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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if there are any female martial arts instructors that teach self defence in Sheffield either in a group or 1 on 1 lessons ?
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew if Page hall local community meetings were still being held in the area ? If yes, could you pm me the details of when they are held ? Thanks
  3. It’s disappointing that the taxi driver did not assist you further in making your experience and journey a more pleasant one. However I think a better course of action would have been to report the issue to the taxi company or the Sheffield City Council. Your post mentions you use the company often and the majority of the taxi drivers offer this assistance. I believe this has been an 'act of kindness' of those taxi drivers who go out of their way to assist the customer in this case yourself. Maybe seeing this repeated by numerous taxi drivers you felt let down that this particular taxi driver did not reciprocate the same kindness and instead provided you the very basic level of service expected. You mentioned that you gave the driver a ‘mouthful’ and he did not respond. I feel the driver showed a considerable level of restraint in not replying in a similar fashion. It’s a shame that you feel it appropriate to have a go at the taxi driver (which in turn reflects badly on a local taxi company) on public forums for not providing you a service that is not mandatory (I think) that a taxi driver needs to provide. I don't agree with the driver's actions and think he should have helped you more, but I also don't agree with you giving him a 'mouthful' and with posting your experience directly on public forums before you have complained through the appropriate channels.
  4. Looks like there is already a thread on this topic, can somebody advise me on how to close this thread ? Thanks
  5. Hi I recently heard and read that the council are looking at possible alternatives to existing child school admission policies. They have recently held focus groups to discuss criteria and will report in the new year. Three alternatives are being discussed from the current setup which is broadly based on catchment area. 1) Prioritise children that are closest to a school regardless of catchment area. Simple measurement from a straight line 2) Prioritise based on siblings, so all brothers, sisters, step brothers and step sisters are given first preference to a school where they already have a sibling present in. Thereby allowing all siblings to attend the same school 3) Fair banding - All children take an exam and all schools in Sheffield if over subscribed take a selection of children that performed well in the exam and those that performed not so well. Thereby each school getting a broader range of kids of mixed ability. Obviously this means catchment area would not guarantee you a place at your local school. What are parents thoughts on the alternatives to the current system ? No one system is perfect but I wondered if the alternatives were better than the current system.
  6. I'm talking about both primary and secondary school, just that on my earlier post the first example I gave was that of a primary school. What I wanted to understand is when it comes to appeals, what are people thoughts on the appeal process. There appears to be a scenario which you eluded to in an earlier post when you said parents know how to play the 'system'. Those that know how to tackle the appeal process/application process appear to have a greater chance of success whilst those that experience it for the first time or don't know the 'system' appear to be disadvantaged. Those that are aware of educational processes and regulations appear to be able to better challenge information given at appeals whereas other parents would not dream of doing so. Therefore it appears at first sight to be a slightly unfair process, but until I research the topic further I will reserve my judgement.
  7. I have spoken to a few people and it seems from speaking to these people that when they get to school appeals that information may not be as transparent and accurate as it really could and should be. I have seen schools in Burngreave have 32 children per class in primary schools but then I see children rejected places at S10, S11 primary schools because the number has reached 30. I recently heard a school had the potential to take on further pupils but decided to stop short of the maximum they could hold. A parent who found this information out challenged it and got her child a place at the school. Other parents that did not know this information may obviously have missed out. So I just wanted to hear what other people's own experiences were and whether the above were isolated incidents or part of a wider growing problem.
