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  1. Hi.. I need about ten large round tablecloths for an event on 17th October and we don't have a budget.. does anyone know of a cheap place to hire or loan them from? any ideas welcome!
  2. oh yeah...I didn't metion that he is definately teething... he has the bottom two which came through no bother a while ago and the top two and the one to the left of them.. but now I don't know which ones are coming but he is clearly in pain and is drooling for britain... poor little angel... he is asleep on the bed with his dad at the moment.. can't even put him in his cot for a nap now... phhewwwwweeee... :-(
  3. HI, I've read through all these posts and have found some really useful advice but I thought I'd look for further reassurance that all this will end soon by posting a ....er..thingy...my little boy is 10 months and has slept like an angel for most of that time until suddelnly.. he is waking first just early (5ish) then through the night once and now is waking every hour or so and is just inconsolable.. will fall asleep in my arms but as soon as i lie him back down in his cot he screams and it all starts again... I resorted to having him in bed iwth me last night which seemed to settle him but I don't want to get into bad habits! I am in shock and feeling very tearful and exhausted and don't know hiw much longer i can cope with this! he is crawling and pulls himself up to his feet so when he wakes in the night he instantly pulls himself onto his knees and then to his feet and screams and there is no lying him down... is anyone else going through this or been through this.. tell me it'll end soon.. what do I do??? I'm giving him medised at night.. doesn't seem to do a thing,.. bonjela (he screams) calgel..(he screams) fozed teething rings etc etc.. oh...and he's also completely refusing to drink any milk... (he is formula fed) so I am panicking about his calcium and iron levels too.... HELP!!! I have the health visitor coming this week and will pour it all out to her (poor woman) but I thought I'd look for help here... anyone.....anyone..... sniff :-(
  4. I went today in the pouring rain and it was really good.. I have aching muscles now so it must be working! I've paid up for 6 sessions (so I get one free) and will be there next week rain or shine!
  5. I think you can but it might be best to call Kate on the number at the beginning of the thread.. come... it's great!
  6. yes it would be great for you as long as your 15 month old is happy to be in the buggy! you definately haven't missed the boat..!
  7. My little Dymond-boy is one in October too..as are most of his baby friends... so we decided to have a joint do (more for us really than the babies.. they won't care one way or the other as long as there's things to play with!) so there'll probably be 8 of us round someone's house.. food, drinks and silliness.. I think a big party will be more stressful for you than it'll be fun! just my opinion.. and there's plenty of years to come for big event parties! will probably have to have a do on his actual birthday though or the grandparents will go mad!
  8. Just to let you all know that there is a new post natal excercise class starting on Thursday 17th July in Millhouses Park called Buggyfit. "The ultimate fitness class for mums and babies" see http://www.buggyfit.co.uk It is a class for mums to excercise with your babies in their buggies.. it includes aerobic and toning exercises and is a really lovely friendly group. it is one hour long and starts at 10.45am every Thursday. Meet at Millhouses Cafe at 10.30 for a 10.45 start. Cost £5 per session or 6 sessions for £25. the trainer is Kate Salinsky and you can contact her on 07747608692 or kate.Salinsky@yahoo.co.uk Hope to see you there!
  9. HI, My baby is 8 weeks old and since he was about 3 weeks old we have been giving him formula milk top ups late evening so I can get some rest..the rest of the time I am breast feeding him.. recently he has started to reject the breast earlier on in the evening and screams when I put the nipple near him although he is clearly hungry... last night he did the same around 5am which he has never done before and so I had to give him another formula feed. I am worried that he is beginning to reject breast feeding more and more and also that my milk will begin to reduce because I am giving him more fomula.. has anyone else had this happen and do you know what will happen to my milk supply.. I really want to breast feed him and it is quite upsetting! thanks
  10. I know this is a fairly old thread but I just wanted to add a positive home birth story to the mix.. hope it's not too late! I had my baby (my first) in October at home and it was planned.. I had a birthing pool set up and was determined to give birth to my baby without any drugs, just using breathing, massage, tens machine, water and relaxation... we had a wonderful experience, the midwives were amazing..they were on the end of the phone throughout the early stage to be updated and to give advice and then they arrived in the early hours (2 midwives) when things really got going.. they were so respectful and hands off really (which was what i wanted) and my son was delivered safely... a third midwife came and stitched me up and I was so happy that I didn't have to go to Jesspos... the benefits of being at home are that it is so much more relaxing (as long as you want to be there of course!) and I really appreciated getting into my own bath and bed afterwards.. we felt totally supported and trusted the midwives completely...and by the way there is no way anyone will expect you to make tea! they cleaned everything up and helped me with breastfeeding before they left and my midwife was back within a few hours to check everything was ok.. the GP attended too to check baby was all ok... it was just a really good service. My husband was totally supportive of what I wanted so I didn't have to persuade him but I really think what other people have said is so true.. you are so close to the hospital and complications very rarely happen suddenly that you and the baby are really safe... hope this helps...good luck!
  11. Thank you all so much for you responses.. one thing I've gained from them all is that every parent and baby are so different and that I need to 'chill' and not feel panic when listening to other mums who claim their 5 week old is sleeping through the night..!!! my baby's sleep routine changes nightly (I guess that really means it isn't a routine!) but gradually he is going that little bit longer between feeds and one day I'm sure we'll get there! I particularly loved Sam MT's comment: "I do think you can overdo it with tiny ones. They are so precious and grow up so fast, and often they just want to be held which is the most natural instinct in the world." this made me feel so much better and validated my own feelings! thank you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Hiya.. i have a five week old baby boy and currently we don't really have a bedtime routine... basically I go to bed at about ten and my husband brings him up to me at about 2am (he bottle feeds him during this time) and he goes in his moses basket and I breastfeed him in my bed through the night and then put him back in his moses basket (which is next to me) so.. he is downstairs in his carry cot with hubby who has the telly on etc all evening... my question is when should we introduce more of a routine? should he be bathed, fed and put down at some point (say 8ish?) but put in another room which is quiet and dark (using the monitor of course!) any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated as I would like him to sleep longer at night but I know he's only wee and this will probably come.. I don't want to do any strict routine stuff with him like leaving him to cry or anything at this stage!
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