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  1. As I`ve said before I cannot understand this at all. Going by the price increases of all of my suppliers (the latest one I`ve been informed today is 8%) and the fact I`ve had to have two price rises in the last 8 months, I`m not sure I even believe the official inflation rates any more.
  2. Oh yes, I`m sure you know I`ve offered to apologise should the UK get what was promised (or at least heavily implied) by the Leave campaign during the referendum. In fact if we get the (more or less) free trade deal and the NHS gets it`s £350 million a week I`ll even respect the result of the referendum. I`ll still not think leaving the EU was the right thing to do, but at least I`d not be so angry about it in that I don`t believe that a majority would have voted to Leave had they not believed the above two promises was what they`d get.
  3. I`ve just had to phone Yorkshire Water, I got through almost straight away to a real human being. In fact that usually happens when I phone YW. It can be done. All these companies giving, let`s face it, CRAP customer service should be ashamed of themselves.
  4. I`d just like to check that if, in a year or two, the figures are reversed, you`ll still be quoting them, and, one assumes, saying we should take notice of them ? ---------- Post added 04-04-2017 at 10:38 ---------- Was it "experts" or "economists" who predicted that ? ! ?
  5. Let`s be honest, he/she has a point, certainly about what it looks like is actually being negotiated at least. I would add that, if either side is proved to have lied, they should apologise, as I have offered to do on multiple occasions, if the UK gets a free trade deal and can pay £350 million a week into the NHS.
  6. I suppose technically it`s sexism, but, let`s be honest, how many women would attempt to change a wheel ? It`s not so much the technical skills but the brute strength which is usually required.
  7. I can confirm that EE`s customer service is no better now. I want to ask them a question, but, as is the way o f crappy modern customer service, they just want you to talk to a computer. I`ve been trying to get through to someone 6 times (that`s SIX times0 by pressing various combinations of number options, yet every time I`ve just been cut off. APPALLING
  8. No NF, that is not what you said before. Every man and his dog said the EU wouldn`t be of a mind to give us a good deal, it`d be illogical for them to do so. But you said in a post last year* that the UK have always been semi detached from the EU so were actually fairly pleased to be rid of us, so, contrary to logic, we`d get a deal as good, or almost as good, as being members. * Very annoyingly I can`t find the original post, is that because the topic has been closed so the search functions don`t work fully ? Anyway, it was in response to me saying there`s no chance of a good trade deal (heavily implying more or less a free trade deal), and never was. So everything Leave said during the referendum campaign was another very serious lie. ---------- Post added 04-04-2017 at 09:48 ---------- That`s what the Leave campaign said in the referendum campaign. They also went further saying we`d get a good deal (implying free trade) when no other non member gets that "because we`re more important than any of them". Anyone with half a brain knew that was rubbish but they kept saying it anyway, and enough people believed it (along with the NHS £350 million a week) to swing a close vote. Brexiteers may not like that fact, but it`s a fact none the less. That said, I could be wrong so I say this (again) : It will be noted that none of the Brexiteers have offered to apologise if the campaign they supported is proved to have been lies.
  9. Think about it, if one doesn`t agree with Brexit, or even that the Referendum was honest (as I don`t), what can one say which is "positive" ? It seems to me this "positive" request is simply a request for everything on here to be Pro Brexit.....
  10. As we were driving up the M1 (the bit with a hard shoulder) the other day I saw a car stopped with a flat tyre. It made me wonder what one is supposed to do if one has to stop in a live running lane with a flat ? Most people, men anyway, would change the wheel, but I`m not sure I`d want to do that if there was no hard shoulder. No, on reflection, there`s no chance I`d change it, no chance whatsoever. If one is lucky enough to be in the RAC or AA they`re supposed to change the wheel for you, but, as far as I`m aware, they won`t attend a breakdown in a live running lane. As an aside, I assume the AA or RAC just forward the call to the Highways Agency, is that right ? And if so does anyone know how much the Highways Agency charge you to recover your vehicle from the (non) hard shoulder ? I have to say, particularly if you can prove you are actually in a recovery scheme, they should do it for free, after all, they`re saving shed loads of money by simply making a three lane motorway a four lane high speed road
  11. Sorry, with relevance to a forum thread, any forum thread, who said that ? And there is no chance whatsoever that I will cease reminding as many people as I can what lies the Leave campaign told to win, significantly, by a narrow margin. The only thing which will stop me is if the UK actually gets its promised free access to the single market (which will also mean the NHS can get it`s extra £350 million a week). As I`ve said, if that happens I`ll not only shut up but publicly apologise. The question is, if neither happens, will you and the other Brexiteers apologise for dishonestly winning ? I`m not holding my breath.