  8. Hi all I am wanting to gather some information on the allocation of school places (primary or secondary schools) to families residing in the Burngreave, Firth park, Firvale area of Sheffield. If anyone has this year appealed for a place at schools in S10 or S11 post code areas of Sheffield such as High Storrs and Tapton I would be interested in hearing your stories whether unsuccessful or successful. I looking to collect data to see if families from Burngreave are restricted access to schools in the S10 , S11 areas of Sheffield. Please send me a private post if you are willing to share your experiences. Thanks
  9. I have been reading with interest on this topic of 'street warfare in Page Hall' . Interesting posts from a wide range of people. To the locals that are affected on a nightly basis. May I suggest some advice. 1)Why don't you create a petition and present it to the Sheffield Council in a full Council meeting ? If your petition generates 5000 signatures it would automatically trigger a public debate by the full Council ? This would get you the necessary exposure you require. (I can assist you with creating a petition form and will assist you in presenting the petition if so required.) Unless your collective voices are not heard and repeatedly heard to the correct individuals then unfortunately your concerns and frustrations will simply remain. 2) Why does a local person from Page Hall not contest for the next Councillor election in Burngreave ? If so many local people are struggling to survive in Page Hall then collectively if you could put a nominated person forward who is aware of the issues being faced and support him or her surely that would help your cause ? Otherwise nothing productive comes out of these debates and eventually we start blaming key stakeholders in an area for the problems and nothing changes. Residents blame tenants of a certain ethnicity or landlords. Tenants blame landlords. Landlords blame local council for hindering them when they wish to evict them and the fact they are paying £1000 licence fees. Landlords also blame the many takeaway shops in the area open till late encouraging gathering on streets. Tenants also blame residents for not allowing them the right to have private enjoyment of their property and the vicious circle continues. Just wanted to add some positive suggestions that may help people find a way forward.
  10. Landlords in the area, 85%-90% of them have applied for a licence generating over £200,000 in funds for the Council. On top of this I understand there is a government fund of £145,000 that has been received which I believe the council is looking to spend in this area. That’s over £350,000 collected in one form of another. I think landlords and locals in the area have a right to ask questions and hold the Council responsible for making sure this money is spent to benefit the area wisely. Also landlords upon purchasing the licence have agreed to 84 property standards some which are not required to be adhered to by any other landlord in the whole of the UK. They will also undergo landlord training. Tenancy management and anti social behaviour standards are in place as well. Therefore terming the majority of landlords as absent landlord and slum Asian landlords is far from the truth. Regarding tenants of a certain ethnicity , if I’m honest if my ethnicity was the same I would also live in Page Hall, because of all the stigma and abuse they receive from the rest of society. I know many who have been verbally abused for simply walking down a street. Therefore there are grievances on both sides. Whilst certain individuals continue to play the ‘blame game’, I’m afraid it will just fuel the fire of hatred and make things that more difficult to resolve for the rest of the community in Page Hall. We really need to look forward and think of viable solutions and not constantly focus on the past where people may feel mistakes may have been made.
  11. Well with the Council receiving £1000 from each rented property within the selective licencing area I would expect to see improvements reasonably quickly. There are approximately I believe to be 300 rented properties affected by the scheme so that is a hefty sum of money that will be collected. Also money from other sources have also been acquired which should be spent in the area. This scheme was sold to the residents, tenants, landlords and businesses as a way to improve the area and if it does not then questions need to be asked why improvements were not seen ? Fingers crossed the area improves. Hoping for the best.
  12. Here is the complete standards proposed for landlords in Page Hall and the streets to which they apply. The standards cover overcrowding in homes, anti social behaviour in the home, property standards and training for landlords. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/in-your-area/housing-services/private-sector-housing/selective-licensing/standards.html Lots and lots of standards displayed in documents that need to be obeyed. However I'm currently seeing all the same problems as before, crowds on streets, the litter on the street etc. Saw a post on the forum from someone in Burngreave a while ago wanting to arrange a community street clean. Might need to make it a regular event. The coming months will be interesting to see what happens to the area.
