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  1. I've given you a couple of quid mate, good luck on Saturday. Come people it wont hurt you to part with some cash for a good cause.
  2. Indeed,the timing is fantastic if your blue and white.2 week court case,innocent or not its got to have a knock on effect,couple that with Wilson history of bottling things and confidence in 2nd spot is high for the blue and white army.
  3. Woodhead is open,my in laws have come across it from Glossop today.
  4. Dont you have a 3m striker starting his court case on Wednesday,expected to last for 2 weeks.The timing couldn't be worse if your a blade.
  5. I really hope we don't get the silly comments,after all its only a simple question.
  6. Sorry if already posted but heard it started next week,can anyone confirm this please.
  7. Of course it happen,its hardly the sort of story you make up.Im a resident of Stocksbridge and I can confirm it.
  8. Sadly mate its the way of the world.It happens more than you think and trust me your brother isn't the first and he sure as hell wont be the last.
  9. Its a disgrace when you cant go about your work without been done in by some mindless idiot.I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.Hope your brother is ok.
  10. I totally agree with you,I think now is his time and I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if we don't hear from him shortly.
  11. Just wondered if any teams are looking for a keeper next season.I have played unibond,north east counties,county senior standard as well as various sheffield sunday leagues,i have also won the league player of the year for the 2006-2007 season.I have not played for 18 months due to work,however i have recently changed jobs and have the time to start playing again.Ideally i would like a team in sheffield or barnsley and would consider any standard. Thanks for looking Mark __________________ Listen to the blue and white wind of change
  12. Eh up fella,Ive had a few good offers which im thinking over however i've still not made my mind up and am still open to offers.Which team do you play for and which league is it.
  13. Try soccertots.com,they have training throughout the uk,think the nearest is penistone.
  14. Nice one mate.Am i right in thinking you also play in the net.
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