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  1. tenbob

    Stonehouse Pub memories

    when the pub was last went through refurbishment the landlord was Jim Mcevit he moved from the Fellbrig to the Stonehouse not sure who had the pub after Jim left
  2. tenbob

    Where do forumers live?

    Wybourn Stocksbridge, Perth West Australia
  3. tenbob

    Stonehouse Pub memories

    Ho Billam what I would do now for a pint of wards especially in the Brown Cow bottom of Corporation St when Harry and Ivy Saul owned it
  4. tenbob

    Stonehouse Pub memories

    Yes owd lad Jim Mcevit was the manager at that time he moved from the Fellbrig to the Stone house prior to that he had the Manor Castle. Great bloke and a good dart player.
  5. Roy's Bistro was first opened on South Rd with his partner Clive when they ceased trading there one of the chefs opened a bistro at the corner of leppings lane called Four Lane Ends. One of the chefs later moved to the Rutland Arms at the rear of the old Kennings buildings It was the best Bistro ever to open in Sheffield the food was outstanding I often wonder what happened to the Chandelier hanging in the restaurant tenbob
  6. tenbob

    Wybourn Roundup 2010

    Lived in Southend Place now in Western Australia I still have some family living on the Wybourn Estate
  7. tenbob

    Dripping and toast

    Had some this morning for mt breakfast with a little salt sprinkled on top
  8. The Windsor hotel Wybourn thy used to have around 10 coaches going to Cleethorpes every year
  9. tenbob

    Bachelors Foods

    My wife worked at Batchelors Catering supplies from 1965 to 1968/9 in the old house offices her maiden name is Wendy Hannan she still has a photo of the staff on the steps in front of the house.
  10. tenbob

    Where was this picture taken?

    I recon it's where the bottom of Manor Lane meets with Cricketin Rd with the old Steadfast works was just before the bend at the bottom of the Lane
  11. I recon the shire horses would have probably belonged to Johnny Collins the rag and bone man.
  12. tenbob

    Curtain stall sheafmarket

    The only person i can remember selling curtains in the Sheaf market was a guy called Bill Mcarthur and he did it for many years. The stall did not belong to him but it could have been owned by the old couple in mention
  13. tenbob

    Cars of the 70's

    What about the Vauxhall cresta powerglide i had one for a few years another rust bucket
  14. tenbob

    Brightside foundry heating & vent

    Ron's funeral arrangements for those who wish to attend. Ron Dolphin funeral will take place on Thursday 12th February 15. It will be held at City Road Cemetery, at 11.15 am. It will be a cremation. There will be a wake at the CO OP funeral services building on Suffolk Road in Sheffield, after the funeral. Regards, Tenbob

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