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  1. I didn't imply they did in my reply. I just replied saying cars were getting bigger but the spaces remained the same
  2. Cars are getting bigger these days, but the standard car parking space remains the same = more damage to cars, potential insurance claims=higher premiums. Consumers pay the price AGAIN!!
  3. I think holloway has been found to be a poor manager. But then again with the % of managers getting the sack these days they all can't be that bad, so why can't more of them get better results/build better careers at 1 club. Is it the players? Is it the owners?
  4. I'm with you. I think it's just people in gerneral these days. There not intentionally rude (read that as thick) it's just something they don't realise they are doing!!
  5. Heading back here for the 3rd time in February for my birthday. Going for the ribeye steak this time. Great food at great prices!
  6. I think diet is such a strict word. In my opinion I think it should be classed as a lifestyle change. A little of something is good for you, but a little is more. Eat healthy, when your treating yourself (once a week) it should be really worth it (not a cheap and nasty takeaway, push the boat out a little) and exercise at least 3 times a week.
  7. Tea, milk no sugar why, cos it warms me up.
  8. that i stayed on at school and went to uni then, rather than now. would have been soooooo much easier.
  9. i carved a cat last year, and everyone commented how good it was, so this yr i need to better it. i can't wait.
  10. my cost £106 return + booking fee, total rip off
  11. oat crunchies cuppa t bacon buttie cuppa t pork chop mash carrots gravy cuppa t
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