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  1. Went today, looks really good after refurb.. Really good choice of beers,I tried Yardbird would recommend! Same layout as before but looks loads better, 3 TVs in lounge bar with sky sports on, think there was a larger TV in tap room side but only had a quick look! Will definitely go back.
  2. Any one know why this is on Friday night? Looked in the tv guide, nothing on sky, and couldn't find anything on sky website! So why Friday???
  3. hi, just had a call from someone from the company "loacal link up .com" basically giving the usual we can give you key phrases etc, get you on google page 1, but the way you pay is different. you pay for every key phrase put on and its capped at £25 per month no contract and you can pull out at any time. as with any call i always doubt what they say, so just wondered has anyone else used them or heard of them?
  4. watch it because they do police the areas right up to times specified. talking to a regular in the brown bear and he told me they see the wardens slapping the tickets on up to the stated times.
  5. go on Martin Lewis the money experts site, they run you through the way to use the sites to get the best deal. some companies like direct line aren't on any comparison sites so you have to do them seperately.
  6. well done to him, but you can hear the kerching down at the lane. how long before he gets sold on?
  7. ward not even on bench at ipswich, shame he's only one who shoots on site at goal. rest of em wait till they get in the box ball at feet keeper in their sites and then..... stop turn round and pass it back out to the wings.....
  8. had 2 over night stays in the hallamshire due to hernia ops and can't fault them at all
  9. i echo what ReginaldD says including posting and viewing, so many times i come on and start reading a thread only to get 5 or 6 posts in to find it totally off subject and full of stupid comments. its getting like the letters section was in the green un. stopped buying that due to the we get bigger crowds/ more tropheys than you rubbish.
  10. depends on what size rotavator Jewsons hire out, there are different makes with different size engines on. bigger is better if you can handle the machine. Turner hire and sales (heeley bottom) is where i hire from and i think they have an offer on at moment. the one i get is a quite large with a Honda engine on, it certainly does the job. i once hired a smaller one and it just bonced about on some hard ground..
  11. wheres a good place to take it for a new one? its about 2 years old so out of warranty.
  12. Hi, sons 360 has developed this problem- when you put a game in and close the tray, were it should say what the game is on the dashboard, (where you click on it to play) it dose'nt. it says open tray! tried different games same thing! so he can't play owt! anyone had the same problem or know how to fix it?
  13. notice your in s8, have you tried Sheaf at heeley bottom, up the road at the side of the now shut Bridge Inn. i dont recall seeing anything like a john smiths in there its all real ales! and same with cider and lager.
  14. according to the met office they now say we are gona get some snow 12.00 midnight
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