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  1. We use J Bradley on out rented properties, never a comeback. Turns up when he says he will and on time.
  2. Try looking up Hydroleak on here. He did a fantastic job of my bathroom at a competitive price.
  3. Can you if possible take a meter reading just before the shower and one after and let me know how much it consumed in what time.? I have a 8.5kw shower just fitted for speed and convenience but my hot water is off the Councils communal heating so a bath would be cheaper but it takes ages to fill and i think it is a waste of good drinking water! Ps. I am having my home renovated at the moment hence asking and not taking my own reading.
  4. Can anyone tell me what the song was that David sang on tonight's Superstar on ITV. It was a rousing joyous song and I can only remember a couple of phrases: "Holy cow I love you now" and "Throw your curtains open wide". I'd like to know the song and who sings it - is there anyone out there who knows?
  5. Hardcores on Claywheels Lane sell it now, tel 2310909 its £35 sq mtr.
  6. If you going in the tunnel you might need lights preferably run by a dynamo.
  7. Is it what used to be the Italian Restaurant?
  8. I had HYDROLEAK off here recently do me my bathroom refurb and it involved sub contract joiners, plasterers and electricians. It took two weeks and never less then a 9 hr day so 2k isn't to bad although I think he might be a tad cheaper. Excellent job and well pleased with the price.
  9. He have had Jonathon diagnose a problem with our boiler. Got it right first time!
  10. I work across the road and have seen people park right outside the door when moving in. I am not to sure if that road is actually private. Park on the road outside the Home Office and it is a private company that clamps your vehicle. Maybe wrong but i am sure if you make it clear that you are moving in there may be some leeway?
  11. I can recommend Hydroleak for a bathroom re-fit. He completed ours last week and we are highly satisfied.
  12. Mats are usually for under laminate and the like. We had Hydroleak off here tile our bathroom floor last week and the electric heating under the tiles was a wire bedded into the tile adhesive. We got ours from Topps tiles as a kit but Screwfix is cheaper. Not to sure about Screwfix controls being as fancy as Topps.
  13. Sorry yes, Andy Hall. First class joiner. Went to School with Andy Smith
  14. I would like to recomend HYDROLEAK off here and Andy Smith the joiner for completely re-fitting our bathroom. Liam (Hydroleak) turned up at 8 am everyday and worked at least a 9 hr day to get the job done in the shortest time. He also employs Andy the joiner for fitting the units. Well pleased with the work he has done and always left the house spotless.
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