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  1. From today's BBC website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-25730998 What's that saying about chickens coming home..??? A barrister representing De La Salle Brothers offered their "sincere and unreserved apology" for the abuse at its home in Kircubbin, County Down. The QC said the Brothers "deeply regret that boys in their care were abused". He said their mission was to look after the welfare of vulnerable and deprived children, and the abuse by some Brothers "was in contradiction to their vocation. "They recognise that there have been failures to protect the victims," he said.
  2. Regards back -Gleadless Town End - Bloody freezin'!! ---------- Post added 17-06-2013 at 13:35 ---------- Saturday 22nd June - Public Dance Event - All Welcome!! 10.30 FLASHMOB - in ASDA 10.45 FLASHMOB - at Chaucer Car Boot sale 11.00 DANCE On! starts on Chaucer Square 11.15 FLASHMOB - in Chaucer Square 12.00 DANCE ON - finishes.
  3. I knew a Paul Neath, born about 1945, died tragically young, in his thirties I think. A good friend of my brother Pat's! It's not a common name so probably related. Lived on Wordsworth, close to Margetson Crescent junction! ---------- Post added 13-06-2013 at 07:45 ---------- I played for that team when Brian Smith ran it and his son Ian played (about 1972/73).
  4. Reminds me of Tony Ball! He would borrow half-a-quid then start an argument if you asked for it back. I only made the mistake once....
  5. The old Tavern was a small flat roofed building with the entrance on Wordsworth. Great place for "Penny-for-the-Guy". Not sure exactly but it was rebuilt about 66/67.
  6. Had a great day at the new "Learning Zone" yesterday. (For those not familiar, it is built on the site of the houses on Wordsworth, between Deerlands Ave and Buchanan Rd - the old 49 bus stop) Part of a team arranging a few social events for The Cross throughout the summer. They have my book in the library, although it was out when I tried to find it. The area in front of thee building is called "Chaucer Square"
  7. Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Average White band Dr Feelgood (of course!) Argent Ace Sensational Alex Harvey Band (sans Alex) Frank Sidebottom Nearly Dan Dagger - worst band I ever saw. 12 minute version of Townsend's "I Can See For Miles" They thought they were Immersion Leak and Plumber! (They weren't)
  8. I'm sure our John worked at Park Drives fag warehouse for a while, as a van lad. It might have been while he was still at school. It's now a Lidl. When our Pete came back from the hospital with his teeth all bandaged up he looked like Janet Street Porter. Me and our Mick were scared of him and hid under the bed. Ian Booker is 60 in June (23rd) Harry Hunt was a real character. When we (me, Barry's brother Steven and Pete Wriggo) were 9 or 10 years old, he was a hero to us and we all wanted to be like him!! Augers had a dog called "Trudy" which followed Mrs A everywhere. When they moved to Peterborough after Ted's death, the dog tried to get back to Wordsworth. Eddie Auger had a giant Meccano and sometimes me and Kenny were allowed to play with it Kenny runs a Post Office, which is a bit like putting Gary Glitter in charge of an orphanage. He looks like Henry Kissinger now! ---------- Post added 17-04-2013 at 17:51 ---------- When I was off school once, mum bought me a "Bilberry Charlotte" from the Fletchers Feccy Van. It was gorgeous!
  9. She was definitely related. Kev and Lyn lived there for a while as young kids. Joyce rang me two years ago (got the number from our Pete) and told me how much she enjoyed my book. She had the roughest Sheffield accent of anyone I ever knew, and a dirty laugh to go with it. Just a few weeks later she died, bless her! Well into her nineties. Joyce's husband, Mick, never lost his Londonderry accent even after 40 years of drinking in The Tavern!! Couldn't tell a blind word he said!
  10. I think she was called Joan ---------- Post added 02-04-2013 at 14:41 ---------- I went to school on Scott Rd and we used to nip over the wall into the cemetry for a quick Park Drive at morning break. Sometimes met girls from the convent school there....
  11. Hi Barry Hilda often told us the story of how Tony met Elvis, but she never mentioned that he was arrested for being AWOL
  12. Tony Fairchild was his name - and you're right about the accident. If you're coming up for a pint let us know... ---------- Post added 01-04-2013 at 16:47 ---------- Bit too early for me.. The only shelter I played in was in Stanton's garden in the keyhole!
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