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  1. He really should have worn a glove to match those glasses. Maybe even a little hat too
  2. The Moorlands does a carvery at £3.50 across the Rd. You'd be better off paying £35 for the Moorlands carvery than going into the Peacock.
  3. I presume these are the ones whom have been putting the bus stop windows through on a weekly basis. I've been walking through there a fair bit recently and the only gangs that stood out as dodgy were a group of 6 white males (14-16, one elder, maybe mid twenties wearing a bandana), and a group of four asian males (about 16/17) with mastiff type dog. I turned a blind eye to one of those groups shoplifting about one month ago as I myself was arguing with the shopkeeper about the mislabelling of goods (him charging different prices at the till than those advertised on the shelf).
  4. Mine took only a week at the Post Office!
  5. Sign on, on your day off? Pop in a claim for housing benefit etc? Then when you have more money, you could start going to the casino.
  6. If he had no job, was not studying and claiming jsa, income support, esa or similar he would be entitled to a reduced rate of housing benefit (SSR). (£63 per week maximum in 2010) As he is under 25 he is also ineligible for working tax credits. The purpose of paying less benefit, is to give an incentive for under 25s to live at home with parents, and to dissuade people (claiming the benefit) from renting privately anything other than a single room in a shared house, it is also there to seek to reduce the amount paid out in benefits. Government agenda, (equality and all that). However coupled with the demolition of social housing, massive population growth, an increase in buy to let properties and the fact that those under 25 make up the greatest proportion of the lowest paid (and the fact that they are unable to claim WTCs). We end up with the insane situation where people can be better off on benefits, than people working, where there are more homeless people. And buy to let speculators essentially have their houses paid for by state benefits. After completion of study he will be saddled with debt in an overcrowded jobs market, facing the prospects of taking low paid work or claiming benefits. Numerous studies out there can be found, linking bad housing to bad mental health, joblessness to bad mental health, lack of housing to joblessness and some professionals even suggest it is better for graduates long term career prospects to go on the dole rather than to take low paid work. For some of us it is of no surprise a MILLION under 25s are out of work. Quite frankly for many in that age range, they would be foolish to work. Hence the UK is the successful state it is today.
  7. The chances of him being housed by the council within the next 3 years are next to nil. They might get slimmer too.
  8. Looks like an interesting precursor to me, I'd expect some stimulant effects just by looking at its structure, but it isn't something I'd be too bothered to try, there's not much to it. I'll stick with ecstasy and qat, and I seldom use either of them. Now, the alcohol and methadone, I'd be more tempted, yet they are more dangerous. Already there is better legal alternatives to mephedrone, its a poor man's drug, and I can't see why its being made a fuss of? Them lads have most likely died from respiratory depression, a dose of mephedrone would probably have been beneficial when they have slowed their breathing rate down to a stop!
  9. You should have stamped on his smug little warmongering face!
  10. BTW To remove blood succesfully you should use two different types of bleach.
  11. Mr Trebus.... I must admit I hoard things too. I haven't started collecting bottles of my bodily fluids yet, but I must admit it has crossed my mind.
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