  12. Au contraire ! The Leave campaign was quite specific, we can "because we`re more important that Switzerland". I actually think this is going to be the most significant lie they told, more so that the NHS £350 million a week thing. As I`ve said already, I can`t wait to see what excuses the Brexiteers come out with, assuming we don`t get the promised excellent (heavily implied as good as now) free trade deal. This bears repetition :
  13. Where did I say Leavers were all uneducated idiots ? Anyone who posts as you do and, apparently, thinks the Express and Mail are "as informative as the other rags", is not worth taking any notice of. ---------- Post added 01-04-2017 at 16:39 ---------- You may have not believed it, nor believed it when the Leavers said, or heavily implied, that the UK would get a free trade deal with the EU "because we`re more important than Switzerland". The problem is that the result was 52/48, not 60/40. Thus over 96% (or, if they changed sides, 98%) of those who voted leave would also have had to believe or disbelieve what you do. You may believe that`s what actually possible, I don`t. Quiet apart from anything else, if 96% plus of voters disbelieved the NHS thing, why did the Leave campaign have it plastered all over their bus ?
  14. Retep, let`s get this straight. You seem to be implying that education is only worthwhile for those who would vote as you would. You`re in serious danger of people just thinking you talk rubbish, and insulting rubbish as well. As an aside I`m guessing you read the Mail or the Express ?
  15. Sadly I think you`re right, even though the EU playing hardball is totally to be expected and every man and his dog was saying that during and after the campaign. In fact I`d think it irrational if they didn`t. Also, sadly, it certainly won`t be my fault if we don`t get the "good deal" the Leave campaign promised us, there is absolutely nothing I can do to influence it either way. And that`s probably a good thing, because I`m still so mad I want those who lied (sorry "campaigned") to Leave to suffer. Truthful democracy demands it. But I realise me and my family would also suffer, which is so unfair. It`d be more equitable if it was only those who voted to leave suffered.
  16. I don`t see how that could happen, but if it did the answer is no, I`d want to leave. There, I`ve proved I`m not as extreme as Unbeliever, Nigel Fargate, Gamston etc who all said, "nothing would make them feel we shouldn`t have left". That specifically even included if the UK leaving the EU fatally weakened it, it then broke up and there was a war between 2 or more of its ex members. I`d say that scenario was about as likely as the one you`ve postulated, but notice how I answered your question honestly and seriously, unlike what most of the Brexiteers did to mine. ---------- Post added 01-04-2017 at 13:42 ---------- Can we quote you on that if and when we don`t get what the Leave campaign said we would ? Incidentally, you`re incorrect, generally speaking the more educated voted to remain, and that`s got to tell you something.
  17. There are two separate points here : 1 - It`s not like a spoilt child at all. I`m a hard core idealist and that is what it is about. Let`s come to an agreement shall we ? If the UK gets its free trade deal and it doesn`t cost them anything so the NHS can get its promised £350 million a week, you quote this post and I`ll publically apologise. In fact you can PM me if I don`t see the post where you ask me to do that. Don`t get me wrong I`ll still think leaving the EU was the wrong decision because for me it`s not just about the economy, but I`ll apologise for calling the close referendum result a democratic farce. But on the other hand, if the UK gets neither the promise free trade deal nor the NHS gets its £350 million a week, will you apologise ? Because, let`s face it, if people didn`t believe that`s what we`d get the referendum result would definitely have been different, and you know that`s true just as much as I do, after all only 2% would have had to vote the other way. 2 - When people read papers like the Daily Mail and Express it`s perfectly rational to worry about it. Those papers are biased and inaccurate therefore their readers have a biased and inaccurate view of the world. Those very same people vote, and that affects me. Don`t get me wrong, in a free country the papers shouldn`t be banned, but the readers should constantly be reminded that they`re reading biased inaccurate news.
