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  1. I have been writing songs for a while and they are on some websites, I play keyboard and am somewhat past middle age, male and human (allegedly). I understand basic music theory but anyone can write songs without that knowledge. I may well be interested in collaboration.
  2. Keyboard player, may be interested if anything develops.
  3. Hi, I have sent private message, David
  4. I have a Yamaha DGX500, it can sound like any instrument in an orchestra (though some sounds are more convincing than others!). I also have an 8 track digital recorder, by connecting the keyboard to the recorder I can easily record and mix musical sounds.
  5. Until around 1993/4 you could use local dialling codes,e.g to call Rotherham from Sheffield you would dial 92 followed by the number, instead of 0709 (which later became 01709). I found some further information through surfing the web on this topic, and was surprised to find that in 1962 you needed to dial a completely different local code of 87 to get Rotherham from Sheffield. Whatever... I thought that the old local code to ring Sheffield from Barnsley was 92, but in the 1984 code list Sheffield from Barnsley was shown as 95. Why was this change made? That's enough musing about extinct code systems for now. ---------- Post added 15-06-2017 at 23:42 ---------- What happened if you used the national area code instead of the local code in those days, e.g if you dialled 0709 instead of 92 to get Rotherham from Sheffield? You would still get through but you would be using trunk circuits instead of local ones, and the call would take slightly longer to connect and the line would not be as clear. You would probably still be charged at the local rate however.
  6. I am a keyboard player and alleged songwriter. I live in Barnsley. I have 2 keyboards, one of which is portable. I do not have transport right now but should do in the next few weeks as I am in the process of buying a car so may well be interested in your project then. I am the same age as one of the Beatles songs from Sgt Pepper - "When I'm..." yes 64.
  7. Like handypandy above I was not on Soundcloud, though I have heard of it, and decided to create an account and load a couple of tracks there. I am also on Youtube. Here's my very latest song "The time has come". https://soundcloud.com/david-steven-guy/thetimehascome
  8. You could do as I do and use a digital recorder - mine is a Fostex MR8 (8 track) on which I record all my instrumental & vocal tracks. It is easy to record electronic instruments such as keyboard, you just DI them, ie connect the output to the Fostex MR8 with a jack lead. However you sound like you only have instruments that need miking ie acoustic guitar. Other things you need will occur to you, microphone stand which adjusts easily, Pop filter, etc
  9. I have an 88 key Yamaha keyboard, it's a good and versatile instrument, but that's precisely why I wouldn't want to use it in a band environment, I think it could be too easily damaged - and I don't have transport at present anyway. So it will remain in my back bedroom, I use it to record songs occasionally (when I have a song written and sufficient energy!)
  10. I have at last entered the digital age and got a Fostex M8 multitrack recorder, this records onto Compact Flash cards and the one supplied is 2GB and will last for many hours of recording. Just learning how to use it, previously I was still using 4 track cassette! Initial findings are that the microphone input is not very powerful, either that or I've got a weak voice.
  11. I was intending to send you a private message but this forum no longer allows me to! I am an amateur keyboard player, singer, songwriter. My voice isn't that bad if I say so myself - I have a webpage with my own songs and some covers on, if you want to give me a listen let me know and I'll point you to it. I live in Barnsley, in my 50's and no longer working so have the free time to engage in a project like yours. I was swayed towards you by the fact that you are great tea drinkers, I can identify with that! Regards, David
  12. My recording set up is very basic but I like it - a 4 track cassette tape recorder. I generally record in the following sequence - rhythm on track 1, main keyboard track 2, extra keyboard sounds track 3, vocal track 4. It is important to get the recording level set exactly right when recording each track, ie too low and you get background noise, too high and you get distortion. Having recorded all 4 tracks, I then connect the tape recorder to the computer soundcard and use Audacity to convert it to .wav format followed by conversion to MP3.
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