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  1. mines the same im on google and also my bt been hit and miss with connection okay at the mo though
  2. http://www.southyorks.police.uk/appeals-information/appeal-trace-injured-man this was on facebook
  3. hi yes they usually have a sign as well as cant talk english . Was a bloke other week with sticks who could hardly walk all with tins
  4. I also work at jessops domestic assistant really good place to work well done getting a job :-)
  5. hi well lets hope they listen to the people for once on another note worked out i catch 25 buses a week lol thanks :-)
  6. hi i did this course 3 years ago it may have changed now but i enjoyed it and made some good friends it was an nhs course though . I know they still take on staff as i work at the hallamshire now and keep having empoyability people on our area . One started the other day so you can get a job out of the course it helped me with talking to other people in a group setting and also talking in front of the group on my own . I dont know if i got my job through this course as i did nt get the first interview i went for i applied through the jobcentre for a domestic in the nhs and got that it did give me confidence doing the course though paul was my tutor .
  7. hi sl3 is great but no good as kids go to kivo to school that would be a good idea and loosing 29 a too not good i have complained on there lol
  8. hi thanks andy as did nt no when do the bus changes take place as 27 changing and not coming through killamarsh getting 271 every two hours my daughter will be pleased as this is the only bus that goes to school and loosing 29 a not good
  9. hi work in the nhs you can only apply via website now as you said went on a course at college nhs employability first run by job center duno if they still do this . http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/
  10. yes i remember walking home from halfway in the snow thanks for that thats why it was nt on there kept updating it at work the 29a went via high st which saved me a long walk at gone 10 last night thanks
  11. Just wanted to let people know just caught the 71 from town at 9.35 the driver said they were only going to halfway cause of weather . Thought i had got a half an hour walk but remembered about the 29a to rotherham tm travel which was in at halfway asked the lady driver if she was going through killamarsh yes she said and going up hill i hope she has a safe journey to rotherham . This information was nt on the travel south yorkshire website otherwise i may have left work earlier .
  12. used to go ballroom dancing there remember ken the dancing teacher good times :-)
  13. hi theres a place i went to once at the back of Atkinsons then cross over the road theres road going up its about the 3rd shop up orders parts or did hope that helps
  14. im in killamarsh and we had one bus every half an hour they took that off .We now have the 71 every hour 7 days a week and a bus every 10 min to peaks . The other day my daughter caught it charged her 1.70 when the day before it was 1.40 i still dont know why and i ve still got to ring them up . The crystal peaks bus i caught that yesterday from bridge st to high st opposite to naggs head got up to get off he then the driver said we dont stop here so had to get off round corner why i would really like to know stagecoach not happy .
  15. i was on it about two years ago too lol
  16. hi i was on this course id go on it was really good builds your confidence you have to have a maths and english test which is ok and if you havent got a level 2 in maths and english you have to do the maths and english as part of the course . You have to take part in group activities but you get to know everyone and learn to talk infront of people in a team then after 4 weeks go on placement in hospital i did portering which i loved .Went for an interview in it but did nt get it but went for a domestic assistant post which i got which is working in a team so the course helped me good luck and if you want to know anything else pm me
  17. hi what bus pass should i get im in killamarsh both stagecoach buses but would catch the 75 sometimes and the 120 mainline usually comes before the stagecoach bus after i finish work at 9 pm thanks
  18. hi i used smooch not a bad site and free dont need one now as met my partner at a school reunion i was nt looking for a partner and found him lol
  19. hi if you here its been cancelled can you let me know was going with kids .
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