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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the info ........long time ago now !!!! Cheers Mate
  2. I wonder what happend to all the old photo`s of the acts that appeared at the Fiesta and also the photo`s from the bar in the Aquarius club in Chesterfield.Where did they go ?
  3. Don`t know if anyone can help on this one .I am trying to find 2 old radio shows.One is from Radio Sheffield from 7th March 1989 called The Radio Sheffield Show live from the City Hall,Peter Crabtree was the host & Tony Christie was top of the bill.The other was from Radio Hallam 1975 a live lunchtime concert from either Baileys or the Cavendish Club/hosted by Keith Skues & Johnny Moran this also featured Tony Christie.I have tried both radio stations but they never repiled.Can anyone help ? Many Thanks Phil
  4. AHHH the good old Vide-mat.We used to see who could get the longest tickets.Then the inspector used to get on and tott up the coins to make sure you had paid the right fare.What a laugh !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Tony is doing concert on the 7 th November and every penny from this show is being donated to charity.It should raise about £10,000 . All the proceeds from Amarillo went to Comic Relief and the money from his World Cup single went to Sport Aid.
  6. Tony Christie has a new cd out on November 6th called Simply In Love. It`s dedicated to his wife Sue ...they will have been married 40 years in Feb.It`s a collection of standards Tony used to sing when he was just starting out in the clubs in the 60`s He is doing a tour but no dates in Yorkshire.
  7. Hi Dave, My dad Walt passed away in 2001 he moved to Mosbrough in 1990.I do remember him talking about Ernest Bingham at Hackenthorpe Club but he spent most of his time in the Plover,every dinnertime and everynight.One of his drinking partners was a man called Walter Crumpet who also lived on Spa View Road. Julie.
  8. My parents used to live on Spa View Road. Annie and Walter Rennison.My dad Walt was a regular in the Golden Plover pub where he was always selling things for his beer money.I am Julie the youngest of six children ,i had one brother Tony who used to play guitar with his mate Ralph Snee.We all went to Carter Lodge School i left in 1976.My eldest sister Pat used to work behind the bar in the Plover.We used to live next door to the Radford family.Anybody out there remember us ?Pat,Tony,Susan,Marilyn,June and Julie.
  9. The duo were called Huff & Puff one of them was in the film Rita,Sue & Bob Too, sadly no longer with us.The tramp act was a guy called Bonner Coleano. Cheers!
  10. Hi, I am trying to put together a biog of Tony Christie for his fans.I have been a fan for years and remember seeing Tony many times in and around Sheffield.Do you have any stories or memories of Tony Christie you can share please ?Do you have any old recordings of Tony from Radio Sheffield & Radio Hallam during the 70`s and 80`s.I did have these on cassette but lost them when we moved house ! Many Thanks Phil Fletcher email pfletcher@worth.org.uk
  11. Does anybody remember seeing Tony Christie with his band The Trackers or Tony Christie & The Penmen or ever the Counterbeats before he made it big.He was very popular in the clubs in the mid to late 60`s.Anybody got any photo`s if him from that time or newspaper cuttings ? Cheers ! Phil.
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