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  1. Just been out again , (after going out about an hour ago) to find that the hail that came down has melted and refrozen... The paths are lethal.... Please take care.. Mods please don't hide this message in the mega thread.. It needs posting at the top of the page....
  2. Hi. Has anyone travelled over the snake pass or woodhead pass to Manchester airport today ? Just need to know how clear it is and can it be safely accessed by a front wheel drive car. Thank you.
  3. I agree on everything you posted here... Some people walk around with their eyes closed thinking everything's OK. It's not..... The country already has far too many people in it.. Electricity shortages... Caused by too many people. No jobs... Caused by badly run government and too many foreigners willing to work for pittance, working on the fiddle and sending money out of the country. Transport network made worse by too many people. NHS a complete & utter shambles. Caused by ever tightening budgets. The rip off companies owning comparison websites... How can that be legal?
  4. Any forum moderators out there know why my original post which was called Amey work farce has now been changed to Amey work? Quite shocked at the sneaky editing tactics really. Thought we were a country with freedom of speech. Obviously not... Sneaky! ---------- Post added 15-09-2013 at 16:05 ---------- And while I'm here, has anyone else who's had there road "fixed" noticed after its rained a patch of surface water that lasts for days? This looks like water gathering under the top layer of tarmac and rising up to the surface... A future problem when it freezes and lifts up the road maybe?
  5. Obviously you know nothing about running a professional busines. Set up costs, insurance, cost of products which in detailing are quite expensive. 3m pads £ 10 each and you should really be using one per car panel. Advertising, holiday pay, pension, diesel or petrol, uniform, vehicle purchase, vehicle running costs including repair costs, all this before you can put your hand in your pocket to buy a pint. Unfortunately people like you end up running our country. What a shame that is...
  6. You must have a massive nose then, because I was about two roads away from it and could hardly smell it (smoke safely blowing away from me) and your at bents green...
  7. Can see it from Wadsley http://s909.photobucket.com/albums/ac291/ericsean1/?action=view&current=20130714_150626.jpg
  8. It was the special branch....... I'll get me coat......
  9. Amey work farce... I'm all for the roads being sorted and know disruption will take place, but why dig our paths up and not finish them. Then start digging the road up and not finish that either. It's been weeks since they started... Surely its not that hard to send the machine down the road digging up the old tarmac, shortly followed by the machine laying the new stuf ... Or do they order the new tarmac off eBay..? Please come back and finish off...
  10. That's right it's on fire again. Massive fire....
  11. It's easy to explain. Sheffield has one gritter. This gritter drives around Sheffield's roads at around 50mph. Only kidding. They do drive quite fast though... Hats off to them. They do a good job.
  12. Not me matey. I was way up near the petrol station. On the road where the buses terminate. I struggled to get my van off one side road where it was blocking the road and left it safely at the kerbside.
  13. @ Portersbank take the letter s off your keyboard and throw it at the dish...two birds with one stone....
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