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  1. Elmet, what was their conclusion on this great battle? No-one can agree on the landing of the Norse fleet (Mersey? Humber? Solway Firth?) let alone the battle itself when they linked up with the Scots to face King Athelstan of Wessex! Was the battle at Catcliffe, Bromborough, York Vale or Burnswark?
  2. And what fair maidens - not under 30 - are available for dating in Sheffield?
  3. Only when outside of your contract, or they'll laugh down the 'phone!
  4. Lol, thanks for the genuine repliers! Shame there are such bitter and stupid morons who seek to denigrate and be sour about posts here, probably unrelated to their experience and comfort zone. Take care in the weather, everyone.
  5. No, stupid, to share stories about people either blocked in, or those who have to continue working? I expected idiots to post also, though. Yes it was /is really bad out there, we almost got caught out by the weather ourselves!
  6. Got congested on the A1 so took a diversion on the A66 West, which was dodgy and as yet no radio traffic reports. It was blocked by Police at Brough, so we turned around and tried to reach Darlington via the back roads and A167 to get back to the A1- very risky (and each road shut!). Finally, we reached the A1 and - as it was clear up North we reached Edinburgh. On the return journey (A1 all the way south) it was q.clear until we got to the M1 at leeds! I'm glad I didn't stay over until today!
  7. I got an Xbox360 PC controller. Thanks
  8. Yes, it does make the notification noise when plugged in, but doesn't appear or work. Xbox handset it is from town, somewhere.
  9. Yes, I tried them, maybe I bought a dud?
  10. Yes I agree, personally. Walked to the shops yesterday with my mp3 player on- Lionheart and Kick Inside!
  11. December will be Magic again alwys moves me, great music.
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