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  1. It is an offence under section 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) to introduce and release grey squirrels into the wild. Therefore if you trap them you cannot then release them elsewhere. They cause damage to trees by stripping the bark off, take eggs and chicks from nests and cause havoc in the garden, and if they get in your loft. We tried all sorts to deter them and in the end had to put my spring bulbs in pots with chickenwire just beneath the top layer of compost/grit, and sprinkled chilli powder on the bird seed (birds can't taste it but it certainly helps dissuade squirrels).
  2. I shouldn't worry, it'll become a ghost town once the congestion charges start for the average Joe.
  3. I know it can be annoying but encountering these chaps at the weekend, it was enough to say politely "no thank you" and walk on. They were certainly polite and not overly pushy. They have bills to pay, the same as you and I. Would you rather they were on benefits? I should imagine it's a soul destroying job. Imagine if in your job you were consistently ignored, given the bird (as a chap in front of me did as he walked past them) and verbally abused, and got very little out of it in your wage packet day in day out....I'm not suggesting that you stop and be given the whole sales pitch, but give em a break! This may just be a stop gap job while they find something better so they can keep their heads above water. God forbid you find yourselves in that position.
  4. I have managed to eek out 3 years before they became too shabby, but it's far easier to buy new each year. Just be sure to not let them set seed
  5. I like the features you can turn on. I've just spent the last half hour waiting for another rumble to test it's accuracy
  6. When did your part of south Yorkshire see any rainfall? I've tried to Google it but it's not particularly clear.
  7. Not a busy group here these days either, but welcome
  8. I prefer evenweave such as laguna for my cross stitch and hardanger...I buy it online from willow fabrics or sew and so. There's a shop in Hillsborough that stock threads, or Hobbycraft at Meadowhall Retail Park. ---------- Post added 17-05-2018 at 12:25 ---------- Have you tried using Thread Heaven? It's a wax like substance to help keep fibres together when stitching and is excellent when using metallic threads
  9. I want to surprise the old man with a flight on a plane with propellers. (I think they're called Bombardiers, but don't quote me) I've been told Flybe do them but they're not replying to my email enquiries. Has anyone on here booked something similar from the UK?
  10. Every time we went it was blatantly obvious that a lot of customers preferred to go into the shop to pay for their fuel as that queue was far and away longer than the p@p lanes. I know a fair few friends and family who have chosen to buy their fuel in other petrol stations due to Morrisons lack of choice on how to pay...most of whom have also changed supermarket as they buy their fuel at the same time as doing their weekly groceries.
  11. I think you're generalising there. You may only have that depth, but given the fact we measured 7in Wednesday evening on our road, I'll bet pound to a penny others have more than what you've recorded. We had further snow overnight and it didn't stop snowing til lunchtime today. I haven't measured it because it's drifting now so might give an unfair reading.
  12. So he's got his balms, oils and waxes for his beard. Hubby is now after some recommendations of where he should go to keep his face fuzz in tip top shape please. He's willing to travel around Sheffield if necessary. Many thanks in advance.
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