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  1. I've not seen it on TV, but for fans of Tom Daley (I am one of them) it has at least one good thing going for it.
  2. I'm really tired, woke early
  3. Secretary, 8/10. Interesting film, and thought-provoking.
  4. I just call it Meadowhall, but I hardly ever go there anyway, haven't been since awhile before Christmas, but I wouldn't have wanted to go when it was that busy anyway!
  5. Music rules... whether it's live or just playing from a stereo or whatever, that's true!
  6. I don't know, but it'd be good if there was. Not seen any live music for ages.
  7. It hasn't yet, really. Although it's December. I just don't feel Christmassy at the moment. However I made a start with Christmas shopping today. Don't want to leave everything until the last minute really.
  8. I haven't done any Christmas cards yet, but it will be sometime in December...
  9. We've had trouble finding bread, it was all gone in one shop I went to, but another one managed to find some, but yesterday the only bread we could find was unsliced (it just can be difficult to slice!). Milk we've managed to get some, but there wasn't much left. Went to shop earlier and was amazed at how empty some of the shelves were, all the fruit had gone too!
  10. ...I'll be looking out for Jake Gyllenhaal! Plus I'll keep him warm if he's cold ;-)
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