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  1. Missing from sheffield 5 Southey green Black and white border collie male please pm If found thank you
  2. Missing liver and white female springer spaniel from Southey green anyone seen here:( ---------- Post added 05-09-2013 at 15:21 ---------- Thanks everyone but found her now, under the hut (little monkey) :-)
  3. Southey hill and surrounding roads are covered. Just took delivery driver 1 1/2 hours to get from leappings lane to the co-op. where's the snow plough n glitters ? Thought this council had it sussed !!
  4. If your still waiting, best thing to do is make an appointment at howden house. You can make an appointment 2 week in advance, which is how long the waiting list for an appointment is. And be warned take every scrap of info you can and if you need to sort both council tax and housing benifit and think it's going to take more that half an hour book an hour long appointment. Because believe me they literally have a timer on you, and you literally get pushed out your seat. :hihi:
  5. my lads 9 and loves it, its mad how he has the xbox with all these great games with fab graphics and so on , and a simple pixle game keeps him and his pals playing for hours. I suppose the simple things in life are truly the best lol
  6. hi there, yes there's one just of junction 29, next to the twin oaks hotel, starts around 12ish i think.
  7. Hi, there's a great kids club at southey forum. its on tuesday wenesday & thursday (not sure of times). And they take them out on trips during the holidays.
  8. Reason for Rehome / Sale OVERSTOCKED Sale Amount £10.00 Location s5 Has the Pet been in Rescue Previously? no Can the animal be picked up and put into a basket without the risk of scratching or biting? yes Age & Sex 1year old/female Breed/ Mix ferret Colour/coat type sandy Can the animal be groomed/handled without biting or scratching? yes Live in / out out Neutered/spayed no Chipped no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues none Temperament friendly Vaccinated & Wormed n/a Any special knowledge needed none I HAVE FOR SALE ONE OF MY WORKING JILLS SANDY COLOURED 1 YEAR OLD. DOES,NT BITE OR SCRATCH. £10.00 PM ME
  9. Reason for Rehome / Sale, pup ready to leave mum Time Scale – How Urgent? not urgent Sale Amount £70 Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location s5 Age & Sex 8 WEEKS BOY Breed/ Mix lurcher KC Registered no Approximate size dam 19 inch sire 23 inch Exercise Needed yes Neutered & Micro chipped no Vaccinated & Wormed wormed and fleded not vaccinated Live in / out both Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals seen both dogs and cat Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament calm Good or Bad with Children great Dislike of Men or Women no OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes Travel OK in Car yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time lives outside Destructive Behaviour no Barks no quite Pull on the lead n/a Crate trained yes Housetrained to paper LURCHER PUPPY, MALE, BLACK IN COLOUR. HES THE LAST OF THE LITTER (HE'S NOT ON HIS OWN THOUGH HE HAS HIS BROTHER WHO WE'RE KEEPING), GREAT PUP, SOLID AND FULL OF LIFE. WORMED AND FLED TO DATE. DAM - WHIPPET BEDLINGTON, SIRE - GREYHOUND COLLIE WHIPPET BOTH OWNED A GREAT PETS AND EXCELLENT FERRETING/LAMPING DOGS. PLEASE PM ME FOR ANY FURTHER DETAILS OR TO VIEW
  10. has now been reunited with its owner :) love a happy ending :)
  11. :)hi all just wanted to let people know, that if anyones had a harris hawk go missing there's one been seen on shirecliffe tip nearer to the railway lines its got all its bells and jesses on its legs, its pretty tame as it looked like it was going to fly down to us. it does look hungry and tired though. if anyone knows who's this is pm me for details hope this helps find its owner poor thing
  12. hi all just to let everyone know theres going to be a tabletop sale kyle close s5 20th august 9am to 12am tables £5.00 :)to book call ann on 0782642703:)
  13. Sale Amount FREE Reason for Rehome / Sale CAN,T KEEP THEM ALL Time Scale – How Urgent? READY THIS WEEKEND 13TH AUGUST Has the Cat ever been in Rescue Location Age & Sex 10 WKS 2 BOYS 1 GIRL Vaccinated & Wormed YES Neutered & Micro chipped NO Breed/ Mix MIX Colour/markings GINGER, TORTOISE SHELL, BLUE EYE BLACK,S (TWINS) Long/Shorthaired SHORT Live in / Or in and out IN Used to a cat flap NO Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals YES (DOG) Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues NO Temperament LOVING OK with Dogs / Cats YES Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching YES Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching YES Good or Bad with Children GOOD Dislike of Men or Women LIKES BOTH Housetrained YES Any further General Information you can share. PM FOR FURTHER DETAILS LOVING HOMES ONLY __________________ Lost your cat? then take a look here. Free/cheap cat neutering please look here Link
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