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  1. I did mine last year at MAtrec on Prince of Wales road. 0114 2642194. I think mine was over 8 weeks.
  2. Hi Guys and Girls....50% off waxing at Flirties (excluding intimate) throughout September and October, please mention SF when u book. 2588000.
  3. HI guys! Donna from Therapy on Woodseats has launched another salon today called Flirties at 258 Derbyshire Lane, specialising in eyelash extentions, intimate waxing, Minx, Shellac and numourous other treatments...contact salon on 0114 2588000 for appointments and more details x
  4. Hi there, we offer Flirties lashes at my salon, contact 0114 2556060 for more details
  5. You will probably need it waxing every 4-6 weeks, sometimes the trimmers can "drag" the hair rather than trim it which can lead to tiny little cuts that causes scabs. Waxing this area really is pain free...it's more uncomfortable than painful, it only takes 5 mins and your done! Hope this helps.
  6. Some bin men in town centre clearing snow and gritting today
  7. Hi Linda my Dad is fine, thankyou for asking xx
  8. Ok thankyou for your information though, I just hope the lady is ok and really want to thank her personally and hopefully she might see this.
  9. The police have been informed and called me tonight.. these were 2 women, one believed to be in her 40's and the other around 20. They were seen just after sat outside the Cross Scythes pub but then got picked up??..After they pushed her over they chased after the girls so I reckon the lady was ok.
  10. My Daughter and friends were on their way home from town around 6pm tonight when 2 women on the bus became abusive and threatening to them, they said they were going to get them when they got off the bus and kill them, amongst other things. A kind lady who heard what was going on offered her help and said to get off with her and she would get them home safe, however the 2 women pushed the lady over and the girls made a run for it managing to get away. If you're reading this kind lady, thankyou for your help and thankfully the girls are fine.
  11. I would loved to have seen you drive down our road in your bus, then reverse back up as a bin lorry would need to, when we had the bad weather last week.
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