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  1. Hi all, I lost my phone in the early hours of this morning. I was at the Washington pub but it's not there (they've just checked for me) but I think I lost it there or nearby as the tracking service says it was last located just near the pub at 5.24am - I was home by then. It's a black iPhone 4GS. I'm going to ring Sheffield lost property etc but thought it was worth posting on here just in case. Thanks
  2. Al Jazeera's saying he's dead - died from wounds...
  3. I do move when someone has a reserved seat (and they actually show up - which they often don't) but the whole thing is pretty horrible as I end up standing or sat on the floor for an hour. I think this is also the train companies' fault - lots of reservations, plus lots of commuters, surely means more seats needed! The reservations could - if cunningly recorded and interpreted - act as some kind of warning of an increase in demand (a crazy idea I realise.). And no - complaining does no good at all. It's rare to even get a standard acknowledgement letter/e-mail in reply.
  4. Oops! Sorry! Er - they're really smelly though! And, genuinely, full of humungous suitcases and (probably) holidaymakers in very wide sombreros...
  5. Agree with Hels1977 about people standing in front of the door - pretty thick!! It's a shame that only East Midlands are getting extra carriages - and I never quite believe these stories anyway as I've been commuting Sheffield to Manchester for 6 years and it's regularly switched from 2 carriages to 4 carriages to 2 carriages... and their trains are horrible - only enough legroom for a 5 year old - and often get delayed. The Transpennine is much more reliable and the trains are nicer - but the 'half a first class carriage' is really annoying. The only people in it are usually Transpennine employees!
  6. I've just been watching The Daily Show - US satirical current affairs show - and they've just showed an MSNBC reporter in Libya, describing the lack of military know-how amongst the anti-Gadaffi forces. He describes how some of them fired a rocket propelled grenade in the wrong direction - 'not toward Gadaffi forces, but backwards into a civilian city'. Unfortunately, the Daily Show didn't seem to be aware of 4 Lions but surely life imitating art etc
  7. Take it to Heeley City Farm - they'll recycle it.
  8. Has Martin Dawes ever given a restaurant a BAD review?? I've never seen one...
  9. Office Angels always used to provide clerical people at Sheffield Hallam Uni...
  10. A little boy - about 5 - came up to me in a shop, holding his hands up to show me that they were covered in ink. I didn't really know what to say, so I said 'Your hands are covered in ink'. He looked at his hands and then looked at me as if I was an idiot. 'That's not ink - it's PEN!!!'
  11. Hi Hels, Agree with all of this and would only add that, in my experience, there's not much point catching the 4.39 as, because of all the over-crowding, it doesn't get to Dore or Sheffield much before the 5.20 from Picadilly anyway! Rubbish service.
  12. OK - yes, I've been there too! TSB Logistics in Ecclesfield! It was 15 years ago but the 'funny' racism etc took me straight back there!
  13. I think the OP should phone some taxi firms and let us know what kind of quotes they get!
  14. Fair enough - I just thought it went a bit against the sympathetic nature of the previous posts. And I was guessing ging viking would already know the risks of a CV gap..
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