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  1. But the ambulance had to get to that point, already clogged up because the traffic couldn't flow because of the car free, empty lane. Then had to physically move the barrier to gain access to this empty lane....indeed EMPTY lane...because they are closed off at the entrance to prevent any vehicle larger than a bike through. It's not even permitting emergency vehicles to gain normal access. I have seen one solitary bike rider use that lane...and that was during rush hour (I use this route twice daily both in and out of the city)...and he used the red area, not the whole lane as intended. My original point stands regarding an alternative solution.
  2. No complaints from the Emergency services?...imagine if you or your loved one was waiting on this ambulance. I saw this on the news last week: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-south-yorkshire-53340498/new-sheffield-cycle-lane-slows-ambulance-s-journey And newspapers (obviously the star, but I don't need to add that link). https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/ambulance-blocked-bike-lane-sheffield-a9609596.html
  3. You clearly didn't read my post. I find your comment rather insulting
  4. There will be a huge increase on the amount of pollution around Firth Park etc. as a result of this ill thought out plan as more people will come off junction 34 to get to Hillsborough and up to Wisewood, Stannington etc. Which to my mind is certainly worse as we drivers will then be passing schools, homes, residential homes etc.
  5. If the pup hasn't had all its injections, you might be better off taking it in your arms to the shops, (places like B&Q where there are sudden noises) increasingly louder places, walking by fields with livestock in it etc. Walking with pup in your arms to the local park to watch the big dogs too. Once the injections are done, the best thing is to frequent a local park at different times of the day to meet as many dogs as possible. You will find many other dog owners quite happy to let their dog play (keep it to short bursts), and use a training line (around 5-10 feet) so you have some control but still sticking to social distancing. A long line is good for practicing recall too. Take pup to different areas to walk, increasing the busyness of the traffic. Get pup used to the sudden noise air brakes make, the sound of a crossing, the buzz of the trams (which we don't necessarily pick up on but they do). Our pup came home just as lockdown started and this is what we did. Some training schools are opening now. We start obedience this week, having missed the age for the puppy classes, but she's a confident puppy now...she just needs to learn how to concentrate on us around other dogs! 🀣
  6. The pavements along that stretch of road are really wide and I see only a handful of pedestrians using them. If they have to widen the cycle lane, why on earth would they not have made the pavements slightly narrower on each side and left the new increased capacity for the vehicles that use this vital stretch! In the few weeks we had of using the extra lanes, the exhaust fumes will have decreased because the vehicles will have passed through quicker. Now that we're down to single land traffic, more fumes will be increased immensely...which then will mean we have no chance of meeting the government's rules on gasses....that means the council will make the plans even tighter, ending up with the charges being enforced on every private vehicle. Like many commuters, I have little choice but to use this road. I cannot possibly ride a bike to my workplace for reasons I choose not to share with strangers, and while I would dearly love an electric car, they are way out of my price range. There is a place for both. It just needs sensible planning rather that shooting from the hip.
  7. Would this fabric be useful for making masks?
  8. Surely there's nothing there to burn but there's a huge plume of thick black smoke over that way (looking down from Stannington). Any idea what's burning and where?
  9. That makes sense, thanks 😁
  10. I've only ever had petrol cars so I'm only guessing that currently all holes and nozzles are the same shape - now don't laugh...but why don't manufacturers of cars/fuel pumps make the nozzle and filling points different shapes to prevent this from happening? Round for one fuel and square or oval even for the other for instance? Or is that just too simplistic?
  11. Thank you Janus. I've found a place that's still open and they're going to have a look at it with regard to welding. Thanks for your suggestions 😊
  12. I'm really missing a good mooch round the garden centres πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ Thanks Janus. I'm not sure I could justify the non essential trip that far out but I hope they have something left come the end of lockdown πŸ™ƒ
  13. Please please ensure there are no nesting birds before you go ahead 😊
  14. It depends on the weed killer. If it's a residual week killer then it could be 9-12 months. A good way to check if it's ok to plant in, is by filling a seed tray or pot with soil and sow some quick germinating seeds in it. If they grow, go for it. It's been many years since I've used a weed killer and I think things have changed somewhat in their ingredients. If it were me, as it's a whole bed full of weeds I would cover it with old carpets, black sheeting or old compost bags opened up for a few weeks to kill off the weeds. Or boiling water with a tbsp salt in it poured over the weeds. Or...vinegar makes a good weed killer but also lowers the pH, which could be advantageous if you want blue hydrangeas. Incidentally, did I read right...there's a garden centre open??? 🀩
  15. We're in the same boat. Tui told us that if we keep the receipt they will guarantee to change them back at that price so you don't lose money (potentially) when they reopen.
  16. Hi, as the title suggests really. Please get in touch or provide a website. Thanks
  17. We have one of those double rattan chair lounger sets for the garden. You know with the plump cushions and reclining chair backs, pull out footrest. Took the winter covers off, gave everything a clean and oiled the reclining mechanism first thing, in preparation for this weekend. On resting back on one of them in the sunshine on Good Friday, I did a "Cinzano airlines" as the back gave way (yes you can laugh, it was funny, shame I didn't have a camera going). Anyhoo. It turns out that the mechanism that clicks the backrest (like one of those original bright orange sun loungers of the 70s where you have to close the backrest first get the angle right) has broken. Does anyone know if it can be repaired...I've tried Google but I'm obviously not explaining it correctly because it just wants to show me how to fix the webbing, or the mechanism on an indoor reclining chair.
  18. I agree. Maybe now the pubs and clubs have to close, their door staff can help ensure rationing is upheld?
  19. Try the Adult Piano Adventures books. There's a nice share of theory in the units and there's online support. They're not very expensive if you pick up a copy from Amazon, and you should be able to find the level you require.
  20. Anyone still struggling with signal? Mine was lost last night....still nothing. All checks done, rescanned etc.
  21. It is an offence under section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) to introduce and release grey squirrels into the wild. Therefore if you trap them you cannot then release them elsewhere. They cause damage to trees by stripping the bark off, take eggs and chicks from nests and cause havoc in the garden, and if they get in your loft. We tried all sorts to deter them and in the end had to put my spring bulbs in pots with chickenwire just beneath the top layer of compost/grit, and sprinkled chilli powder on the bird seed (birds can't taste it but it certainly helps dissuade squirrels).
  22. I shouldn't worry, it'll become a ghost town once the congestion charges start for the average Joe.
  23. I know it can be annoying but encountering these chaps at the weekend, it was enough to say politely "no thank you" and walk on. They were certainly polite and not overly pushy. They have bills to pay, the same as you and I. Would you rather they were on benefits? I should imagine it's a soul destroying job. Imagine if in your job you were consistently ignored, given the bird (as a chap in front of me did as he walked past them) and verbally abused, and got very little out of it in your wage packet day in day out....I'm not suggesting that you stop and be given the whole sales pitch, but give em a break! This may just be a stop gap job while they find something better so they can keep their heads above water. God forbid you find yourselves in that position.
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