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  1. We only discovered recently that our father grew up on the "Hutments". His name was Charles Webb and he lived on Seventh Road with his parents and his brother Les. When everyone was rehoused the family went to Parson Cross. If anyone has anymore information about life there I would love to hear from them. I know there was a booklet written about the huts and if anyone has a copy I would willingly purchase it.
  2. I am researching the Hattersley family and I would like to contact anyone descended from the family from Brightside. The parents were Annie and William Hattersley and they had at least seven children. If anyone has any information I would be very grateful. :)Anita
  3. Anlaby, you are right it was Ethel Housley's cottage (my great aunt), but strangely she was related to the Hattersleys by marriage. My grandmother, Annie Wright, was her sister-in-law. My grandparents lived at the top of Limpsfield Rd, I think I mentioned that before. I still have not found a photo of the cottage though.
  4. I noticed that there had been bombs around the Jenkin Road area of Brightside, does anyone have any idea if an air raid post was hit there. My mother always told a story about it and I would love to know if it was true. Thanks Anita
  5. I am desperately trying to find a photograph of the old cottage which stood at the top of Dearne Street. My great aunt lived there alone from around 1919 after her husband was killed in the first world war until she went into a nursing home in the early 1970s. I don't know when the cottage was demolished. I spent many many happy hours there with her as a child but there are no family photos of the cottage. I have tried the archives and the Sheffield Libraries with no luck. Here's hoping. Thanks Anita
  6. Hi Lazarus, I've just seen your posting about The Queens Restaurant, I also worked there with Mr Gabriel and his son George. My late husband Tom was the chef there. This was about 1965-67.
  7. Hi Andy, although I was tall, I was mousey. You were there after me as I left in 1961. Miss Brown was my first teacher in the infant school. You may remember my sister Ruth, she was a redhead.
  8. Hi Mick, I have just PM'd you but I have just seen this message. You were there before me and I have tried to work it out and I think you may have been there at the same time as my brother Ian Webb. Any thoughts?
  9. Puzzler, I am so pleased that someone else remembers fiveboys chocolate. When I put this question on a thread a while ago no-one knew what it was. Do you rememember what the titles under the boys faces were? I can only rememeber desperation and realisation.
  10. Thanks very much for that info alirosdan I am going to try Rare and Racy to see if they have got any copies. Anita
  11. The plantation was the small wooded area at the front of the school which bordered Barnsley Road. It was separated from the school by railings, there was one missing which left a space and the girls constantly hung upside down by their knees in the gap.
  12. That's fantastic alirosdan, I wish I could find a copy of that or any of the others. If you find the titles would you let me know please? Anita:)
  13. Hi, I went to Firshill infants and juniors in the 1950/60s and remember Mrs Jackson and Miss Brown in the infants and Mr Sims,Mr Robinson and Mr Cox in the juniors. Mr Sims was my favourite teacher, he taught me so much and made us remember what we learned. We used to have Sports day on the Atlas and Norfolk ground. Does anyone remember the "plantation"?
  14. Hi Cat, saw your message to Tony. My dad also lived in the Tyler St. Hutments and I have a couple of photos of them taken from picturesheffield. In the Sheffield central library there is a booklet called "Shanty Town" Childhood Memories of poverty, Happiness in Tyler St. Munition Huts by Betty Dickinson 1985.I have tried to find a copy but to no avail as yet.
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