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  1. Hi folks, it's a bit late but I could do with a lift to Worksop from Sheffield tomorrow. It could either be form town or Beighton area. Public transport is worse than I imagined and I need to be there before 900. Anyone going?
  2. Cheers for that, yucca is a root, long with brown rough skin and a tough white inner. Also called cassava more commonly here I think and manioc or manioca
  3. Hi there! I'm trying to recreate some South American cooking. Does anyone know any supermarkets/speciality markets where I can find plantains and yucca in Sheffield? maybe a caribbean minimarket? Thanks!
  4. Anyone know of any karaoke bars in Sheffield or a bar which has karaoke on Thursday or Friday night. Cheers
  5. What's the best Indian on or very near to London Road. A few friends are coming down to watch United play Newcastle and we want a decent place.
  6. Hi, I am looking for temporary work in childcare, specifically working as a support worker in residential units in and around the Sheffield area. Does anyone know which agencies in town deal with this line of work? Cheers Jofo
  7. Hi I didn't get a ticket in time to go the Tuesday Club 10th Birthday Party at Sheffield Uni the other night. They weren't gonna anounce the line-up until the night, so I am very curious as to who played. Anyone go? Anyone remember?
  8. Yes no problem. As long as it's not gay (and you're hetero), bestial or paedo. It is an invaluable learning experience, best shared.
  9. You can also buy corn flour, In spanish sweetcorn is maiz so that's why i thought they were the same
  10. The only film I have chosen not to watch again is Irreversible. This is a French film which features very disturbing rape and violence. It is an excellent film, very well made, but the scenes are far too shocking to merit another viewing. Not for the faint-hearted.
  11. I went and I absolutely loved it. I was pretty central about half way between stage and sound desk, I thought I could hear the lyrics pretty well. I love how they rework songs for the live shows as well. Who was the blonde girl? She's got a pretty set of lungs on her, does she feature on the new album, haven't really listened to it that much.
  12. Wow that is amazing! Credit where credit's due.
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