  13. Well it looks like we are finally having selective licencing for landlords in Page Hall. We don't like landlords so its all good. Will help sort out the problems in Page Hall. (these are tongue in cheek comments please don't quote me ) There is a 75 page report on the Council website on the selective licensing proposal to be agreed in a Cabinet meeting on the 15th Jan (next week) at 2pm. Well this is what I understood once I finally finished reading the report. 1) Any couple with 3 children (above the age of 1) living in Page Hall in a two bedroom house will need to be evicted by the landlord as a condition of the licence (only a max of 4 people are allowed). Therefore if there is an unexpected pregnancy for a family of 4 in a 2 bedroom home, it's eviction time I'm afraid otherwise the landlord is in breach of his licence and risks a major fine. This means family members cannot come over to stay over during holidays and Christmas if the total number exceeds 4. 2) The report mentioned 2 references are required stating an individual has held a tenancy before and not broken any conditions can live in the area. Only person that can provide such a reference is a previous landlord and you need two references. Therefore how will the next generation of renters be able to move out of their family home and move into the area ? 3) The people that don't live in Page Hall are impacted too..... the report states the Council has made many assumptions and therefore there is a level of financial risk to the Council. If true this could then hurt budgets allocated to other areas in Sheffield as ultimately bills have to be paid. As an aside I understand approx £145000 funding has already been allocated to support this scheme. 4) In my view we might just end up with loads of empty homes on those streets that may need to get brought out by the Council who may then decide to knock them down..but in doing so would be compelled to buy the remaining properties that belong to local residents living there as well. So what starts as a scheme to bring landlords into shape suddenly starts to affect us all whether we have links with Page Hall or not.
  14. I am not giving up. On the contrary I am reading up on the internet all the possible ways we can improve the area with all the available laws at our disposal. For instance the Hazard homes safety rating system enforcement gives Councils powers to enforce minimum standards on all private rented accommodation and charge landlords the cost of repairs as well as costs incurred to the Council for investigating the property in the first place. Antisocial bill of 2013 gives further powers to the Council to permanently remove troublesome tenants causing problems in the area and the home I am simply saying when these laws exist why are we trying to resolve the situation with laws that came into force in 2004. Even the section 30 law that has now been applied to the area was created in the Anti Social behaviour bill of 2003. Section 30 will be lifted again in November and come the spring/summer time of 2014 we will see problem resurface. Why do you feel laws created 10 years ago are going to achieve better results than laws that have been created more recently. I'm assuming the previous laws were not up to the mark and hence the 2013 laws were created. I'm all for punishing bad landlords or bad tenants because they give all landlords a bad name. To summarise once more, I am not giving up all I want is for the best laws and powers to be used to achieve the results we all want. I live in the area so I see the problems on a daily basis. We both want the area to improve but the way we wish to tackle the situation is different. If you do have some time free, do read up on the internet on the above laws. and read the Council's literature on the selective licensing scheme which mentions the limitations of the selective licensing scheme. I don't want a scheme being used in the area for 5 years and then after scheme finishes the problems to be exactly the same as before.
  15. An interesting post, however there are some inaccuracies that I would like to comment on. 1) Throwing a tenant out. No Landlord in the Country can throw tenants out physically or on the spur of the moment. It won't hold up in Court and the Landlord will be charged with Intimidation and Harassment. There are so many tenant rights that all landlords need to thread very carefully. An example if a Landlord gives a notice one day late it is classed as invalid in a court. Judges are unlikely to make decisions whereby families are going to be evicted and made homeless unless it's a last resort. 2) 2 adult and 2 children in a home. The laws on overcrowding are very different to yours or my interpretation. I agree with you we should not have more than 2 adults and 2-3 kids in a property. However the law dictates the amount of people that can reside in a property on the numbers of rooms in the house. Therefore if there are two reception rooms one can be used as a bedroom. Then depending on the size of a room the Law determines how many can live there. So easily 6-8 people can live in a 3 bedroom 2 reception room home according to the law. This is the very reason I say Selective licensing won't help with overcrowding because the Council have to use the interpretation of overcrowding from the LAW not from me or you. You can check this with the Council. 3) Its £12.50 a month only. It's not just the fee that will be included in the rent increase it's the charge for the extra time it takes to manage a property in this area when compared to other properties in non selective licencing areas. Increase in insurance premiums, fuel, travel expenses etc normal business related costs. Also rogue landlords are not going to increase it by just the minimum amount especially when they have been told by the Council that rent in the area is too low and is one of the reasons for causing problems in the area. I would like to hear your thoughts on what you think will happen when the selective licensing scheme is introduced ? How will it help alleviate the five main problems I hear from people in the area 1) Groups of people on streets behaving badly at night 2) Litter, fly tipping 3) Overcrowding (by your definition any more than 2 adults and 2 children) 4) Nuisance from cars, and kids on the street. 5) Noisy neighbours. I look forward to your reply.
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