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  1. My bathroom light has suddenly stopped working. I have tried changing the bulb (of course ) and the switch wasn't tripped. Does anyone know what this might be? Unless I am missing something obvious, am guessing I will need an electrician, so any recommendations would be great. Thanks!
  2. Restarting this thread again! I am going to be more organised this year and would like to get some seasoned logs in before the cold really hits. Does anyone have any suggestions for anyone who could deliver? I am in Nether Edge. Thanks
  3. Aw thanks guys for saying such nice things. Sophie! The winner of the prize you donated *loved it*. Thank you for sharing. mamsquirrel - you can come along whenever you would like to . The more the merrier Also I must stress that you really don't need to be able to draw to come along! Just enjoy having a little sketch. The last event we had ranged from experienced illustrators to complete non artists just wanting to practice. You don't need to show anyone if you don't want to But if you do, you could win some lovely competition prizes! x
  4. If you like to draw but are put off by formal art classes, or you want to add some punch to your pencil drawings get along to The Greystones on Tuesday February 21st for a new kind of life drawing session. There’ll be no teachers, no evaluations, just alternative and outrageous models in a relaxed atmosphere, with themes, prizes and a bit of mayhem thrown in! Everyone is welcome (as long as you are over 18 - we have burlesque models!) and no previous experience is needed. It’s £7 on the door and takes place from 6-9pm. Plus, if you feel really energetic, you can do the pub quiz in the main room afterwards! Hope to see you there x http://www.facebook.com/groups/296790333683718/
  5. Thanks for your replies and suggestions which I will take up. I did have a near miss the other week and it gave me and others around (who were lovely by the way) quite a shock. I just wanted to let people know if, like me, you have taken this route every day and hadn't thought to be extra vigilant. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that this has happened to me twice in quite quick succession but I really don't want any one to be actually hurt
  6. Eek I do hope that isn't the case Surely they can't go right, else why would there be a green man for pedestrians whilst buses and taxis are crossing St Mary's Gate to go into town?
  7. I wonder if anyone can help... A couple of weeks ago I was on foot crossing St Mary's Gate (on a green man) and was nearly run over by a taxi who was coming from London Road and had turned right onto the dual carriageway. I thought it was pretty clear as a motorist that you aren't allowed to do this but then again this morning the same thing happened with a black cab. I had obviously learnt from the last time and looked behind me before crossing but does anyone know who the best dept of the council is to tell about this? I'm just worried that someone is going to get run over if this short cut isn't stopped. Thanks
  8. Hi all. Thanks very much for your replies. Busy day at work but I will be in touch in due course!
  9. Hi I don't actually need a new bathroom suite BUT I do need the rest of the room sorting out! It is a small room (approx 2.8m x 1.5m) and I am looking for someone to: Tile floor (to replace lino) and re-tile wall Install heated towel rail to replace radiator Fit an extractor fan Any quotes and/or recommendations would be really helpful Thanks
  10. I got my business cards done at Mensa - they were good. http://www.mensaprinters.com/
  11. I also got a Julie note through the door but thanks for the advice BJ Mason. Hang on....talking of notes through the door, I got a flyer from you
  12. Does anyone know how much the Lantern Theatre costs to hire out?
  13. Oh Okay! That wasn't obvious on the website....
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