all about, overruling (or ignoring) the Wille des Volkes when it wants to do something that damages the country.


    But you're right that, here as in other spheres, a faith-based position can insulate you from some of the unpalatable realities of life.


    I agree with you but you`re also forgetting that, before the last election, 85% of voters weren`t sufficiently bothered about Europe to even put it in their top three of issues. Thus the referendum was purely about the Tories pinching a few percent of votes off UKIP and healing their own internal divisions. I`m sure even Unbeliver knows that, he may even admit it, we`ll see.

  16. I`ve just driven along Stubbing House Lane and I have to say it was a deeply depressing experience. It`s got to be just about the worst blackspot for fly tipping in Sheffield. As I proceeded along the road there was a bin liner full of rubbish every 50 to 100 yards and they all looked as if they`d just been dumped there. Obviously there`s no excuse for the scumbags who dropped it, but what are the Council doing to stop it ? Surely they should be putting hidden CCTV along there, and/or putting big efforts into tracing the scum by examining the litter they`ve left ? OK it`d cost money, but how much money does it cost them having to clear all the fly tipping away ? Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.


    Added 30 Mar 17


    Article in The Times :


    Some councils in England have issued no fixed penalty fines to flytippers in spite of an epidemic which costs local authorities £49.8 million to clear up.

    Sunderland, Derby Nottingham & Coventry have issued no penalties, by contrast Brighton issued 105 earning £21,000.

    Does anyone know how many penalties Sheffield City Council have issued ?

  17. I had to laugh, I heard on the radio this morning that Theresa May was going to make a big speech up in Scotland calling for unity. When we`re united we`re unstoppable and all that guff. It`s guff because far from the UK being united, England isn`t even united ! And, even more hypocritically, since the Referendum, attempts by Theresa May to make England united have been conspicuous by their absence. Yeah, OK, she`s spouted a load of platitudes about us being united, but that concept requires a bit more than talk, it requires actions. Of which there have been none, what concessions has she and the Bexiteers offered to the 48% of people who voted Remain ? Answer none.


    And all this, for something the great majority of people weren`t even bothered about two years ago, such was Cameron`s breath taking selfishness, party above country.


    Unity ? Don`t make me laugh. I hope the Scots go there own way, someone has to pay for this prostitution of democracy.

  18. Driving up the M1 today, northbound approaching Junc 35, there was not one, but two stranded vehicles. Admittedly the second one was in the hatched area just beyond the exit slip road, but the first must have been there for a few minutes because the occupants were in the field next to the motorway on their mobile phone. The "strandee" by Junc 35 also had a Highways Agency 4WD with it.

    Despite the above there was no 50mph limit, i.e 70mph (plus) traffic and no hard shoulder with two vehicles stranded.

    It really is a not so smart motorway, and, in fact, a not so smart idea.....

  19. And neo fascists, if you don't mind.


    You know, the fascists of old getting with the times and buying themselves a voter-friendly PR face with other people's money :D


    What about the non-random bigots who demonstrably do so for National preference (across the board), bloodline rights trumping territorial rights, outlawing unionising, outlawing public demonstrations, outlawing dual nationality, prioritising Catholicism over all other religions, press & media controlsbigoted reasons? They fair game?


    Have you actually read the FN's manifestos and Le Pen's less publicised speeches? It goes a fair bit beyond questioning, or even criticising, "open-door immigration", you know.


    <...it's a long list, which would make even the barest of liberally-minded faint>


    But sure, they're not fascists, no.




    Sadly, there are more than a few British voters who would be in favour of some of that, particularly the first one. In fact they`d think you strange for not agreeing with it. And these are otherwise decent people, not nasty hard core racists. Not that there are actually many of the latter about, in fact I don`t think I know any.

  20. https://thinkprogress.org/trump-promised-to-repeal-obamacare-many-times-ab9500dad31e#.8b9oa5t20





    68 times Trump promised to repeal Obamacare

    The White House says it’s already moving on.


    “Everybody in here, many of you know me, from day one I’ve been talking about we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare from day one, we’re going to do it. If you remember, so important, from day one I’ve been saying, repeal and replace Obamacare.” [Milford, NH, 2/2/16]



    “When we win on November 8th and elect a Republican congress, we will be able to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. Have to do it. I will ask Congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace, and it will be such an honor for me, for you, and for everybody in this country because Obamacare has to be replaced and we will do it and we will do it very, very quickly.” [Valley Forge, PA, 11/1/16]


    I`m a bit ambivalent about this failure to over turn Obamacare.

    On the one hand I`m delighted that Trump is made to look even more foolish and incompetent. He really does know the art of the deal doesn't he ? Is that abstract art though ? ! ?

    But on the other hand I don`t want to push it too much, I`d be happy for everyone to just forget about it and Obamacare to stay in place rather than a huge furore and Trump feels he has no option but to get rid of it at all costs, regardless of what, if anything, is put in its place.

  21. Justin Smith wrote :

    Unfortunately I have a business here. On the other hand, if it was possible for me to move my business to, say, Tenerife (I like the idea at this time of year...), it'd put three Sheffielder`s out of work. Would you want that ? It`s interesting, your attitude is typical of many Brexiteers, not bothered about the economy or the effect it has on other people.

    I have to say, if I did move my business abroad I`d be more bothered about the effect on Sheffield, I`d not give a toss about the effect on Britain.


    What a rant of ignorance and arrogance.

    What right does a simple question give you to make false assumptions and accusations?


    Actually it`s not a rant, and it`s certainly not "of ignorance". It`s factual, and, I note, you don`t answer it. You said "When are you leaving". The implication being you weren`t bothered about me or my family or any contribution we make to this country. It`s just unfortunate for you that I can mention a way some Sheffielders would directly lose out by me "leaving", and therefore your point rebounds on you..


    It also occurs to me that your attitude is, in actual fact, that of most Brexiteers, and, most worryingly, the Government. When thy say "let`s unite and go forward together", they don`t actually mean it. What they mean is accept everything we say, we don`t intend to make any concessions to you or bother with your views in any way. And thus, I don`t feel Theresa May is my Prime Minister.

  22. When are you leaving?


    Unfortunately I have a business here. On the other hand, if it was possible for me to move my business to, say, Tenerife (I like the idea at this time of year...), it'd put three Sheffielder`s out of work. Would you want that ? It`s interesting, your attitude is typical of many Brexiteers, not bothered about the economy or the effect it has on other people.

    I have to say, if I did move my business abroad I`d be more bothered about the effect on Sheffield, I`d not give a toss about the effect on Britain.

  23. I sympathise. I think that referring to Le Pen as a "fascist" is either an abuse of the term or a massive leap in terms of seeing into the mind of a French politician, but as for the rest of that nonsense...


    Funnily enough I was listening to a prog on R4 about the French NF last night. I admit she appears to be less extreme than her father (would you say he wasn`t a fascist ? ), but the programme was ambivalent about whether it was a cynical ploy to get into power.

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