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  1. Does this affect Sky as my daughter at Longley is getting no signal at all?
  2. What is it like to live near the little shop? I have a relative who is thinking of moving on one of the blocks of flats there.
  3. In the 1970s I used to go down Pitsmoor for a drink at weekends and I called in the Albion. The landlord was Dennis Altrop I believe and his wife was called Molly and she was Irish. I visited the place several times and I never saw any trouble in the community those days. A lot of Jamaicans were working in the steelworks or on the buses I believe. I was amazed how they played dominoes in the tap room and they used to pull them up and bang them down on the table. It used to amuse me to watch them. The Jamaicans always used to welcome me when I walked in that pub. There was a restaurant on Spital Hill and the chef was half Chinese and half Jamaican I believe. The food he cooked was fantastic especially the snapper fish when he used different spices in the cooking. He was a really nice man. That is how I remember it.
  4. Has anyone had any dealings with SSA Social Care and Community Services ? My uncle is having his care taken over by them and I wondered how good the company is?
  5. What will happen to the post office when the Coop closes?
  6. Does anybody remember school bullies when you were at school? In my life I remember one at a school in South Yorkshire. He was bullying one or two lads the same age as me when I was about 13. He had a habit of coming up to you and kicking you at the back of the legs and screwing your ears round. On one particular day he came up to me while my back was turned and got hold of my ear so hard. I turned round and hit him so hard on his chin that he fell on the floor and cried. He never did it any more. I had another incident when I was at work at 17. I was working at a pork butchers in Sheffield. This man said he was a karate expert. While I was working doing menial work cutting up the fat and meat for the shop this person tried giving me rabbit chops at the back of the neck and started pulling my ears round as a laugh. This particular day I turned round and hit him on his chin and he ended up in a bosh of washing up water. That was two bullies I have met in my life. Don't forget all bullies are cowards who try to play on the weak in society.
  7. I have always liked the new Jersey Royal potatoes when they come into season but this year they have not had the same taste. Has anybody else noticed this?
  8. I am looking for Mick Stone who I worked with as an apprentice butcher at Farm Stores when it was at the bottom of the moor. I left there and went to work at Friedrich's in the Wicker. I believe Mick Stone later worked at Peter Austins on Richmond Road at Woodthorpe.
  9. When I first started window cleaning in 1986 I started to charge 80 pence a full house. Then after a year I put another 20 pence on and some were moaning at that. I found that you couldn't please everybody all the time. I did my window cleaning for 17 years. The most I charged at the end was only £2 for a full house.
  10. The trouble with Toby Foster is he rambles on and I always switch off. I can't understand what he's on about as he rolls all his words into one long sentence. Also why is it when the weather is being read out by the women everything is rushed into such high speed in such a short time that you can't catch what is being said. The best person for reading anything out is Everard Davey because you can hear everything he says. My father used to say the same thing.
  11. I was at Beever Hill in 1959 when I was 14 for the last year of my school life when I finished at 15. I remember representing the school in the discus throwing schools sports event. I threw the furthest but I was disqualified for stepping out of the circle. i remember Mr Hancock headmaster and where he lived because my uncle lived nearby at Aston in a bungalow.
  12. When I was 18 in the sixties I went there at the weekends. Does anybody remember Harold Greenacre who waited on at the weekends? During the week he worked at the Sheffield abbatoir with his brother Albert.
  13. This thread has brough back memories for me. I had three suits made by Barney Goodman two of which were blue serge. I remember the first time I wore one I felt like a million dollars walking through Sheffield. I also got myself an Isodore Newman suit in 1975, which I have still got. It cost me £100 made up with Reid and Taylor cloth. It was scottish cloth and said to be some of the finest material in the world. I got married in it in 1984 when I was 40 years old and it was still emaculate. Probably the same suit made up today would cost £1000 who knows. I have just been to look at it in the wardrobe and it won't fit me now but it still looks as though it is only a year old.
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