  18. Before anyone starts spouting off about the EU unfairly bringing up Gibraltar in the Brexit negotiations, can we just remind ourselves that it is Spain doing that, because Spain is a member of the EU and therefore its views are listened to and acted on within the EU. You know, just like the Brexiteers said doesn`t happen with members...... I have to say I`m loving all this. I`m really looking forward to the excuses and all the squirming that the Brexiteers will be doing over the next two years. In the meantime I think we should all be digging out all the quotes from the Brexiteers on here so we can requote them over the next couple of years. I`m still of the view that even worse than the NHS £350 million lie was the one about the UK will get a free trade deal with the EU "because they sell more to us than we sell to them", and what was the other one ? Oh yes : "we`re not Switzerland so we`ll get what we want".
  19. Sorry, how do you get that ? This is an article in the Daily Mail which I`m using to prove just how biased the paper is. When you say I`m patronising, are you saying I shouldn`t be explaining why it`s bieased because it`s so obvious anyway ? If so, why do so many people read the Daily Mail and the Daily Express ? And I`m not "biased against German car drivers", I have simply pointed out, and proved, that, relative to their numbers on the roads, they are involved in a higher number of instances of aggressive driving. That`s not bias. ---------- Post added 31-03-2017 at 13:48 ---------- Hold on, surely serious coverage implies unbiased coverage ? In fact I`d have thought the two were mutually indivisible. But nobody could say the Daily Mail or Daily Express are fettered by such an inconvenience. Tell me, I may be way off here and you could shoot me down in flames with an appropriate link, but during the Referendum campaign, did the Daily Mail or Daily Express * point out the fact the £350 million a week to the NHS pledge was, at best, a massive exaggeration, and at worst, just plain wrong ? I`m guessing they didn`t. If so, that`s QED. * And I don`t mean buried in some obfuscation or hinted at in some minor news story at the bottom of page 10.
  20. That`s not the message I read from that poll. Even if we forget about the fact Trump actually got less votes than Clinton, the message I got is neither candidate was popular, and, it implied, almost any other candidate would have beaten either Trump or Clinton.
  21. No I read The Times. I`d have thought the Daily Star was for light reading.... Are you saying no Daily Mail or Daily Express readers take their "news"paper seriously ? I find that very hard to believe.
  22. Originally Posted by Justin Smith : I was reading an article the other day, it was in The Times as opposed to the Mail or Express, so we can believe it. The Muslims least likely to commit terrorism are those from South Asia, i.e. Pakistan and Bangladesh. On the other hand, relative to their numbers, the ones far more likely to commit terrorism are converts. And the most likely of all were converts who have criminal records. The perpetrator of this outrage ticks all the boxes. It`s not quite as simple as that though is it ? One would have thought that criminals cant be devoutly religious. Let`s be honest, to commit some of the acts these people do you`ve got to take religion to a stratospheric level, as well as completely misunderstanding it, obviously. But it isn`t just about criminal records, it`s about the fact converts are statistically far more likely to become terrorists than those who have always been Muslim. Lastly, it gives a lie to those who think restricting immigration is going to have any significant effect of terrorism.
  23. On the other hand there have been posts I`ve made in the dim and distant past which I cannot find with Google. Even if I quote a fair number of words I know were in the original post. Also, View my posts only goes back 20 pages, why is that ?
  24. I have seen this system (being notified if someone quotes your post) on another forum. It`s particularly useful for mega threads, like the Brexit one, I haven`t got the time to read all those posts, but am particularly interested to read a response to one of my own posts. The latter usually involves a quote. Have the producers of the Sheffield Forum software been asked if notification of a quote is either available or in the pipeline ? At the very least they should be advised there`s a demand for it.
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