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  1. hi can anyone help me please. i log out of the forum and when i go back its not logged out.
  2. whats wrong with the forum ???..you have to keep logging in..i log in,look at something then i have to log back in again..is anyone else's like it.
  3. i add my phone number when im selling items but if its in my bag then i sometimes dont hear it..hope its not me you have rung..
  4. hi there my husband is a paint sprayer and repairer,give him a call on 07941640652 and let him have a look at it, if the scratches will flat and polish out he would do it for £80. his mate also owns a valet company so he would be able to sort that out for you too. thanks.
  5. i also live on the arbourthorne and my husband has worked for 31 years in the same job..and works very hard as a paintsprayer...people on my road are very kind and always say hi to you...i also was born on the wybourn which had a reputation but everybody looked after each other and helped out ,have to say that was around 45 years though.
  6. hi all does anyone know how you get more than one pic on when you sell items. i have seen adverts where you can scroll down to look at pics instead of just having the little pics in the box hope i havnt confused you and would be gratefull for any info thanks.
  7. it went off in arbourthorne aswell but only for about 5mins...
  8. no its been taken on a camcorder and posted on facebook..thanks.
  9. hi all can anyone tell me how you get a video off facebook so i can put on a dvd..its been posted to me of my daughter singing...thanks.
  10. sorry its a acer aspire 5315...thats all i know..thanks.
  11. ..i wonded where it had gone..
  12. hi all just wondering if anyone knows how to get a installation disc for a laptop..its for a friend who has lost her disc,any help would be appreciated..thanks. its a acer aspire 5315
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