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  1. Been looking on you tube and there seems to be a lot of these Indian barber videos where the barber gives a head and upper body massage as well, some even do the whole body massage, plenty of cracking bones and limbs put in positions you never thought of ! Question is have any of these barbers started in Sheffield yet ? RM
  2. Dar, it sounds worth a go, I am mainly a big carp angler but I always like to have a bash at places like this to keep competent in other ways of angling so I don't become a 1 trick pony ! not only that I enjoy having a day float fishing or feeder fishing just for the change etc, not keen on pole fishing though tbh, thanks for all the info anyway bud.
  3. Dars thanks for the info much appreciated, having never been there I am guessing its a bit like Kiveton Hall Farm fishery which I fished last summer before its problems started, I found the top lake there to ok for a few runs from single figure fish with the chance of the odd double figure fish, some though had bad mouths due to poor angling same as you have described.
  4. Yes I have found it on google maps and it is not the one I thought it was, do you know anything about the stock of any of the 3 lakes it has on sight ? I am wondering about paying it a visit when the weather warms up a bit but not sure wether it is a typical carp puddle or if it has some fish in for the more serious carp angler. Any info greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. where is this place please, anyone got an address or map screen shot please cheers
  6. Kiveton Hall Farm is what I was thinking of pal but why has that closed as well ? RM
  7. Is this the place where you drive through the farm yard then down the track through fields to top lake with another lake about 100 yds further on ???
  8. I am after 3 stainless threaded U shaped bolts that screw into your bankstick and then the Optonic sits on top, does anyone know where I can get hold of any ? Cheers
  9. I am trying to find out what waters this club have on their book, I have looked for a website and a facebook page but cannot find either, can anyone help with any info please ? Cheers RM
  10. Well it didn't last long up at Southey ! anyone any idea why it has now closed and where they might have gone to ?
  11. I have a Samsung S6 on EE, got it on contract around 12 months back, when I open the camera app and press the mode icon in the bottom left I only get two options which are AUTO and PANARAMA yet my mate at work has same phone but when he taps the mode icon he gets a screen full of different options ! In the menu part which covers the phone apps and how to use them it actually details all the modes I cannot get, anybody any idea what ime not doing or where and how I can access these modes, any help or advice gladly appreciated. RM
  12. is this an answer to my post or an earlier one pal ? which FR by the way ?
  13. Rick, you don't have any up to date info on this pond by any chance do you pal ? my mate is local to it and is wanting to try and get a permit for it but he cant find any info about it anywhere ! He was told that it may now be run by HSBC bank but we are not sure if this info is correct. Can you help bud ? Thanks RM
  14. Any of you lads can give me any info about the carp lake at Alderfen ? Would like to know what the vehicle access is like for each peg as a mate is wanting to have a 48hr there and he is disabled so has to drive to his peg if possible. Thanks RM
  15. I have a pond and I am looking for a few fish, can you tell me what you got and how big they are please ? RM
  16. I have two century carp rods that I want stripping down and re whipping up, does anyone know any good rod builders in the Sheffield area ?
  17. will that be in the old bennetts fishing tackle shop ?
  18. Mort many thanks, will pay a visit this week. RM
  19. where can I get some ? was told in the Chinese super market on London road but a friend says that has now gone. can anyone help please ? RM
  20. I will be looking to purchase a male Rotty pup very soon and would like a quality pup from a reputable breeder, the dog does not have to be show standard but I expect breed standards and good health etc. I am sourcing reputable breeders in or near South Yorks but cannot seem to find any, does any one know of any good breeders within a 30 mile radius of Sheffield that I can contact to see what availability of pups they have. I fully understand that people are reluctant to sell puppies around this time of year but I can 200% definitely guarantee that any dog bought by me has a home for life like every other dog we have had in the past. I may consider a well bred pup from a home environment if it looks to have been bred for health, temperament and not for money as many people attempt to do. Any info gladly accepted and appreciated. RM
  21. Music Of Black Origin ! I wonder what kind of reaction there would be if a "Music Of White Origin" awards night was started ? In todays PC climate I would give it about two minutes before someone played the racist card
  22. Large black and white cat with red collar on found near top of Launce road Sheff 5 area, think the cat is a male, inbox for further details. OWNER NOW NOTIFIED- THREAD CAN BE CLOSED
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