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  1. Men who are saying that they dont like boob jobs on here are liars trying to impress the female forum members.Simple AS!!
  2. I work in a Diy store;people please,come in,look around,spend your money,but please please stop opening boxes of tiles,stop opening rolls of wallpaper when theres already a sample roll open.Just stop making a mess and being stroppy with staff over little things.
  3. Its just strange that the animal kingdom just hasnt evolved over millions of years like we have.
  4. If the human race has evolved from monkeys/apes-why are there still primative monkeys to this day??? The same thing goes for all other forms of life actualy;Us humans have evolved SO much over time into the super inteligent beings that we are(except for big brother contestants)and yet there are forms of life today that havnt evolved much at all over millions of years:huh: And no im not a religeous/creationist wierdo!
  5. Strix: multiple threads merged - similar topic Dont correct my spelling:P .A freind of mine owns one and it realy lives up to that breeds reputation of being very aggresive all the time;almost had my leg off the other day:o Surely not all Rotweilers are like this;does anyone own a pleasant,passive Rotweiler?
  6. Who agrees with me that cars shouldnt park or stop on bradfield road in hillsborough?It realy slows down the traffic flow when your driving through from penniston road towards holme lane;at busy times of the day the affects of it are felt way back as far as herries road.
  7. One thing this country wasnt short of during the war was the materials to build tanks plains ect;the cutting down of the iron railings up and down the country was to remind them that there was a very real war going on and it made people feel they were doing there bit.It was a confidence trick to galvanise the people who may have began being a bit apathetic,because the war wasnt right on there doorstep yet.
  8. Does anyone remember this one off tv programe that was on itv about 15 years ago? Every one i ask about it doesnt have a clue what im talking about.I was 11 at the time and can vaguely remember it.There isnt much on the net about it but ive managed to find website;heres the link,see if you remember it. http://www.zone-sf.com/chimeratv.html
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